Andrew B. Wallach, M.D. Family Medicine
	Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation 
	500 San Pablo Avenue 
	Albany, California 94706 
	(510) 204-8130
	I've seen him a few times over the years. Has never said word
	one about my weight. But I haven't seen him since 2004 or so.

Delrae Balgas, Midwife
	5031 East Orangethorpe Avenue
	Anaheim, CA 92807 
	(greater Los Angeles / Orange County area)
	(714) 450-0069
	Delrae was my homebirth midwife in 2006. She never displayed any
	prejudice about my weight (about 315 lbs. when I started the
	pregnancy, and somewhere around 345 at the end) and in fact told
	me encouraging stories about other homebirth clients-of-size who
	had had great pregnancies and births with her. Delrae also
	stayed with me for a *very* long labor -- 2 1/2 days! -- without
	ever pressuring me to go to the hospital. She did offer me the
	option at one point, worried that I might be exhausted, but I
	asked her if baby was OK, and when she said, Yes, perfect, I
	said, then let's stay home and do this unless baby needs the
	transfer. Del was also so calm and helpful during the pushing
	phase of my labor, which was especially admirable since I had
	planned to give birth in bed but then, during "transition",
	pleaded with my husband to fill the baby pool on our patio so I
	could push in there! So baby was born OUTSIDE and underwater,
	and Del handled it all with total aplomb. I highly recommend Del
	to future moms of any size who are looking for a homebirth
	midwife. I'll always be grateful for the superb level of care
	she provided! - Minna Holloway

Lenny Husen, MD, Internal Medicine 
	Sutter Delta Medical Center
	3901 Lone Tree Way
	Antioch, California 94509
	(925) 779-7200
	I met Dr Husen at the NAAFA convention and HAES Summit in August
	2010.  HAES confirmed her personal experience, and she was very
	excited to learn as much as she could about it.  She taught
	about what MDs learn in medical school about weight, if I
	remember. She is a recent MD, having changed her career in her
	thirties.  I found her to be warm, bright, and into humor,
	though I have had no experience as her patient. --Barbara Altman

Richard Sayegh, Chiroprator
	Sports Chiropratic Center of Arcadia
	Arcadia, CA
	I am a fat woman (size 28) who was in a severe car accident. I
	had been avoiding doctors because of negative experiences. I was
	extremely scared when I was referred to Dr. Sayegh. He
	immediately put my fears to rest. He was extremely kind and made
	me feel very comfortable. The hospital gowns he had did not fit
	me he got a few larger ones. I was comfortable
	on all the tables and the back massage roller bed. As I healed,
	he worked with me to find the right exercises for my back (my
	stomach was too big for some of the more traditional ones). He
	had no trouble giving me an adjustment. I saw him three times a
	week for six months and not once was I made to feel
	uncomfortable about my size.

Bina Kamdar, M.D., General Practitioner, Internal Medicine
	520 West Foothill  Blvd
	Azusa, CA 91702
	Phone: (626) 334-1611
	The waiting room has chairs both with and without arms; I've
	never had trouble finding a comfortable place to sit. She
	doesn't have her patients  put on gowns but works around their
	clothes, moving and lifting when necessary. I always choose to
	sit in a chair in the exam room rather than on the table and
	there's never been a  word said about it.  They use the large
	blood pressure cuff without a reminder or use the smaller one on
	my forearm. Becuase I weigh 520 pounds and I'm losing mobility,
	we have discussed weight loss but she has never once  made me
	feel bad or ashamed about myself. Dr Kamdar is the first doctor
	I've ever had that touched me. When she checks my heart rate,
	she places her hand on my knee. When she looks in my ear, she
	places her hand on my back. For the first time in my life I
	don't feel like a doctor is repulsed by my body. I managed to
	convince my mom to go see her. My mom hadn't seen a doctor in 28
	years -- since she walked out of the hospital after giving birth
	to me. After her appointment I asked her how it went.  My mom
	broke down in tears and said "She was just so kind and gentle."
	I'm happy to say that my mom now sees her regularly. 
	Just had my first appointment with this doctor. They are
	amazing. She touched me, held my hand, didn't harp on my weight,
	as a matter of fact the only time my weight was mentioned was
	when I was asked how I found them. I told her they are on this
	list, she was so pleased and reassured me that I'd receive the
	same treatment thin patients do and my health is her concern not
	the size of my rump.

Sheila Addison, PhD, Marriage and Family Therapist (counseling/therapy)
	Oakland/Berkeley, CA - part of the SF Bay Area - I may also
	offer some office hours in San Francisco
	I have been working with clients from diverse cultural, sexual,
	and gender identities, as well as diverse body sizes, for over
	15 years.  I can help individuals, couples, and families with
	all kinds of relationship issues, including managing conflict,
	setting boundaries, resolving problems more effectively, and
	greater emotional closeness and satisfaction.  My approach with
	clients of all body sizes is weight neutral and Health at Every
	Size oriented, encouraging positive relationships with yourself
	and your body regardless of size or shape.  I can help address
	issues around weight and body image that affect couple and
	family relationships as well, including sexual issues in
	intimate relationships.  My approach is active, engaging, and

Alcatraz Avenue Medical Group
	1650 Alcatraz Avenue
	Berkeley, CA  94703
	510 652-8680
	General practitioners, M.D.s and physicians' assistants, with a
	subspecialty in Chinese Medicine. The lead M.D. is Dr. David
	Teegarden, whom I've never met, but everyone I've ever seen
	there, fat and thin, has been fat-friendly and extremely
	sensible and helpful. -- Debbie Notkin ( 

Sandy Baird, D.C. (Chiropractor)
	Riverstone Chiropractic
	3409 Grand Ave. #5 Oakland CA 94610
	I work with active people who are suffering from overuse
	injuries or sports injuries to help them get back to the
	activities they love.  I recognize that athletes come in all
	shapes and sizes, and I select the most appropriate
	methods/tools for each client based on their individual needs. I
	have a background in massage therapy, and am comfortable
	applying pressure to the correct depth for treatment according
	to a client's body composition.  I have a heavy-duty drop-table
	as my main treatment table, and perform many treatments with
	patients in a seated or side-lying position on a sturdy
	comfortable table.  I also have several bolsters and pillow
	available for client comfort.  I will never lecture anyone about
	their weight or blame solely a client's weight for their injury.  

Mary Beth Bullock, massage therapist 
	Telegraph Ave. 
	Berkeley, CA
	Phone: 510 273-2446
	She's not fat but fat friendly. The table is fine for me (size
	30-32) but I wouldn't want it to go any narrower. She gives a
	really long massage - something like 1 1/2 hours. She charges on
	a sliding scale which I think is $50-$70. 

Beth Davidson, DC
	West Berkeley Chiropractic
	2718 Telegraph Ave. #103
	Berkeley, CA  94705
	(510) 845-8201
	Beth is fabulous, and completely fat-friendly. She's
	well-equipped to deal with fat bodies, too. She's been helping
	me with my knees. Her goal is to help me get as mobile as I want
	to be, and she never tries to blame anything on my weight --
	she's practical and she works with what you've got. Highly
	recommended. -- Max Airborne

Jan K. Herzog, Classical Homeopath 
	Offices in Berkeley and Oakland  
	Mailing address: 1051 Bella Vista Avenue #3, Oakland, CA 94610  

Judy Lightstone, Licensed MFT (Marriage and Family Therapist) 
	Berkeley, CA 94705 
	(510) 704-0940 
	Web page:
	I am a psychotherapist specializing in women's issues and eating
	and body image problems since 1984. I work to help you toward
	size acceptance, and toward finding and respecting your inner
	hungers and inner limits (in areas of food and everything else).
	I offer a group called "Women, food and Beauty", and I also have
	been training therapists about these issues since 1986. 

Sally Pugh, movement classes
	Sally Pugh is a Certified Ananda Yoga Teacher. She has taught
	movement classes and workshops in the Bay Area for over 20
	years. Although not a large woman herself, she has extensive
	experience working with people of all sizes. Sally's classes
	offer a safe, comfortable space for large people to connect with
	their bodies through yoga and relaxation.

Richard Rudd, OB/GYN with Fertility
	2999 Regent Street, Suite 225
	Berkeley, CA  94705
	(510) 841-5510
	I LOVE Dr. Rudd! (He's actually in the same practice as Lisa
	Keller and Laura Stachel.)  When a friend of mine was pregnant,
	she went to see him when her OB, Dr. Keller was on-call.  She's
	also a BBW, but she had nothing but good things to say about the
	appointment. When I made an appointment to see him for the first
	time, I called him to ask if my weight would matter.  He told me
	of course not. He sat me down to talk about what I wanted to do.
	I had printed out my medical history and told him that I thought
	I had PCOS; he immediately read what I gave him, he listened to
	me, and sent me to get tests to verify whether I had it. Now
	into my TTC journey, he's been nothing but supportive, he's
	knowledgeable about the latest treatments and procedures, and
	anything new I want to try, he's gung ho. -- Tunisha

Laura Stachel, gynecologist 
	2999 Regent, Suite 201. Across from Alta Bates Hospital. 
	Berkeley, CA
	She and the practice she was in at the time were flawlessly
	wonderful to me and my partner when I was pregnant, and weight,
	weight gain, etc. were treated entirely as information, never as
	a subject for criticism or prejudice. -- Debbie Notkin

Michael Chapman, Internal Medicine
	21st Century Medical Center
	9135 Olympic Blvd.
	Beverly Hills, CA 90212
	Ph: (310) 247-0633
	Web page:
	Dr. Chapman is definitely a fat-friendly professional. He NEVER
	recommends weight-loss, dieting, "eating healthy", or diet
	drugs. He does NOT regard obesity as a disease or medical
	condition. He believes that weight-loss attempts are frequently
	harmful to a patients' health and should NEVER be recommended.
	Specific medical problems should be treated in the same manner
	for all patient's, regardless of size.  Dr. Chapman has been a
	member of NAAFA for a number of years and has been a long-time
	sympathizer with size-acceptance issues. -- Michael Chapman, M.D.

Erin Naimi, R.D., Consulting Nutritionist
	9478 W. Olympic Blvd., Suite 304  
	Beverly Hills, California 90212
	My approach is tailored for individual needs so that I may
	facilitate change through motivation and awareness in order to
	maintain lasting changes. The nutrition therapy model I use is
	based on a non-dieting approach which emphasizes balanced health
	and nutrition-- not weight loss. I have an expertise in
	conveying complex nutrition information in an effective and
	uncomplicated manner with a caring and personal approach.

Edward Hutchison, Internal medicine/family practice
	Brea, California
	Hutchinson's wife, Michelle is a licensed Physician's Assistant,
	sees patients and also does all of the Pap smears...she is very
	gentle.  Dr Hutchison is very allergic to perfumes, so please do
	not wear any to their office
Melanie Himebaugh-Reed, Podiatry 
	Brea, California

Maria Greaves
        Western Medical
        13350 Big Basin Way
        Boulder Creek, CA
        (831) 338-6491
        Randy Anselmo used to be listed here but has left the practice.
        His replacement, Maria Greaves, is even better. Just awesome.
        However, another doctor in this practice is reported not to be
        fat friendly.

Jeff Kaplan, Chiropractor 
	See main entry under Campbell.

Karen Roberts, ob/gyn 
	1720 El Camino Real Suite 120
	Burlingame, CA 94010   
	Very cool about my being very fat and being a dyke. 

Michael Sampson, Internal Medicine 
	Mercy Medical & Dental Group  
	Burbank (Los Angeles) California  
	Dr. Sampson is an Aetna Primary Care Physician (internal
	medicine.)  He may also be a contractor with other health plans
	and he is also an HIV and AIDS specialist. He is fat friendly
	and has been very understanding with me on the weight issues. He
	agreed to read materials I supplied him with from NAAFA on fat
	patients. He has respected my wishes with regard to weighing at
	appointments and has agreed that one can be fit and fat.
	Basically I've already given him the whole schpiel and he is
	already broken in for others who are looking for doctors who can
	treat them as patients and not FAT patients. He has had a great
	education and is very personable and nice. You really get the
	feeling that he is listening to you and cares about your health.
	-- Lisa Love (for Sonja Shelby, Susan Coles & Diane Joswick)

Stephanie Brooks, MS, RD
	Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Therapist and Consultant
	621 E. Campbell Ave. Suite # 6-B; Campbell, CA 95008  
	(Campbell is near San Jose)
	I have been practicing since 1991 and have come to understand
	that people can be healthy at any size. I work with individuals
	and groups (adults and children) to empower, educate and support
	them on their quest for health. I do not weigh clients as body
	weight is not a good predictor of health. I use a
	"non-diet/intuitive eating" approach and tailor our work to the
	clients' individual needs. I specialize in working with people
	with eating problems, body image issues and size acceptance. I
	also see clients with medical problems such as diabetes, poly
	cystic ovary syndrome, cholesterol and high blood pressure.
	Additionally, I teach other professionals about the issues of
	health at any size and the non-diet approach. I am available for
	individual and group nutrition therapy, speaking engagements and

Ellyn D. Herb, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist
	Campbell, CA
	I am a fat friendly psychologist with 18 years experience in
	treating women with eating concerns, body image issues, and size
	acceptance. As a feminist therapist, I believe I can help women
	see beyond issues of body size, to address the core issues of
	being a woman in our culture today. I support a non-diet
	approach to food, work with body and size acceptance, and
	empower women to find their voices. I also teach other
	professionals how to examine their own fat prejudice in working
	with large people and to question the "facts" about obesity. I
	believe in health at any size and living life today. I am
	available for individual, couple, and group psychotherapy,
	speaking engagements, and for training. I have been working in
	the field as a psychologist for 18 years, and am a colleague of
	Deb Burgard, Pat Lyons, and the Women of Substance Health Spa.

Jeff Kaplan, Chiropractor 
	Kaplan Chiropractic
        281 E. Hamilton Ave., Ste 1
        Campbell, CA 95008
        (408) 374-4220
        154 Forest St
        Boulder Creek, CA
        (831) 338-0677 
        Awesome chiropractor with absolutely *no* fat-phobia at all.
        Probably the best one I've ever seen.  Fat himself.  Good
        chairs. -- Michele (aka

Lucia August, MFT, CHT
	CHT Castro Valley 
	I am a fat psychotherapist and hypnotherapist dealing with
	women, men and children from a size acceptance perspective. I
	help people improve their body image through decoding their "bad
	body thoughts" and getting to the real root of their problems
	which usually has little to do with their size. I firmly believe
	that one can have a healthy and active life at any size or
	ability. I also work with issues of addiction, family
	dysfunction, abuse, depression,  anxiety and stress. Other
	specialties include gay/lesbian/bisexual/trangsgendered/ and
	questioning youth and adults. Alternative lovestyles and
	families. Communication, creativity, career, political and/or
	spiritual concerns. Past life regression. UFO/ET experiences. I
	am also a dancer and dance therapist/educator. After
	encountering resistance in the dance world regarding my
	non-standard dancer's body size as well as my age, I decided to
	gracefully throw off that resistance at the age of 50 and pursue
	my lifelong dream of dancing professionally. I offer "Everybody
	Can Dance" workshops which are for everybody, regardless of age,
	size and shape, and physical abilities.  

Richard Terry, M.D., Cardiology
        Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Group, Inc.
        365 Hawthorne Avenue, Suite 201 Oakland, CA 94609 
        (510) 452-1345 
        (510) 452-1102
        20126 Stanton Avenue, Suite 100 
        Castro Valley, CA94546 
        (510) 537-3556
        (510) 537-3610
        I was very happy about how well Dr. Terry listened to me. I am 
        happy that he gave me a clean bill of health, but more than 
        that, I was happy with how well he treated me as a person, not
        as a number or a fat person. I was VERY happy about his
        attitudes about fat and meds. Basically, he said being fat isn't
        a risk factor on its own -- it's a signal to look for other risk
        factors, such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and I
        don't have those. And he didn't want me going on the medications
        my GP prescribes for every fat patient -- my GP thinks every fat
        person is a ticking time bomb, and Dr. Terry clearly does not.
        His staff was very friendly and efficient. His medical assistant
        went and got me a large blood-pressure cuff with no fuss. My
        consultation with the doctor, not counting the pre-doctor 
        workup, lasted a full hour (I checked my cellphone records), and
        he never made me feel he was rushing to get to the next patient.
        Basically, I felt like an important patient all the way around,
        and this was a last-minute appointment for which I was being
        squeezed in on a Friday morning.

Deborah Devine, LMFT
	342 Broadway, Ste. #215
	Chico, CA 95928
	Therapist specializing in body image and eating disorders, from
	a health at every size perspective.

Deb McCafferty, MS, Registered Dietitian
	I have taught Nutrition at Chico State for 15 years, and
	currently teach a full semester course in Health at Every Size,
	as well as doing private nutrition counseling and group
	workshops (The Body Connection). work in conjunction with a
	fat-friendly therapist, when needed, who specializes in body
	image work. 

Open System MRI 
	Phone 800-646-6736 
	Accommodates patients that weigh up to 480 lbs. using a Siemens
	Open MRI, the only side entry MRI, which allows patients with a
	waist size of up to 69". Centers in Redding, Chico, Roseville,
	Pasadena, Tustin, Palm Desert, and El Centro, California.

Michael Snow, Chiropractor
        20432 Silverado Ave # 6
        Cupertino, CA
        (408) 252-1861
        First chiropractor that ever (1) had gowns that fit my 300lb
        body, (2) got a good adjustment of my sacrum, and (3) is tall
        and large enough to successfully adjust much larger folk than I,
        and other area chiropractors frequently refer clients who are
        difficult to adjust to him.  No fat issues at all.  His chairs
        have arms, but they're very large chairs. -- Michele (aka

Eating Disorder Referral and Imformation Center
	2923 Sandy Pointe Suite 6
	Del Mar CA 92014
	Phone: 858-792-7463
	Web site:
	Dedicated to the prevention and treatment of eating disorders.
	We provide information about, and treatment resources for all
	forms of eating disorders. Our goal is to promote social
	attitudes that enhance healthy body image and work to overcome
	the idealization of thinness that contributes to disordered
	eating. -- Christine A. Hartline, M.A., Executive Director


Open System MRI 
        Phone 800-646-6736
        Accommodates patients that weigh up to 480 lbs. using a Siemens
        Open MRI, the only side entry MRI, which allows patients with a
        waist size of  up to 69". Centers in Redding, Chico, Roseville,
        Pasadena, Tustin, Palm Desert, and El Centro, California.

Jeanne Courtney, MFT, feminist psychotherapist
        San Francisco and East Bay offices
        P.O. Box 453
        El Cerrito, CA 94530
        (510) 527-5662
        I am a fat and fat-friendly feminst psycotherapist, providing
        Love Your Body at Any Size workshops for women, as well as
        individual and couples therapy. I offer a safe place for help
        with depression, stress, and relationship problems, where you
        can discover new ways to think and communicate that will raise
        your self-esteem and make room for more joy in your life. I
        especially enjoy working with queers and others who hope to
        change society as well as their own lives.

Kari Petersen, LCSW
	Emeryville, CA

Linda Falconio, MD, General Practice
	Encinitas, CA
	PPO only, no HMO
	Dr. Falconio has been my doctor since 1986. She has never blamed
	my weight for any of my problems, although she has commented
	when she's thought my weight may be a contributor on things such
	as gall bladder problems, knee problems, etc. I appreciate that
	sort of non-hysterical, objective input. One of the best
	qualities about Falconio is that she refers to size friendly
	physicians. If she doesn't know of one, she gives you her
	referrals, then encourages you to let her know if you've had a
	negative experience. This happened to me one time--she called
	the referral doc and read him the riot act. What an advocate!
	This wonderful Physician has treated me for years with respect
	and dignity.  She employs people of all sizes. The atmosphere is
	busy but welcoming professionalism. Her temporary waiting room
	has only wicker chairs with arms, but after the current
	renovation I'm certain this will be remedied. Ask for the thigh
	cuff and the assistants' chair when you are brought to the back
	office. Last visit they were out of sizable robes, but they have
	had them in the past.  At my request they used to weigh me with
	my back to the scale. Once I asked Dr. Linda why she didn't nag
	me about my weight and she responded to the effect that she was
	watching vital indicators of my health; my weight not being the
	presenting problem.  Dr. Linda Falconio is a true partner in my
	improving health.

Barbara E. Herrera, Midwife, Owner, Holistic Health Care Center
	Encinitas, CA (North County San Diego)
	As a former Super-Sized woman and now weighing 200 pounds, I
	have experienced the range of health care hatred that most of us
	reading this have encountered.  My practice includes armless,
	sturdy chairs, super-sized tables for massage, gowns that fit
	those who weigh up to 600 pounds, a blood pressure cuff that
	would have fit a pregnant me (called a "thigh" cuff), large
	speculums AND sensitivity training and education in how to
	touch, speak to, address, and respect fat and fatter folks.  Our
	practice includes, massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic
	care, colonic therapy, well-woman care, pregnancy and midwifery
	care, and more... your heart and spirit are as much a part of
	the care as your chart! Email with questions.

Kenneth C. Vitale, MD, physical medicine
	see entry under San Diego.

Lee C. Kao, MD, PhD, OB/GYN
	Foster City, CA 94404
	Obstetrics and Gynecology Fertility/Infertility Reproductive
	Endocrinology (and fat phobia education)

Patrick Stuart (specialty not listed)
	Millbrook and Herndon
	Fresno,  California
	(209) 437-7300
	I have been a patient of Dr. Stuart's for over 5 years now. I am
	extremely uncomfortable with doctors, but Dr. Stuart and his
	main nurse Liz make me feel very comfortable. Liz always asks if
	I want to be weighed. Chairs in lobby and exam rooms are
	comfortable for me and I am 320+. Large blood pressure cuffs are
	always used. The only time my weight has entered any
	conversation between me and Dr. Stuart is when I brought the
	issue up regarding a condition I thought was possibly related.
	Dr. Stuart explained all the facts too me, including related
	weight issues by saying each person's body has an idea weight
	and each person must find their own comfort and heatlh zone. I
	understood everything he said and felt reassured when I left his
	office. I feel completely comfortable discussing anything with
	him. He is never rushed and will take his time with you. I would
	recommend him to all BBW's. -- Colleen at

Stephen Bearg, Gynecology 
	1240 South Elesio 
	Greenbrae, CA 94904 
	Ph 415 46-7800
	Although office has armed chairs, this doctor treated me for
	what I came in for, and no scale. His nurse is a BBW. -- Sandy

Richard McAuliffe, Gastroenterology
	1350 South Eliseo 
	Greenbrae CA. 94904 
	415 925-6900
	Although office has only armed chairs, I have told him that a
	really fat person could not fit into his furniture. He thought
	that fat people often have problems rising from a seat so he
	thought arms would be helpful. He said he will get a larger seat
	like a love seat. -- Sandy Gordon

Locke Wilson, MD, Family Medicine
	717 Center Street 
	Healdsburg, California 95448 
	(707) 433-7258
	I have been seeing Dr. Wilson for nearly 20 years. He's never
	once sad anything about my weight or weight gain (I've gone from
	150 to 225+ over that time). He is always patient and kind, and
	I have never felt rushed or judged. His waiting room and each
	exam room have wide chairs. The nurse weighs me each time I
	visit, but they have never said anything negative about my
	turning around to not see the number on the scale.

Morris Adhoot, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility
	Irvine, CA
	He is a non-far bigoted individual who treats his patients with
	respect. He spends TIME (45 minutes with me) and answers all
	your questions about infertility and conception for plus-sized
	women. My husband is also overweight and he treated him with the
	same respect. Awesome! -- Regina Verdin
Lynn Davilla Shields, Ph.D.
	Licensed psychologist, certified eating disorder specialist  
	3468 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Suite B 201, Lafayette, CA, 94549.
	Phone: 925.283.5107
	"Although Dr. Shields treats women (and men) with eating
	disorders, she also is a firm believer that large size does not
	necessarily mean eating disordered (and vice versa). Dr. Shields
	treats individuals, families and couples and is active in
	prevention of eating disorders (including size acceptance and
	the dangers of dieting) in her community."

Janet Shannon, MS, RD, Clinical Nutritionist/Dietitian
	South Coast Medical  Center
	31872 Coast  Highway
	Laguna  Beach, CA 92651
	949-499-7165  x4
	Non-judgmental and very  easy to talk to.  She actually said,
	"Maybe 325 is the weight your body is supposed to be. If you're
	happy, healthy, and functioning at that weight, that's all that
	matters. The numbers on the scales mean nothing." It blew my
	mind. It was the only time I've ever had a  medical professional
	say that, yes, fat people can be happy and healthy. She also
	stresses Intuitive Eating and  listening to what your body
	needs.  I felt very comfortable with her. The only issue I had
	was  how far her office was from the admittance desk but they
	had no problem getting  me a wheelchair and taking me back and
	forth. So if you need that, don't be afraid to  ask! -- Heidi

Donald Bittner, Orthopedics   
	La Habra, California

A Gentle Way, Yoga Classes for all sizes, ages, and levels
	Lifetime Health, 4411 Morena Boulevard North #101 
	San Diego, CA 92117  
	(619) 442-2238 
    Kara-Ho Karate, 5181 Baltimore Drive 
	La Mesa, CA 
	(858) 483-9642 

John J. Francis Jr., Family Practice
	845 S. Fairmont Ave., #8
	Lodi, CA 95240
	209 339 7410
	Dr. Francis is one of the most friendly and kind doctors I have
	met.  He has never made any weight comments to me.  My blood
	pressure was high for a year or so, he put me on meds, told me
	to keep the salt level down, and left it at that.  I know other
	doctors would have mentioned my weight. Actually, when I lost
	some weight, he never even said anything.  He is a somewhat
	overweight man himself, very tall, sweet African American doctor
	with a good sense of humor.  He also has that strong personality
	that just makes you want to do what he says... He'll say, "This
	is what we're going to do," and you don't even think of
	disagreeing.  I haven't noticed his office equipment, really,
	but I seem to fit everywhere!

Vincent Peter Pennisi, OB/GYN
	See main entry under Stockton.

Jeffrey Hardesty, MD
	(Loma Linda University Medical Center Dr's offices across from hospital
	11370 Anderson St Suite 3900
	Loma Linda, Ca. 92354
	(909) 558-2806 office
	(909) 558-2449 fax
	Dr Hardesty is an OB/gyn.  This is the most awesome Dr I've ever
	been too!  Dr Hardesty put me at ease about my uncomfortable
	feelings about my size and how Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
	affects my body (weight gain, hair issues, acne, etc). He
	reassured me that it wasn't anything he hadn't seen before and
	that I was completely normal and he was ok with my size and I
	should be too! He has out of this world bedside manner.

Margie Bastedo, MS, LMFT 
	5199 E. PCH Suite 602 
	Long Beach, CA 90804 
	(562) 498-7656.
	I am a plus size psychotherapist. I have been licensed 20 plus
	years and work with people of all sizes of large. I do body
	image work and self acceptance. I also believe in working out
	the body and promote healthful exercise. I work with women
	individually and in my personal gym. I am a Latina and speak
	both English and Spanish fluently.

Rhonda Luster, M.D.
	Talbert Medical Group
	No longer in practice.

Debora Burgard, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist PSY13415
	5050 El Camino Real, Suite 202
	Los Altos, CA 94022
	I work primarily with women's issues accross the weight spectrum
	from a standpoint of size acceptance.  I see women with eating
	disorders and weight preoccupation, sexuality, depression,
	relationship concerns, problems with physical activity -- just
	about anything under the heading of "women and bodies." I offer
	a group called  "Body Positive" for large women, and see
	individuals, couples, and families in my practice. I also am the
	co-author of the book, Great Shape: The First Fitness Guide for
	Large Women, and have been active in the size acceptance
	movement for 22 years. My research focuses on the factors that
	help large women maintain their self-esteem in an often hostile
	world. People who wish to get a feel for my work may want to
	mosey on over to the Body Positive website.  

Patricia Muller, Gynecologist
	Los Altos, California
	Phone: 650-941-4450
	Dr Muller is a gynecologist, but she also does general practice.
	I've seen her for 2 years for general medicine as well as for
	gynecological care. She does not do obstetric care. She is a
	warm and compassionate practitioner who takes a lot of time to
	talk to her patients. She's very thorough. She has a pretty
	holistic attitude about her patients, always wants to know
	what's going on in my life as well as in my body. She supports
	my decision not to diet and believes that it is possible to be
	fat and healthy -- she has always been far more concerned with
	my internal health than my external appearance. There might be
	some situations where she might want a patient to try to lose
	some weight, but she hasn't done that to me in the few years
	I've seen her. She also has a fabulously bizarre sense of humor
	and makes an effort to establish a good rapport with her
	patients. And she's the only doctor who has ever given me a
	completely painless pap smear! -- Joyce Wermont (Note: Patricia
	Muller does not bill insurance; you need to bill insurance

Dr. Lurvy (may be "Lurvey"), OB/GYN
	Kaiser West Los Angeles
	Los Angeles, CA
	If you have Kaiser and need an OB, I can't imagine you won't
	love Dr. Lurvey. He is warm, supportive, wicked-funny, and while
	I can't vouch for his specific fat-acceptance politics, he
	clearly is able to see each patient as a human being. I went to
	him trying to get pregnant. First, he gave me the least painful
	pap smear ever and told me that a certain speculum was better
	for my body and I should ask for it in the future. Then, when
	talking about my upcoming pregnancy, I told him that I knew that
	I would be high risk (at 290 pounds and 39 years-old I just
	assumed that). He said not at all. He said, "Let's expect a
	healthy, wonderful pregnancy. If something occurs to make your
	pregnancy high risk, then we'll deal with that then, but no
	reason to assume that right now." He himself is slim, and this
	fat-friendliness just seems to be part of his overall humane and
	kind sensibility, rather than a specific political awareness,
	although anything is possible. *Highly* recommend him. -- Julie

Kelly G. Vince, M.D., Clinical Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
	Orthopaedic Surgery - Arthritis and Joint Implant Surgery
	Keck School of Medicine
	University of Southern California
	Healthcare Consultation Center II
	1520 San Pablo Street
	Los Angeles, CA 90033-4608
	Many surgeons hesitate if not refuse to do joint replacements on
	those of us who are fat. I was turned down by one of the best
	known knee guys in Southern California in 1999. He referred me
	to a collegue and to my surprise this doctor was very
	encouraging and was not only willing to replace one knee, but
	was sure doing both at the same time would cause me half the
	pain and get me on my feet quicker. Double knee replacements
	were just beginning at that time. A few days ago I was in for a
	knee check up and to have my hip evaluated for replacement. The
	xray of my knees showed absolutely NO wear on the appliances and
	both knees are straight and strong. That's almost 8 years later!
	I am 66 years old, 5'5" and weigh around 330 to 340 lbs. We
	talked about my hip and injections in the joint to ease the
	pain. I thought my very painful experience wtih another doctor's
	injection was due to my size causing trouble finding the right
	spot in the joint.  He assured me my size was not an issue at
	all. I will be having hip replacement this year.  He assures me
	advances in the last few years have cut dramatically the threat
	of dislocation and the recovery is easy compared to my knees. 
	He is willing to be called on for opinions, etc.  I should
	clarify that he is weight neutral rather than fat positive. 
	-- Joyce Mudd

Jill Hewitt, M.A. , Marriage and Family Therapist
	800 Pollard Rd. Suite b201 Los Gatos, CA.
	As a woman of size, I bring a component of understanding and
	sensitivity to my work with clients. I am dedicated to providing
	compassionate and supportive therapy to transitional aged youth
	and adults. I aim to honor the diversity of each client and help
	foster growth, empowerment, resiliency, and freedom of
	self-expression. My work is based on the fundamental belief that
	all of us have the right to live the lifestyle that we chose and
	within that context to feel supported and validated. I deeply
	value the Size Acceptance Movement and the Health At Every Size
	(HAES) ( principles. It is
	important to learn to love yourself and to accept your body no
	matter what size it is and not put off living your life until
	you are "thin enough," "skinny enough," or "just right." When
	people of size accept and respect themselves, it allows others
	to do the same.

Dr. Tan  
	Based in Marina Del Rey 
	(310) 645-2455.
	Makes house calls.
	Recommended as fat-friendly by NAAFA-LA, 
	Listed Feb 08

Dr. Lenore Cohen, internist
	San Jose Medical Group
	Milpitas, CA  
	Dr Cohen has never made assumptions that my size had automatic
	impact on my health or my treatment. She encouraged me to
	exercise and watch my dietary fat intake when I was diagnosed
	with high cholesterol. She did not suggest losing weight would
	be an effective treatment. She has also not suggested that
	weight loss would be an effective deterrent to diabetes (I am at
	high risk - both sides of my family have multiple diabetics).
	She recommends regular blood sugar testing and exercise. The
	clinic had large blood pressure cuffs in all exam rooms. While I
	have never requested that I not be weighed I suspect it would
	not be a big issue. -- Kaye Luck,

Jeanette DePatie, Certified Exercise Instructor and Trainer 
	710 S. Myrtle Ave. Suite 233, Monrovia, CA 91016
	Jeanette is a plus-sized certified fitness instructor who
	specializes in helping folks who haven't worked out in a while
	(or ever) to make peace with their bodies and  learn to love
	exercise again.  Jeanette teaches classes that are
	non-competitive, very fun and are appropriate for people at lots
	of different fitness levels.

Mary Kay Brewster, MD, Ob/GYN
	Monterey, California
	I have been this doctor's patient for 10 years.  I have
	fluctuated in weight over the years, but the doctor has never
	mentioned my weight except to inquire as to how I was losing
	weight to make sure it was something safe (when I was losing).
	She was extremely supportive of my efforts to conceive and when
	I went into the office after getting pregnant for an ultrasound
	and asked "Do you need me to move my fat belly out of the way
	for this?" She said, "no one is allowed to talk about you that
	way in here."

Ronnie Falcao, LM, MS, Licensed Midwife
	Mountain View, CA      
	I am, myself, a hefty chunk of woman, and this doesn't get in
	the way of my leading a full, happy life.  And it doesn't keep
	me from squatting alongside my birthing clients if I need to.
	I am the editor of the Midwife Archives, including a subsection
	on "Large/Heavy Women and Birth (The Clients, not the Midwives)
	It's my personal belief that large women birth pretty much the
	same as all women do, as birthing is often more of a mental
	challenge than a physical challenge.  I am also a big fan of
	waterbirth, which is a godsend for larger women.

Jonathan Squire, Internal Medicine
	Mt. View, CA
	When I first went to this guy and made some knee-jerk remark
	about such-and-such problem probably being due to my weight, he
	replied, "Well, it might be but not necessarily." His reaction
	to me wanting to go on Optifast about three years ago was to
	remind me of the dismal success rate of any weightloss program.
	He has never told me to lose weight, but applauded when I told
	him I was going to start excercise. He has seemed more resistant
	to fat-phobia than I was! -- Mary (

Catherine Hill, OB/GYN 
	515 South Drive Suite 21
	Mountain View, CA 94040
	Also has office in Sunnyvale
	(650) 988-7956    
	Cool about my being very fat and being a dyke. 
Catherine Trejo, MD, OB/GYN
	Mountain View, CA 94040
	Internal Medicine  
	Everyone loves her and she is "fat friendly" too.
	She's very caring and takes her time to explain things and
	address your concerns. 


Charlie R. Johnson, Internal Medicine
        Johnson Medical Group & Urgent care walk in clinic 
	2400 E. 8th Street, Suite A
	National City, CA   91950 
	(619) 267-4255
	See main entry under San Diego.

Sheila Addison, PhD, Marriage and Family Therapist
	See entry under Berkeley.

Terry Anderson, cardiologist 
        Oakland, CA 
        She treated a super-sized woman with dignity and respect 
        throughout the process of getting a stress test for her heart,
        gave sincere praise for even the small efforts to increase 
        exercise and reduce stress, and never once advocated weight
        loss. (The bureacracy overall made it difficult for a while to
        get the proper equipment for the woman's weight, but that wasn't
        Dr. Anderson's fault.)

Marielle Berg, MFT 48984, Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples
	Two offices:
		4214 18th Street
		San Francisco, CA 94114
		445 Bellevue Avenue, Suite 104
		Oakland, CA 94610
	I offer psychotherapy to help you make changes from the inside
	out. My practice is diverse but I have particular expertise in
	working with eating disorders and food and body image issues,
	depression, trauma and couples. I teach classes on incorporating
	a Health at Every Size® model with relational psychotherapy and
	am a certified Health at Every Size® facilitator.  I also run
	an 8 week support and psycho-educational group called "It's
	Just a Cookie!" to help those looking to develop a more peaceful
	relationship to food and their bodies. My Oakland office has an

Beth Bernstein, MFT, psychotherapist
	445 Bellevue Avenue, Suite 300
	Oakland, CA 94610
	(510) 628-0877, #1
	I am a licensed psychotherapist who has been through my own
	experiences with bulimia, compulsive eating/dieting and
	fatphobia (both societal and internalized). I offer my clients a
	wealth of information, experience and insight without
	pathologizing their bodies or assuming they have an eating
	disorder because they are large. For 3 years, I produced and
	hosted the radio show, "BODY LANGUAGE: the show about how you
	relate to your body," on KALX 90.7 and have done many shows on
	body image and weight/size issues.

Flex Physical Therapy & Fitness
	(510) 655-3060
	4266 Broadway
	Oakland, CA 
	They do Pilates-based physical therapy and they have a pool.
	I went on a referral from my orthopedist for my arthritic knees
	and for a shoulder injury.  The owner is this skinny little
	sarcastic New Yorker woman who initially put me off -- my own
	bias, I guess, because I ASSUMED she might be biased towards me
	because I'm fat.  We both learned a lot about our biases and
	became more or less buds by the end of my treatment.  She was a
	big fan from a distance of the Padded Lilies, and was always
	giving me warmup exercises to teach the Lilies and sending us
	orders to DO THEM. I had a great experience there -- she was
	great and so were her staff. I'd suggest new clients call her
	and set up a time to visit, meet her and check out the equipment
	and tell her Shirley Sheffield sent you (I think she'll remember
	me if you mention the Padded Lilies).  She and I talked about
	size-friendly attitude, and I told her I was going to refer
	folks to her because I considered her size-friendly, and she
	seemed pleased with that. -- Shirley Sheffield

Thomas Lee Hambrick, MD - Ob/Gyn
Ob/Gyn Partners For Health
	365 Hawthorne Ave # 301
	Oakland, CA 94609
	(510) 893-1700
	Several things set Dr. Hambrick's office apart for me.  They
	gave me the option of weighing or not.  There was not one word
	said about my weight beyond that.  The drapes are large, and the
	chairs in the examining rooms are armless.  The nurse went and
	grabbed a large blood-pressure cuff without comment, and was
	pleasant and warm.  And Dr. Hambrick himself was personable and
	expressed empathy with my joking reference to another doctor who
	harangues me about my weight.   Previous doctors have given me a
	hard time because my ovaries are hard to palpate, or have
	discouraged me from certain procedures because of my weight, but
	Dr. Hambrick was a good listener and helped me arrive at the
	procedure that will work best for me. -- Serene Vannoy, Oakland,

Susan J Kahn, MFT, psychotherapist
	Offices in SF and Oakland, CA
	510 268-8866
	email: sjkahn27 at
	I am a fat clinician who has been treating women for the last 15
	years who struggle with weight preoccupation and body image. I
	am also a lesbian who has worked extensively within the Queer
	community.  I am experienced working with sex and sexuality,
	especially as it is influenced by the ways we are stigmatized.
	My therapeutic style is relational, non-judgemental and
	interactive. I am also available for training and consultation
	concerning non-pathological, quality treatment for those of us
	marginalized by society.

Dr. Lucy Kalanithi MD, general practitioner
	Oakland, CA (Kaiser)
	I basically picked Dr. Kalanithi at random from the Kaiser list
	after getting no leads on a good fat-friendly physician there. I
	was ready to be on the defensive because although I have no
	health problems and have had no serious problems in the past, I
	always get hassled for my weight. I was so surprised when Dr.
	Kalanithi asked me about my exercise habits and asked if my
	weight was stable and then told me that there is more and more
	research out there showing that people who are active at any
	size have better outcomes than people who don't. I was totally
	prepared to give her my HAES  lecture but, she beat me to it! I
	don't know how she would have been about weight had I had any
	chronic conditions but, so far, I couldn't have asked for more!
	-- Natalie

Avis Logan, MD, family practice
	350 30th Street, Suite 100 
	Oakland, California 94609 
	(510) 204-8290
	She is awesome, very fat friendly, open to alternative medicine.

Andrew S. McClintock-Greenberg, M.D., pulmonary disease, sleep medicine
	Pulmonary medicine
	350 - 30th Street, Suite 100
	Oakland, CA
	He is affiliated with Alta Bates Summit Medical Center.

North Oakland Family Practice 
Andrea Johnson, MD; John Good, MD; Lauren Blanchard, NP
	3100 Telegraph Ave Ste 2102
	Oakland, CA 94609
	b/t 31st St & Hawthorne Ave
	Oakland, CA
	Several positive referrals. Francine Yep is reported to no
	longer be practicing there.
	*Dissenting View*: One person was treated very rudely by office
	staff who made a mistake about an appointment time.

Donna Odierna, clinical herbalism, holistic nutrition
	P.O. Box 19064
	Oakland, CA, 94619
	510 531-0832
	I design individual programs for people who want to attain
	optimal health at whatever size they may be. -- Donna Odierna

Erda Sanders, Chiropractor
	400 40th St., Ste. 203
	Oakland CA 94609
	She's fat. I'm fat. She may sometimes say how weight contributed
	to a problem but it's in a context of this is what we have to
	work with (not lose weight & you'll be cured). -- Susan Krauss

Victor Silvestre, MD, Internal Medicine 
	Kaiser Oakland
	Fabiola Building
	3801 Howe Street
	Oakland Ca 94611
	(510) 752-1190
	I've had spotty luck at Kaiser finding doctors who aren't
	obsessed with my weight. I teased that with one doctor at Kaiser
	San Diego, I could go in with a gunshot wound, and she'd tell me
	to lose fifty pounds to treat it. Dr. Silvestre's great, though,
	so far. On my first visit, he used the proper size
	blood-pressure cuff and encouraged me to ask for a bigger cuff
	whenever I'm having my blood pressure taken (I know that, but it
	was nice that he was aware). He never mentioned my weight, even
	though it was an appointment about blood pressure -- he just
	checked my pressure, and since it's only slightly elevated (as
	opposed to previous high measures), and since I've been checked
	out by a cardiologist recently, he told me to keep doing
	whatever I've been doing. I told him I am going to work on
	improving my nutrition and exercise further, and he said, "A
	good idea for everyone", rather than doing this whole, Oh, the
	fat girl's gonna diet, yay! thing. Anyway, so far, so good.
	-- Serene Vannoy (

Richard Terry, M.D., Cardiology
  	Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Group, Inc.
	365 Hawthorne Avenue, Suite 201 Oakland, CA 94609 
	(510) 452-1345 
	(510) 452-1102
	20126 Stanton Avenue, Suite 100 
	Castro Valley, CA94546 
	(510) 537-3556
	(510) 537-3610
	I was very happy about how well Dr. Terry listened to me. I am
	happy that he gave me a clean bill of health, but more than
	that, I was happy with how well he treated me as a person, not
	as a number or a fat person. I was VERY happy about his
	attitudes about fat and meds. Basically, he said being fat isn't
	a risk factor on its own -- it's a signal to look for other risk
	factors, such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and I
	don't have those. And he didn't want me going on the medications
	my GP prescribes for every fat patient -- my GP thinks every fat
	person is a ticking time bomb, and Dr. Terry clearly does not.
	His staff was very friendly and efficient. His medical assistant
	went and got me a large blood-pressure cuff with no fuss. My
	consultation with the doctor, not counting the pre-doctor
	workup, lasted a full hour (I checked my cellphone records), and
	he never made me feel he was rushing to get to the next patient.
	Basically, I felt like an important patient all the way around,
	and this was a last-minute appointment for which I was being
	squeezed in on a Friday morning.

Kim Washington, DC (chiropracty)
	Oakland, CA

Jessica Wilson, MS RD
	Oakland, CA; Bay Area
	I work from the Health At Every Size Model with clients who are
	willing to give up eating from a weight-focused model (dieting)
	and instead incorporate a behavior-based model that focuses on
	learning how to listen to their bodies needs and enjoying food.
	I do not use weight as a predictor of health, and I believe that
	people of all sizes can be healthy and are worthy of health care
	that is compassionate, competent and respectful. I work hard to
	build rapport with my clients and advocate for them in all
	aspects of their healthcare and work closely with their other
	treatment providers so that they understand the values of
	non-weight focused healthcare as well. I do not provide clients
	with rules to follow, but instead engage with them to learn
	their body's own internal wisdom.  

Francine A. Yep, MD, family medicine
	350 30th Street Suite 100 
	Oakland, California 94609 
	(510) 204-8290  
	Smart, kind, not fat-phobic, queer-friendly, knowledgable about
	complementary medicine, and a doctor who treats you like an
	adult and a peer.

Mary L. Miller, MD, Internal Medicine
	12 Camino Encinas 
	Orinda, California 94563 
	(510) 204-8189
	It may be necessary to ask her not to speak about weight. She
	may bring it up if someone doesn't ask. I told her flat out the
	first time I saw her that I didn't want to discuss my weight,
	and she's mostly honored that. A few times I can tell she wants
	to say something, mainly when I go in about knee or ankle pain.
	But headaches, bronchitis, colds, neck pains, perimenopause,
	yearly physical -- not a word about my weight. The only time I
	remember her sort of going there was when I asked her about
	antidepressants at one point, and she was really up on
	Wellbutrin -- and one reason she mentioned is because it can
	suppress appetites. But that's all she said. So, not perfect,
	but better than most I've seen.


Open System MRI 
        Phone 800-646-6736
        Accommodates patients that weigh up to 480 lbs. using a Siemens
        Open MRI, the only side entry MRI, which allows patients with a
        waist size of  up to 69". Centers in Redding, Chico, Roseville,
        Pasadena, Tustin, Palm Desert, and El Centro, California.


Bonnie Bernell, Ed.D./Licensed psychologist
	See entry under San Jose.

Delores W. Eberhart, D.D.S.
	880Middlefield Rd.
	Palo Alto CA  94301
	Ph:  650-328-3384
	Dr. Eberhart is a delight.  She is informal and skilled.  Her
	office and dental assistants are fabulous.  All are
	fat-friendly.  In the early years, when she was newer in her
	practice, she had only 2 small chairs in the waiting room.  I
	complained and she said that she would buy a sofa as soon as she
	could afford to do so.  And sure enough, maybe six months later
	there was a sofa.  Her dental chairs have 1 arm that is able to
	lift out of the way, which is helpful. Unfortunately, the dental
	chairs are shaped for a smaller person.  -- Shelley Bond,

Laurel Trujillo, Internist
	Palo Alto Medical Clinic
	She is great! She is more concerned with how I am feeling
	mentally and physically than my weight. She doesn't like dieting
	if it causes you to yo-yo in your weight. She just thinks that
	exercising and eating right is the way to go. She thinks that
	maintaining your weight and being happy is more important than
	dieting and being unhappy.

La Tanya Hines, MD, OBGYN
	301 S. Fair Oaks Ave Suite 202; Pasadena, CA 91105
	I've been to her once and she made me feel comfortable and at
	ease. She only answered questions regarding weight when I asked
	- "could I have a baby at this weight, is it safe?"  I don't
	have children yet.  Also, important to note that she was one of
	the doctors on the show "I didn't know I was pregnant."

Irina Jasper, GP
	960 E Green St #286, Pasadena CA
	626 356 0340
	When I first started seeing her 10 years ago she would
	occasionally bring up weight loss, but she seems to have been
	discovering HAES and fat acceptance at about the same time as
	me.  These days she always asks if I exercise and how I'm
	feeling, and she says "I believe in exercise - I don't believe
	in diets."  No problem not getting weighed, and I've always been
	treated with the utmost respect by everyone in her office.

Mark Kidon, Podiatrist
	10 Congress St #410, Pasadena CA
	626 799 1194
	For YEARS I've had foot pain that I just attributed to being
	overweight.  (Yes, YEARS).  I finally mentioned in while seeing
	this doctor for something else, fully expecting to just get a
	lecture on losing weight.  Nope.  X-ray, diagnosis of some
	fairly advanced plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, shot of
	cortisone, and application to my insurance company to get fitted
	for orthotic inserts... all with exactly ZERO comments about my
	weight (250 lbs at 5'2", so pretty plump!) On my next visit I
	planned to bring this up explicitly with him and thank him for
	going straight to treating my problem instead of wasting time
	with diet talk - I really expected to have to fight for
	treatment, and I can't adequately describe the relief I felt
	when I didn't.

Joy Malek, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (Lic. MFC 47098)
	Pasadena, CA (Greater Los Angeles area)
	Specialities: Anxiety & Stress Management, Depression Recovery,
	Chronic Pain & Illness, Body Image & Embodied Living, Creativity
	& Soul Tending. 
	I believe strongly in following our body's wisdom to develop or
	maintain health at every size, and to flourish in body, soul and
	spirit.  Self acceptance and honor for the one precious body we
	are given is a big part of my work. When we can love and support
	ourselves exactly as we are, inside and out, life has power and

Open System MRI 
        Phone 800-646-6736
        Accommodates patients that weigh up to 480 lbs. using a Siemens
        Open MRI, the only side entry MRI, which allows patients with a
        waist size of  up to 69". Centers in Redding, Chico, Roseville,
        Pasadena, Tustin, Palm Desert, and El Centro, California.

Carl Buckhorn, Internal medicine/family practice
	Placentia, California 

Julie Levin, Marriage and Family Therapist 
        Pleasant Hill, CA
	I am a psychotherapist, teacher, and a recovered bulimic who
	specializes in helping others develop self-acceptance regardless
	of size. I encourage clients to explore their eating patterns to
	increase self-understanding and decrease self-judgment. If
	clients find they use food or diets to manage difficult
	emotions, I provide a safe place for those emotions to be felt
	and expressed.  When appropriate, I encourage clients to extend
	their emotional honesty outside of therapy. I offer quarterly
	groups and classes through local recreation and parks
	departments. These focus on dispelling diet myths, challenging
	fat prejudice, learning to recognize and respond to physical
	hunger and fullness, exploring the impact of culture and the
	negative messages perpetuated by a 40+ billion dollar diet

Charles D. Callery, MD, General Surgery/Bariatric Surgery
	Poway, ca
	Yes, this is a WLS (weight loss surgery) surgeon, but these can
	be the best docs to do surgery on fat people as they have much
	experience doing surgery on fat bodies and the hospitals where
	they work know how to treat fat patients, both from a medical
	and a bed-side manner view point. My friend needed gall bladder
	surgery, the first referral surgeon didn't feel comfortable
	working on a fat patient so recommended Callery. When my friend
	called the office, she was told Callery did nothing but WLS. She
	had to get the referral surgeon to call Callery himself. So let
	that be a warning. As an advocate, I accompanied my friend to
	Callery's office, fully expecting a sales pitch for WLS. It
	never happened. The doc was straightforward, not fat phobic, and
	told my friend that her weight distribution was such that
	laparoscopic surgery was probable. I couldn't believe that *not
	once* was WLS suggested or even referred to, except to reassure
	my friend that he had done surgery on many fat people. My
	friend's surgery went well, she has a positive hospital
	experience, and was home the next day. If I need surgery of any
	kind, I'm calling Dr. Callery.

Open System MRI 
	Phone 800-646-6736
	Accommodates patients that weigh up to 480 lbs. using a Siemens
	Open MRI, the only side entry MRI, which allows patients with a
	waist size of  up to 69". Centers in Redding, Chico, Roseville,
	Pasadena, Tustin, Palm Desert, and El Centro, California.  

J.D. Hoff, OB/GYN 
	2950 Whipple Ave. Suite 1 
	Redwood City, CA 94062   
	Note there is another doctor named Hoff in the same building. I
	went to Dr. Hoff after my regular doctor was unable to perform a
	pap smear on me, and also because I wanted to ask questions
	about pregnancy with diabetes. He was very encouraging and made
	no mention of my weight. Of all the docs who've done pap smears
	on me (including other OB/GYNs), he has been the fastest and
	most painless. Office staff is also accepting. When I went for
	an ultrasound, I asked one of his office staff whether it would
	be difficult or painful because I'm big, and she said
	"Absolutely not. They routinely do ultrasounds on women much
	bigger than you." The waiting room has couches. The scale is in
	the corridor. --

Lawrence Gavin, endocrinology
Catherine Heymann, physician's assistant
	650 363 9341 
	39 Birch St. Suite C (Wed & Fri) 
	also an office in Daly City, 650 994 9771 
	Dr. Gavin is not exactly fat friendly, but he doesn't badger
	about weight either. (He is somewhat likely to badger about
	exercise.) However, his physician's assistants, especially
	Catherine Heymann, are fat accepting. Heymann describes my
	medical problems in terms of genetics, not in terms of my
	weight. When I talked with her recently about finding a new
	primary care physician, she named a particular doctor and gave
	me tips how to tell the doctor I wasn't interested in weight
	loss advice. She is very knowledgeable and reassuring. The
	waiting room does not have armless chairs, but their chairs are
	wider than usual; I fit comfortably at 360 pounds with 68" hips.
	They use a large blood pressure cuff without being reminded. The
	scale is in the exam room, not in the corridor. I have never
	refused to be weighed, so I don't know how they feel about that.

Donald St. Claire, Jr., M.D., cardiology
	Cardiovascular Medicine and Cardiac Arrhythmias 
	2900 whipple #205 
	Redwood City
	(the group also has an office in Palo Alto)
	I was scared to get a cardiac stress test, but I wanted one
	because I had some palpitations that worried me. This office was
	recommended to me by my endo's office as having "nice" staff and
	doctors. Prior to my visit, I wrote a letter to the doctor and
	office staff, based on Hanne Blank's
	doctor letter on this site. I explained that I knew weight
	loss is often recommended as a treatment for my conditions, and
	that it had not worked for me in the past, and that I did not
	consider weight loss surgery an option. I told them my weight
	(360 pounds) and hospital gown size (5X) and asked that if my
	weight would be a problem for their equipment or I needed to
	bring my own gown they should please phone me in advance. Two
	staff members *and* the doctor phoned me within two days of my
	sending the letter. They all said that their treadmill would
	handle my weight and that I should bring my own gown. This
	responsiveness helped put me at ease. The office had loveseats
	available. The technician and doctor were prepared with a
	large-enough blood pressure cuff. The technician and nurse
	didn't say anything about my weight. They were encouraging about
	the treadmill test. The doctor treated me with respect,
	explained what the test showed and what it meant, explained his
	recommendations, and did not push weight loss. (Note that I
	don't know if he would have pushed weight loss if I had not sent
	him the letter.) He did not ask a lot of questions about what I
	ate. He did encourage me to exercise more and said that this
	would be beneficial whether or not I lost weight. --

Ann McKenzie, Nurse Practitioner 
	Richmond, CA 
	I have never heard a word from her about my size,  other than an
	occasional non-judgmental, relevant fact about gyn issues that
	affect fat people.  Never any advice to lose weight.  I can't
	remember if I gave her my standard "speech" when we met, about
	not wanting weight loss to be part of my treatment plan, etc.,
	or if she just treats me this way because she's naturally savvy
	and respectful.  I think it's the latter, because she is a good
	clinician and a good-hearted person overall -- treats my
	same-sex partner like family, has a sense of humor, is always
	straightforward about what she's doing and why.

Open System MRI 
        Phone 800-646-6736
        Accommodates patients that weigh up to 480 lbs. using a Siemens
        Open MRI, the only side entry MRI, which allows patients with a
        waist size of  up to 69". Centers in Redding, Chico, Roseville,
        Pasadena, Tustin, Palm Desert, and El Centro, California.

	Allen King and Dana Armstrong 
	1260 South Main Street, Ste. 201
	Salinas, CA 93901
	Ph: (831) 769-9355
	Fax: (831) 754-4955
	Dana's email address is
	Both myself and Dr. Allen King have left PrimeCare to open our
	own practice. It is still in Salinas. Both Allen and myself know
	that diets do not work and serve no purpose in the treatment of
	diabetes -- in fact -- they ultimately make diabetes worse. Size
	is of no issue in our practice. Instead, health, cardiovascular
	fitness, wellness and joy are our ultimate goals. -- DANA
	**Patient recommendation**
	I am a very long time patient of theirs. I think they are
	wonderful...highly professional and fat friendly.

Donaldo Hernandez, family practice
	Doctors on Duty
	1212 S Main St
	Salinas, CA 93901
	He works in our local health care system, but sees private
	patients on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. He's got a good sense of
	humor. --  

Robert Patton 
Karen Winn
	909 Blanco Circle
	Salinas Ca
	They are the nicest, sweetest doctors I've ever had the pleasure
	of being a patient of. Never did my weight cause a problem with
	them. They listened to me and ultimately helped me with my
	problem. I was weighed because I was on meds, but they didn't
	make an issue of it. --

Clarice Calopiz, MD, general practitioner
	1213 Eaton Ave.
	San Carlos, CA
	On my first visit, I wrote up a medical history and included
	that although I have health conditions correlated with high
	weight, weight loss is not an option for me. She has mostly been
	respectful of this and makes it clear that any treatment she
	recommends is a suggestion. She keeps thorough notes, listens,
	and had a great sense of humor. The waiting area has an armless
	bench and the exam room has an armless chair stored in the
	closet. The scale in the office only goes to 350 lbs. They have
	a large blood pressure cuff. The support staff seem friendly and
	One caveat: On a subsequent visit, she forgot about my request
	not to discuss weight loss and suggested weight loss surgery.
	When I said I wasn't interested, she asked why and then argued
	with my reasons. When I asked her to stop talking about it, she

John O'Holleran, MD, general surgeon
	San Carlos, CA
	I saw Dr. O'Holleran about a boil under my belly fold. Although
	the office didn't have armless chairs (I weigh 380 lbs and I
	could just barely fit into the chairs provided), everything else
	went well. The automatic blood pressure machine with the large
	cuff read my BP correctly, the nurse asked me to self-disclose
	my weight but not to "hop on the scale," the doctor didn't ask
	me to undress and put on a gown or even to sit on the exam
	table. He just asked me to pull up my shirt to show him the
	area. He didn't seem uncomfortable touching me. He went out of
	his way to say that nothing I did or didn't do caused the boil,
	they just happen sometimes, and can be on any part of the body.
	Then he explained his recommendations very clearly -- and
	actually said I didn't need surgery, which I was glad to hear. 

NOTE: San Francisco ordinances prohibit discrimination in public
accommodation based on weight, among other categories. This also applies
to medical treatment - read more here. 

If you have experienced denial of equal treatment or effective denial of
care and want to file a complaint, you may call the City department that
enforces the City's anti-discrimination ordinances --- San Francisco
Human Rights Commission at (415) 252-2500.

Anne Angelone, Acupuncture
	San Francisco

Na'tahne Arrowsmith, Doula 
        San Francisco, CA
        Birth is an area where medical professionals tend to panic, and
        if you throw a "weight problem" into the mix, the typical OB/GYN
        will be "concerned" about the mother's health and very often
        refer to the pregnancy as "high risk" even if no health problem
        has occurred.  Birth is not a medical emergency, and neither is
        being "overweight". Every woman deserves the care and support a
        Doula can provide and a woman of size should not be treated 
        differently.  She should, like all expectant mothers, be able to
        enjoy her pregnancy and not be made to feel bad for eating, or
        getting bigger (and liking it). I am a size positive Doula
        working in the Bay Area.  The cities I cover are Alameda,
        Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, and Marin County. 

BaySpring Women's Medical Center
	Michelle Bourgault, OB/GYN
	Marilyn Milkman, OB/GYN 
	Judith Walsh
	1833 Fillmore Street, Suite 300 
	S.F., CA  94115
	Note: I've received several negative reports about another
	doctor at this center. This doctor is reported to have retired,
	but name given on request.
	Marilyn Milkman, OB/GYN 
	**Initial Review**
	Totally non-fat phobic and a wonderful person -- a sane and
	informed gynecologist who suggested a D&C for my heavy periods.
	**Dissenting View**
	"I went to her for heavy bleeding I was having. I told the office
	staff over the phone when I made the appointment that I was fat
	and that I wanted a doctor who would not harrass me about my
	weight but treat my condition. When I arrived I declined to be
	weighed...She spent a majority of our time together telling me
	to diet and that I should lose weight. She grilled me about food
	**Favorable Reviews**
	(1) I've been seeing Marilyn Milkman for about 12 years. She is
	definitely NOT fat phobic and has been extremely respectful of
	me all along. She asked me once if I'd consider WLS [she never
	once suggested dieting and knows I am actively seeking to
	improve my health]. When I told her why not, she listened
	carefully and was interested in reading some of the studies I
	had read She also shared my frustration at my inability to find
	an open MRI to accommodate me. she commented on the idiot
	engineers who thought of weight but not girth when designing the
	machines. I wish she were not only a gynecologist. She is my
	favorite doctor because of her acceptance, intelligence and
	(2) I went to Dr Milkman because I had a full period...over 3
	years since my last. That is NOT expected. I had a positive
	experience. The tech assistant asked me if she could weigh me
	and gave me a clear opportunity to say no. -- Naomi Copperjet,
	San Francisco

Marielle Berg, MFT 48984, Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples
        Two offices:
                4214 18th Street
                San Francisco, CA 94114
                445 Bellevue Avenue, Suite 104
                Oakland, CA 94610
        I offer psychotherapy to help you make changes from the inside
        out. My practice is diverse but I have particular expertise in
        working with eating disorders and food and body image issues,
        depression, trauma and couples. I teach classes on incorporating
        a Health at Every Size® model with relational psychotherapy and
        am a certified Health at Every Size® facilitator.  I also run
        an 8 week support and psycho-educational group called "It's
        Just a Cookie!" to help those looking to develop a more peaceful
        relationship to food and their bodies. My Oakland office has an

Lisa Bernard-Pearl, OB/GYN
	San Francisco, CA 94114

Nancy Bohannon, endocrinologist
	1580 Valencia St. #503
	San Francisco
	415 648 7622
	I met her in 1985, after 60 days in the hospital for bulemia.
	Through all these years, I have gotten bigger, but what is
	inportant to her is my blood work. I am bigger than I have ever
	been and yet my blood work is the best ever. She is also a
	professor at U.C.S.F. and she does protocol studies. She is
	skinny as a rail, and more energy than I have all year, but she
	takes care of me as if I am her only patient. And she could care
	less that I am a Lesbian. In 1988 I was about to have double
	bypass surgery. My Doctor was about to go on a speaking tour in
	China for 2 weeks. She felt so bad that she was not going to be
	in town that at midnight before she left, she drove 33 mile to
	the hospital I was in and brought me flowers. --

Dr. Charles Bookoff, GYN
	San Francisco
	(415) 752-6555
	He is no longer delivering babies but still doing GYN work. He
	was very positive about my pregnancy (almost 6 years ago) and
	never mentioned my weight (started at 220 went to 285). He 
	had concerns that the baby may weigh more than 10 lbs (my son
	weighed in at 7.5 lbs), but other than that, he tended to my
	needs and not my weight. Recently, he was treating me for
	prolonged periods. Again, he did not mention the weight. I'm
	currently 290 lbs. and he was very positive with me having
	another baby.    

Allison Brown, Chiropractor
	San Francisco, CA

Virginia Cafaro, Primary Care 
	Wellspring Medical Group
	San Francisco

Lisa Capaldini, MD
Nais Raulet, Physician's asst
        San Francisco
        They are fantastic, thorough, and comfortable. When I complained
        that I had gained 10 pounds in a year, Nais scolded me for
        complaining and reiterated how healthy I am and that my extra
        weight was not causing me any health problems.  She launched
        into a whole "fat education" piece and said some of the
        healthiest patients she has weigh over 400 pounds.  -- Alissa
Sue Clemente, Acupuncture
	San Francisco

Jeanne Courtney, MFT, feminist psychotherapist
        San Francisco and East Bay offices
        P.O. Box 453
        El Cerrito, CA 94530
        (510) 527-5662, ext. 2
	I am a fat and fat-friendly feminst psycotherapist, providing
	Love Your Body at Any Size workshops for women, as well as
	individual and couples therapy. I offer a safe place for help
	with depression, stress, and relationship problems, where you
	can discover new ways to think and communicate that will raise
	your self-esteem and make room for more joy in your life. I
	especially enjoy working with queers and others who hope to
	change society as well as their own lives.

Jennifer Feeley, LMFT
	4831 Geary Blvd.
	San Francisco, CA 94118
	She is an awesome therapist. I've been going to her for almost 1
	year and she's always been fat friendly but non-coddling. She
	never makes any judgements or assumptions about my personality,
	life, psyche based on my weight. She never brings up my weight
	unless I do. At the same time though, she doesn't coddle me or
	let me get wrapped up in self-pity, self-hate or any
	destructive. She's uplifting...

Marta Fernandez, Certified Personal Trainer
	San Francisco, CA
	I have helped people of all shapes and sizes get moving in a way
	that is safe and fun. I am aware and sensitive to the needs and
	concerns of fat folks in getting more physically active. I have
	over 20 years of experience as a personal trainer and am skilled
	at devising a plan that will fit your needs and goals.

Cindy A. Grijalva, MD
	San Francisco, CA 94115
	Obstetrics and Gynecology

Leora B. Harling, CHT, MA, MFTI, therapist
	2333 Market Street
	San Francisco, CA 94114
	(castro area)
	I am a therapist specializing in eating disorders. I believe in
	health, fitness and wellness at any size. I offer groups to help
	clients heal from the pain of food abuse and I also offer groups
	specifically geared toward women of size to get support around
	whatever issues might be coming up around being larger in a
	society that covets a smaller frame.  I never recommend that a
	client lose weight. If this is something that he or she wants to
	do, I encourage her or him to see a nutritionist (referrals are
	available) and I help support them during this time as changing
	ones body can be a shock to his or her identity and psyche.

Susan J Kahn, MFT, psychotherapist
        Offices in SF and Oakland
	See entry under Oakland.

Keely Kolmes, Psy.D. (Clinical Psychologist for Adults)       
	220 Montgomery Street, Suite 400
	San Francisco, CA  94104
	I am a psychologist who is fat friendly and size accepting. I
	work with a number of clients on anxiety, depression,
	relationships issues, body image, and I do not assume weight
	loss is a goal or focus of treatment when my client doesn't
	indicate that it is. My focus is generally on health at any size
	and developing a loving relationship with one's body, regardless
	of size. Our waiting room has armless chairs and my clients sit
	on a long couch.

Audrey S. Koh, MD, ob/gyn
	San Francisco, CA 94115
	I like her a lot. Her office can be very busy, but she's worth it. 
	I know she's done a lot of work around educating other providers
	in reducing barriers in the health world to lesbians, including
	fat-phobia, etc. etc.
	**Dissenting Opinion**
	One person registered a complaint about one of Dr. Koh's
	partners misrepresenting the amount of pain a procedure would
	involve and the office staff not keeping equipment working.

William A McGann, MD
William Montgomery, MD
	San Francisco Orthopaedics
	1 Shrader St, #650
	San Francisco, CA 94117-1036
	I had my hip replaced in early 2000 and a partial knee
	replacement nearly 2 years ago, both by the same doctor
	(McGann). Both he and his partner are very up-to-date on the
	data that outcomes for fat people are not significantly
	different than thinner people. We are treated with respect in
	the office, the waiting room chairs are accessible, and the
	hospital had no shortage of gowns and other equipment for larger
	patients (walkers, wheelchairs, beds, etc.)

John Nienow, Primary Care
	Quest Primary Care Group 
	Near Union Square, San Francisco
	Specializing in HIV medicine, but offering general care as

Lara N. Pickle, D.O.
	55 Second Street
	San Francisco, California 94105
	(415) 600-6990 
	They had large chairs in the lobby as well as armless chairs in
	the rooms. The exam bed was large (also took your weight so you
	didn't have to go to a separate scale). When discussing things
	such as diets, they encouraged focusing on the body you have

Heather Powers - Size Positive Psychotherapy
	406 16th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94118-2812  
	(510) 470-0092
	I am a size positive therapist with 15 years experience as a
	body image activist. I enjoy working with people of size who
	want to create a healthy, loving relationship with their bodies.
	My practice is also kinky and poly friendly. 

Mario Rizzo, Podiatrist
	St. Anthony Free Medical Clinic
	150 Golden Gate Avenue
	San Francisco, CA 94102
	(415) 241-8320
	Dr. Rizzo was very kind to me. I am a large man (over 500
	pounds) and I have swollen legs and ankles, and Dr. Rizzo did
	not talk about my weight at all, and remarked that I was healthy
	according to the tests and stats they had. He diagnosed the
	problem with my ligaments and tendons, and recommended that I
	receive X-Rays for completeness of knowledge. His treatment
	involved custom made orthotics, foot stretches, and medical shoe
	inserts, and yet nothing to do with my size or weight. I felt
	comfortable around Dr. Rizzo and I did not feel shamed or
	scrutinized due to my size.

Richard Robertshaw, Chiropractor 
	Pine Street
	I have seen him for years, and he is excellent and fat friendly.
	He is not long on chit chat (just so you know), and does not do
	the style that requires you to come in 3 times a week for weeks
	on end. He is also very reasonable. Deva

Karen Schanche, psychotherapist (MSW, LCSW)
	3569 Sacramento Street, Suite 5
	San Francisco, CA 94118
	I am a fat friendly professional who works with women,men, and
	adolescents re: body image issues,self-esteem issues,eating
	disorders,sexuality,chronic and life-threatening illness
	concerns,relationships,parenting concerns,environmental
	psychology,critical incident-crisis work,sports psychology,
	depression, anxiety, and other psychological concerns. I also
	hold a senior staff therapist and teaching position with the
	University of California San Francisco Medical Center, Langley
	Porter Psychiatric Institute's Child-Adolescent Division. My
	work with women and girls in the realms of body
	image,self-esteem, weight concerns and sexuality issues has been
	a constant part of my practice since 1981. I work in an
	individual,couples, group,or family format and am also providing
	consulting services to various agencies in California and other

Karen Smillie, MS, MFTI - Couples Counseling & Psychotherapy
	Marriage & Family Therapist Registered Intern (IMF 54545)
	110 Gough Street, Suite 402, San Francisco, California 94102
	As a size-friendly therapist, I offer warm, interactive &
	non-judgemental couples counseling in San Francisco. There is an
	elevator to take you from the lobby to my office, armless chairs
	in the waiting room, and a large couch to sit on during
	sessions. My goal is for clients of all sizes and identities to
	feel respected and accepted in my office. Please feel free to
	call me with any questions.

Crista Underwood, LCSW, Psychotherapist and Relationship Counselor
	425 Gough St., San Francisco, CA 94102
	We all face times in our life when we need someone to walk
	beside us, help us think through a problem, or face a challenge
	with us. These can be times when we feel overwhelmed, sad,
	worried, tired, afraid or lonely. We may be having a problem at
	work, in a relationship with a loved one, partner or spouse, or
	with changes in our lives. If you are dealing with depression,
	anxiety, relationship difficulties, loss or grief, I can work
	with you to discover new ways of thinking and acting that bring
	first relief, and then growth, change and balance to your life.
	If you are facing hostility from family and friends or confusion
	about your own feelings, therapy can help you find your inner
	strength and increase your ability to deal with stress.
	I am a fat and fat-friendly psychotherapist practicing in San
	Francisco. I believe in health at any size, and I never bring up
	a person's weight in-session unless they bring it up first. I
	will work with you regarding self-acceptance and self-love, and
	ways to be physically and mentally healthy, regardless of
	weight. I never advocate weight-loss.
	I specialize in working with members of Bisexual, Transgender,
	Lesbian, Gay, Queer and Polyamorous, Kink and Sex-positive
	communities to help them overcome internal and external
	barriers, know themselves, and live life to the fullest. I
	especially enjoy collaborating with people in alternative
	relationship structures to help them build strong, lasting
	connections with their partners while maintaining their

Geri D. Weitzman, PhD - Licensed Psychologist - CA License # PSY17963
	2358 Market Street, 3rd Floor (Corner of Castro) 
	San Francisco, CA 94114
	I am a licensed psychologist, practicing in the Castro
	neighborhood of San Francisco. I enjoy helping people to find
	creative ways to solve problems and become more fully
	themselves. I offer a warm and supportive environment which
	affirms the diversity of each individual. I am welcoming towards
	clients of all body shapes and sizes, and I think it is a
	wonderful thing when larger women are able to appreciate and
	celebrate the beauty that their body holds. I respect my
	clients' choices as to whether or not their weight is something
	that they wish to discuss in the therapy setting, and my office
	has comfortable wide sofas for clients to sit on. 
	  My therapy specialties include: Relationship counseling,
	depression, anxiety, substance abuse, internet addiction, career
	issues, personal growth, anger management, codependency, coming
	out, and emotional abuse survivor issues. I welcome clients from
	a variety of groups and cultures, including bisexual,
	polyamorous, bdsm/leather, HIV+/POZ, transgender, pagan/wiccan,
	goth, lesbian, and gay. 
	  I offer a free initial consultation, and my session fees there
	after are based on a sliding scale, ranging from $60 to $120 per
	session depending on your household income. Evening and Saturday
	hours are sometimes available as well.

Susan Wilson, OB/GYN
	3838 California Street Suite 510
	San Francisco, CA 94118
	(415) 668-1560 
	(415) 673 6522
	She is patient, non fat phobic, and just
	human all around and takes all kinds of insurance. The staff are great too.

A Gentle Way, Yoga Classes for all sizes, ages, and levels
	Lifetime Health, 4411 Morena Boulevard North #101 
	San Diego, CA 92117  
	(619) 442-2238 
    Kara-Ho Karate, 5181 Baltimore Drive 
	La Mesa, CA 
	(858) 483-9642 

Linda Barufaldi, DC (Chiropractor)
	San Diego (Hillcrest), CA
	I went to Dr. Barufaldi with an injured back. She never once
	blamed it on my being fat, and when I offered her information on
	larger gowns for her big patients, she took the info gratefully
	and immediately ordered gowns in sizes 3X and 10X. In return,
	she said, for the info I'd given her, she gave me a pointer to
	"Yoga for Round Bodies," which she said is a gentle way to get
	some lower-back exercise. -- Serene Vannoy, Oakland, CA

Brande Faris, Licensed Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Massage
	Therapist, Doula (Childbirth/Postpartum assistant) 
	San Diego, California 
	(619) 994-3643
	Other specialties:
	Fitness and Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Holistic Health Educator,
	Spa Treatments Specialist, Health and Wellness Writer, Organic
	Personal Chef, Master Herbalist and Reiki Master
	Brande Faris is a BBW who encourages health and wellness from
	the inside out. At 5 feet 9 inches and 250 pounds, she is a
	perfect example that you can be fit AND fat; a typical day may
	have her Teaching 3 hours of yoga, doing 3 massages and 2 body
	treatments. Her empathy, passion for healing and enjoying life
	and acceptance (CELEBRATION) of life at any size immediately
	puts her clients at ease. She loves to work with people of all
	sizes, shapes, abilities and backgrounds, enjoys creating a
	sacred space for healing and does so by honoring the divine in
	us all. She especially enjoys working with those who feel
	disconnected or disheartened as larger persons in a world loves
	to help them reconnect with their inner self and  acknowledge
	their true beauty and worth. -- Jon Fink, Brande's partner and a
	6 foot 10 man who knows how difficult this small world can be
	for us people of size.

Todd Cote', Family Practice
	Centre For Health Care
	17190 Bernardo Center Drive
	San Diego, CA 92128
	The urgent care physician on call used to be a large woman; she
	made it very comfortable for me to talk about my fears about
	physicians. She recommended Dr. Cote' to me as being 'open
	minded'. He only mentioned my weight in passing saying it was a
	factor in my problem and added 'but there is no good way to
	change that'. He was very friendly and took time to get to know
	me, and has been available to answer my questions. -- Suzanne
	Szames (

Michael Flint, Chiropractor,
	Normal Heights area of San Diego, CA
	Dr. Flint has been very supportive and easily moves me around as
	needed on his table. He has said he is comfortable treating
	people up to 400 lbs. He has a good sense of humor and
	unfailingly respectful. --  

BobbyeJoy Gluck, holistic health practitioner
	San Diego
	Large size women, massage therapist and yoga therapist. 

Charlie R. Johnson, Internal Medicine
Empie Ochoa, MD, OB/GYN
	Johnson Medical Group & Urgent care
	6175 El Cajon Blvd.
	San Diego, CA 92115
	(619) 583-9335
	I saw Dr. Johnson on the recommendation of 2 of my aunts who are
	both very large women themselves. He was so nice and caring,
	did not bring up weight or weightloss until I did, even though
	his clinic offers a weightloss program. He did not mention my
	weight and was much more concerned with what is going on in my
	life than what my diet consists of. 
	Dr. Ochoa's bedside manner was among the best I have ever
	experienced. I am usually very tense and nervous during pap
	smears and usually end up in pain because of it. She really put
	my fears at ease and was so quick too, it was over before I knew
	it! She talked to me and asked me many question about my life &
	family. Although she is an OB/GYN she does general medicine as
	Dr. Johnson is wonderful because of his care for me and my
	family. I am currently 43 years old and Dr. Charlie R. Johnson
	has been my physician since I was 22.  I think he is one of the
	few physicians who is still practicing to help people. I have
	been a large person all my life, and have had my ups and downs
	with doctors regarding my weight.  My first visit to Dr. Johnson
	was for the flu, and to my shock he didn't say the flu would go
	away if I lost weight.  When weight was mentioned I was the one
	who initiated it, and through all my ups and down regarding
	weight he was supportive. When I decided 6 years ago that I was
	through with dieting forever, he understood. The office staff is
	friendly and courteous, and ready to lend a hand in the office
	or over the phone.  There are not any armless chairs. There is
	an after hours clinic. Office visits are reasonably priced. Dr.
	Ochoa is very fat friendly.
	Someone found this listing with a couple of negative reviews
	about Dr. Johnson: 
	They were concerned that he may not be giving adequate, thorough

Lynn Jubilerer, DO
	Scripps Clinic
	Rancho Bernardo Clinic
	San Diego
	She is a primary care physician who has given me excellent care,
	she did not ever mention my weight until I did and was always
	quite respectful to me. Her staff is professional and
	supportive. --  

Michael Kettle, fertility specialist
	San Diego Fertility Center
	La Jolla, and Poway
	Dr. Kettle was very upfront about his lack of concern about my
	weight. He stated the only reason for concern would be if I had
	polycystic ovarian syndrome. And that since I don't, my weight
	was my own business. He did say that pg could be "hard on me" at
	my weight, but that it was not impossible. His nurse
	coordinator, Chris Kettler, RN, has never in any way indicated
	any problems with my weight. --  

Kevin McNeeley, MD, OB/GYN
	Rancho Bernardo
	San Diego
	Dr. McNeeley was always gentle, caring, and never brought up my
	weight. His nurse, Cindy was also excellent. 

Jeffrey Rakoff, fertility specialist
	Torrey Pines
	San Diego
	Dr. Rakoff responded to my questions about the impact my weight
	could have on my fertility, but never gave me any indication of
	fat phobia. In fact, after an ectopic pregnancy, I asked him
	about a comment made by an RN friend that my weight could have
	caused the ectopic. He became angry and told me not to listen to
	such nonsense. He was unfailingly professional. (The chairs in
	the lobby of his office are armed, but were comfortable for me.)

Kenneth C. Vitale, MD, physical medicine
	3 offices, 2 in La Jolla (San Diego metro north), one in Encinitas (north San Diego County) 
	La Jolla - Perlman Medical Offices
		*UC San Diego Health - Perlman Medical Offices* 
		9350 Campus Point Drive
		La Jolla, CA  92037
		La Jolla - 4520 Executive Drive
	*UC San Diego Health - La Jolla*         
		4520 Executive Drive
		San Diego, CA  92121
	Encinitas - Garden View 
		*UC San Diego Health - Encinitas*
		1200 Garden View Road
		Encinitas, CA  92024
	Kenneth C. Vitale, MD, is a board-certified physical medicine
	and rehabilitation physician who subspecializes in sports
	medicine. Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, also
	called physiatrists, help restore function in individuals who
	have impaired physical ability as a result of injury or illness.
	Dr. Vitale treats people with sports injuries, muscle and joint
	injuries, spine conditions, tendonitis, arthritis and general
	musculoskeletal conditions. He emphasizes nonsurgical treatment
	approaches, including therapeutic exercises, rehabilitation,
	nutrition and injections, to facilitate the body's natural
	healing and improve alignment, posture and function. (Excerpted
	from his bio at the UC San Diego website)
	I saw Dr. Vitale for the first time on after a bad fall,
	injuring my right knee. He said nothing about my size, even
	when, on taking x-rays, he noticed that I had some arthritis
	coming on. (I'm 66 years old and weigh about 200lbs, 5' tall) He
	talked to me for a good half hour about what to do about my
	soft-tissue injury as well as my arthritis and not once did he
	mention anything about my weight or weight loss. You know how
	easy it is to pick up weight bias--I felt none of it AT ALL. Not
	in the least hesitant to touch me, look at me, no body language
	suggesting recoil or disgust. He's probably in his 30s.

Bonnie Bernell, Ed.D./Licensed psychologist
	415 Cambridge Avenue, Suite 23, Palo Alto, CA 94306 
	1625 The Alameda, Suite 512, San Jose, CA 95126
	As a bountiful woman myself, and a licensed psychologist for
	more than twenty years, I have see individuals and run groups
	for large women who are not "weighting" but want to get on with
	their lives.  My book, _Bountiful Women_, is now available.

Kerry Besmehn
	West Valley Physical Therapy 
	5150 Graves Ave 
	San Jose, CA 95129
	West Valley Physical Therapy is a two-woman office. I was
	prescribed physical therapy for a back injury. Kerry did not
	make any reference to my weight. She only observed how I moved
	and asked me what level of fitness I wanted to regain. I said
	that I wanted to be able to dance and hike again. She gave me a
	set of exercises specifically designed to strengthen me so I
	could reach that goal. When some of the exercises didn't work,
	she showed me how to modify them. She was warm, patient, and
	enjoyable to work with -- I felt like a partner in my treatment
	and not a patient. --

Yasmin Khan, MD, psychiatry
	Kaiser Permanente
	San Jose, CA
	I am very fat and suffer from chronic depression.  I once asked
	Dr. Khan why she has never brought up my weight and she replied,
	"It has never seemed to be an issue with you."  How cool is
	that.  Also, she has always been very open to getting
	information for size and fat acceptance groups and resources.
	-- Terri Weitze,

John Majors, OB/GYN
	San Jose Medical Group
	San Jose,  CA
	Dr. Majors is a generally sympathetic Dr. He was my OB/GYN for
	4 years. He never made an issue of my weight. He uses a large
	blood pressure cuff when seeing a large women.  
	-- Kaye Luck,

Julie Reynolds, registered dietitian 
	San Jose, California 
	My belief is that health and wellness need not be dependant on
	size and shape. I support anyone in their quest for health
	and/or feeling better regardless of size and respect the
	decisions of each individual. I work with children, adolescents
	and adults on a variety of issues from a "non-diet" standpoint.
	Issues including emotional and compulsive eating, body and size
	acceptance as well as medical issues such as diabetes and heart

Joy Shaffer, MD
	Seahorse Medical Clinic
	1570 The Alameda
	San Jose, CA 95126
	(408) 282-1078
	office hours M-F 10-1 & 2-6
	I don't know for sure that Joy is taking new patients in her
	general practice. However, my experience with her regarding
	weight is very positive, and I know a couple of other people who
	would confirm that. Joy is concerned about *changes* in weight
	rather than weight itself. She expressed concern when I suddenly
	lost weight (turned out to be part of CFIDS onset) and again
	when I gained it back. But she's not concerned about the weight
	itself, as long as it's stable. She does not assume that medical
	problems are associated with weight. She looks for other causes.
	Joy does not take medical insurance. You pay her; you file
	claims. She is not in anyone's PPO.

Anjoli Tate, OB/GYN
        2577 Samaritan Drive
        San Jose, CA  94124
        (408) 358-1888
        I went to her while going through a depression. She was the
        first doctor who I had seen in over 4 years. Her nurse was
        extremely thoughtful and gentle with me as well. No mention was
        made of my weight except for its fluctuations. She seemed
        concerned that I was not exercising regularly. She spent a half
        an hour discussing my seeming barriers to exercise and how to
        get around it.  When I come into see her, she is genuinely
        concerned about my progress and is warm and friendly.  She is
        affectionate and kind and yet professional at all times.  She
        coordinates with all my doctors in providing care (my
        psychiatrist and family practice doctor).  When I asked her if
        she would like me to mention her name on this list, she said "If
        you feel that I have provided you a service, I would be proud to
        be of service to others who might be hesitant about seeing the
        doctor." -- Michele (

Liz Nickels, MA, PsyD; Licensed Clinical Psychologist (CA PSY 22119), Psychotherapy
	San Leandro, CA (San Francisco Bay Area / East Bay)
	I am a Health At Every Size oriented psychotherapist. My
	orientation is size positive, LGBT and BDSM positive. My work is
	culturally competent, trauma informed, sensitive, compassionate,
	and respectful.

Kimberly J. Burke, L.Ac., O.M.D.
	Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
	53 No. San Mateo Dr., Suite B
	San Mateo CA  94401
	Ph:  650-348-2764
	She and her assistant, Ana, are both fabulous and fat-friendly.
	Her waiting area has sturdy, armless wooden chairs. I prefer
	not to recline on a table, so we worked out an arrangement
	where I sit in one armless chair on a pillow, with my feet up on
	another armless chair. I'm usually warm, so we open both of the
	windows. Ana has it all set up when I arrive. Kimberly talks about 
	nutrition and what to eat for my type, but not about dieting.  
	She encourages exercise, but doesn't push.  I have been able to 
	make beneficial changes in my diet (which I have not been able to 
	accomplish before) under her non-judgemental guidance. She is very
	respectful and willing to try anything that might work. My
	comfort seems to be a goal for her.  She uses vitamins, herbal
	supplements and homeopatic remedies but not Chinese herbs. --
	Shelley Bond,

Dr. Nicole S. Cherok, Chiropractor
	328 No. San Mateo Dr., Suite C
	San Mateo CA  94401
	Ph:  650-348-4296
	Dr. Cherok uses a method called Activator Chiropractic which is
	much more gentle than the "crack the back" type.  She manages to
	accomplish the same goals as the other type, however.  The
	waiting room has small chairs with arms.  Since I commented to
	her about the chairs, there has always been a small stool waiting for
	me. She also has you watch a short tape on chiropractic theory,
	and -- without being asked -- she had the stool ready and waiting
	for me in the video room. The office has a rather small
	bathroom. She encourages exercise but doesn't push anything.  
	She and her office assistant seem non-judgemental re body type. 
	-- Shelley Bond,

Rhonda Demars, nutritional consultant 
        215 7th ave. #6
        San Mateo, Ca 94401
        I work almost exclusively with clients that have eating
        disorders. I am sensitive to my clients' needs and empower them
        as well as educate. My work is very individualized and depends
        on each individual's goals and unique situation. I never judge
        and sensitivity is given to readiness to change and pace of

Dirk R. Diefendorf, M.D.
	Orthopaedic Surgeon
	100 So. Ellsworth Ave., Suite 607
	San Mateo CA  94401
	Ph:  650-347-0500
	Dr. Diefendorf treated me for a broken arm. He saw me in the
	emergency room, did my surgery the next day and then saw me every
	few weeks then months for almost a year while the arm healed.
	He never addressed my weight for any reason except to explain
	why one area of my arm took longer to heal. Even then he phrased
	it, "We people who are a bit bigger..." His staff also seems
	fat-friendly. The chairs in the waiting room all have arms, although 
	they are a little larger than usual. He almost always sees patients 
	on time. -- Shelley Bond,

Sydney Parks, nurse-practitioner 
	San Rafael/Novato Kaiser  
	Respectful, caring, understanding. She recommended weight loss
	surgery to me but backed off completely when I explained my
	feelings and I think soon she will be much more reluctant to
	recommend it to anyone. Very helpful and encouraging. 

Rod Simonds, plastic surgery
	San Rafael Kaiser
	Professional, really listens, tried to "get" what it is like to
	be a fat person. respectful,intelligent, etc.

Barry Gardiner, general surgeon
        Minimally Invasive Surgery        
        5201 Norris Canyon Road,  Suite 120
        San Ramon,  CA   94583            
        (925) 275-1210                    
        I think he is a gem. I started to go see him over 8 years ago. 
        He has never made my weight an issue in his treatment of me.
        After seeing him three times I ask him about why he had not
        mentioned my weight. He told me that his wife was large and had
        not been to see a doctor in 20 years because of the negative
        treatment she had received from insensitive doctors. He said
        that had given him a sensitivity in treating his fat patients.
        He has always treated me with the utmost kindness and
        professionalism. One time when he was treating me for an
        infection and had to lance me he apologized afterwards for the
        pain he had subjected me to. Unfortunately (for me) I can no
        longer be treated by him because the hospital he is now
        affiliated with does not take Medi-Cal. I have seen him in his 
        office for a consult though. His assistant, Terry Rodriques,
        (RN) is great too! He has an exam chair that reclines into a
        flat table and is easy to get on. -- Patricia

Deanna M. Jesus, Certified Labor Doula, Breastfeeding Support
	Specialist, and Childbirth Education
	Birthing Babies ~ A Celebration of Life, LLC
	2415 San Ramon Valley Blvd., #4209
	San Ramon, CA 94583
	Cell (925) 216-7264
	Fax (925) 886-6501
	I am a fat woman.  I have lived with the discrimination.  I will
	honor everyone's pregnancy and birth choices and support as best
	I can. 

Ray Greer, registered massage therapist
	Flying Hands Massage
	Santa Clara,  CA  USA
	pager # 408-995-7564
	Ray is one of the most fat friendly medical professionals I have
	met. He has been my therapist for 4 years. He found table
	support pads designed for pregnant women and bought them even
	tho he didn't have a large pregnant clientelle. They are also
	wonderful for fat people. His partner is a fat person. I would
	recommend him without reservation. -- Kaye Luck,  

Janna Doherty, M.D., Obstetrics and Gynecology
	2915 Chanticleer
	Santa Cruz, CA 95065
	Phone: 831-477-2375
	I saw Dr. Doherty for a high risk pregnancy (due to a bifurcated
	uterus) during my second pregnancy, which also required a
	c-section delivery.  My weight was never an issue and they
	always used a large BP cuff without my asking.  Dr. Doherty
	never acted rushed and always took the time to address all of
	our questions and concerns.  I went in to premature labor at 35
	weeks and even though Dr. Doherty was not on call she made a
	point of coming in to do my c-section.  She is also well versed
	in feminist issues.  Dr. Doherty is a very intelligent, caring
	individual and wonderful person.

Harriet O. Korakas, Gynecology 
	1667 Dominican Way 
	Santa Cruz, CA  95060 
	(408) 476-3363
	Doctor Korakas recently gave up the OB side of her practice; at
	this time she is seeing only GYN patients. I can't recall a
	single incident in which Dr. Korakas has commented about my
	weight. When I asked her whether I should lose weight before
	getting pregnant, she reassured me that it was unnecessary and
	that unless I'd had a recent substantial weight swing, I
	shouldn't let it concern me. When I asked her how my weight
	might affect my pregnancy, her only comment was that if a
	C-section were required, it would mean there'd be have a thicker
	fat layer to get through, which was generally no big deal. When
	I have been weighed, it's totally low-key. The nurse never
	utters the number, and is very casual about it. They have large
	BP cuffs. I feel very respected. 

Adam Yarme, MD, family practitioner
	2018 Mission St.
	Santa Cruz, CA 95060
	(831) 706-2220 
	I have been treated by Dr Yarme for 3 years. I have complicated
	medical issues, including many "fat people" diseases, such as
	diabetes and sleep apnea. Dr Yarme's approach has always been to
	treat me as a whole person and never to dismiss my health as a
	result of my weight. (In fact he was the one to suspect that my
	lack of energy might be due to sleep apnea where my previous
	doctor just dismissed it as a result of weight.) Dr Yarme
	listens *extremely* well, and does not dismiss the other factors
	in my life when he makes treatment suggestions. He NEVER
	lectures me or humiliates me! He has no problems touching me.
	His office has fat friendly equipment. He's stated that, while
	my fat was a contributing factor in some of my conditions, the
	humiliation and prejudice I experience as a fat person are far
	WORSE for my health than the fat itself. He is not focused on
	weight loss at all, but on healthy eating and appropriate
	exercise. Perhaps the best recommendation I can give is his own
	response when I asked him if I could list him: "i am honored to
	have you list me on this site, though don't feel i have any
	unique skills other than authentic compassion and reflective

Dale L. Godfrey - Certified Massage Therapist
        Santa Rosa, CA
        (707) 542-6856
        Large size Native American male massage therapist provides a 
        very relaxing  massage using a combination of  Swedish and Deep
        Tissue for plus size men and women. Available by appt. weekday
        evenings and weekends. Member of the Karuk Indian Tribe
        (Northern Calif.)

Sandra McCusker
	Santa Rosa, CA
	I am a Rosen Method bodywork and movement practitioner. As a fat
	woman, I have experienced both the fear of not knowing how I
	will be received by a health care professional, and the pain and
	frustration of being treated by someone who is fat-phobic. I
	provide a safe and accepting environment to experience the
	health benefits of Rosen Method bodywork. All are welcome.

Gary Schneider, D.O.
	4849 Van Nuys Bl Suite 105
	Sherman Oaks, Ca.
	(818) 905-9586
	He never judges me on my weight, and never talks down to me
	about it. He of course realizes how hard it is to lose weight.
	I think it helps that he was the chief doctor for the Radar
	Institute in California.  
	Gary Schneider always takes his time, I have been going to him
	for 14 years and have never had a bad experience with him. He is
	an excellent doctor and has treated me for high blood pressure,
	sinus infections, depression, and GERD. If we talk about weight,
	it is because I bring it up. Not him.

John D. Hill, MD, Family Practice
	777 Academy Drive, Solana Beach, CA 
	(Very near San Diego)
	I have been seeing Dr. Hill for about 20 years. He too struggles
	with his weight and he never dismisses any problem I am having
	as simply related to my weight. He gets it. He is wonderfully
	caring, takes time to really listen, and his staff is equally
	friendly and caring. He is in private practice, so its just him,
	really small office, feels very homey. He is only doing that
	"concierge medicine" system (through MD VIP) so it costs a bit
	more to see him, but in my opinion he is absolutely worth it!
	-- AR

Vincent Peter Pennisi, OB/GYN
        1707 N. California St.
        Stockton, CA 95204
        999 S. Fairmont Ave., Suite 230
        Lodi, CA 95240
        Dr. Pennisi did not mention weight at all when I told him about 
        my infertility problems.  In the past, most just blamed it on my
        being 200 lbs and 5'1".  He told me he would get my periods 
        going again with some meds, and get me ovulating again as well,
        so I could get pregnant.  He did not mention that I would need  
        to lose weight to be healthy to carry a baby.  I told him that I
        had gained weight when my cycles stopped, and he just said,
        "well, marriage will do that to you!"  and laughed.  I was just
        so relieved at his attitude! Definitely the best doctor I have
        seen in a long time! I did not ask to not be weighed because it
        was my first time there and they need some frame of reference
        for later.  -- Pamela Whiteley,

Catherine Hill, OB/GYN 
	Sunnyvale Medical Clinic 
	Sunnyvale, CA 
	Also has office in Mountain View
	One of my first questions to her was about my size. Her response
	was something like "Oh, no problem. I've had women bigger than
	you as patients!" She never *once* mentioned my weight/size as
	an issue throughout the whole pregnancy, and never seemed
	uncomfortable with examining me because of my size. Besides
	being fat-positive, she was just a great OB/GYN, helping me
	through some difficult times and even staying past her 24-hour
	on-call shift so she could be there for my delivery. She's a
	tiny thin woman who doesn't seem to have any hangups about size
	at all. -- Marilyn Hollinger, 


Open System MRI 
        Phone 800-646-6736
        Accommodates patients that weigh up to 480 lbs. using a Siemens
        Open MRI, the only side entry MRI, which allows patients with a
        waist size of  up to 69". Centers in Redding, Chico, Roseville,
        Pasadena, Tustin, Palm Desert, and El Centro, California.

Global Dental
	14434 Hamlin Street 
	Van Nuys, CA 91401 
	(818) 781-5180.
	Has equipement for large-sized people. Recommended as
	fat-friendly by NAAFA-LA, 
	Listed Feb 08

Mary Lowen, General practice 
	Walnut Creek, CA  
	Very fat-friendly.  

Daniel Barajas, M.D., Obstetrics and Gynecology
	222 N Sunset Avenue, Ste  E
	West Covina, CA 91790
	Phone: 626-337-2777
	I've been absolutely terrified to go to the gynecologist.  At
	28 years old, I'd never had a pelvic exam and was experiencing
	heavy and unstopped bleeding for seven months before I managed
	to talk myself into going. There was no table, just a wide,
	padded, reclining chair with retractable stirrups. So that
	immediately alleviated some of my stress because I have trouble
	climbing up on exam tables and laying flat on my back. The
	doctor had a very gentle and soft voice that put me at ease as
	soon as he walked in. When I told him I was stressed and
	sweating and shaking because it was my first time, he told me
	that we'd take things slow, he would tell me everything he was
	doing and that they  would take good care of me.  There was no
	tiny examination gown; they just had me strip from the waist
	down and cover myself with a really large sheet which was more
	than adequate (I weigh over 500 pounds). When I struggled, the
	nurse stepped in, told  me to relax, and put my feet in the
	stirrups for me. He went to insert the speculum and very quietly
	asked the nurse to assist him by lifting my lower belly and
	opening my outer lips. And  then he apologized for having to do
	that. I almost started crying. Because I'm so used to being the
	one who apologizes to doctors for my fat. He didn't say one word
	about my weight.  He and his staff were kind, considerate,  and
	gentle.  I won't hesitate to see  him again. -- Heidi

Christopher M. Johnson, RN, FNP
	Mountain Health Associates 
	389 Del Norte Ave 
	Yuba City, Ca. 
	Our office is fat friendly. We have no bias except against other
	health professionals who try to fit patients into an
	interchangeable mold where everybody must follow medical text
	book rules. Our office caters to anyone who needs health care or
	has health related issues. We provide general medical treatment,
	Legal Nurse Consulting, Chronic Pain Evaluation and Treatment,
	Natural Hormone replacement for women, Disability Consulting,
	and general health education. We accept Medi-Cal, Medicare, and
	pay-per-visit with reasonable fees for our cash patients.
	Appointments are NOT required (but are preferred for complex
	problems). Physician referral is not required for our specialty

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