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San Francisco's weight discrimination ordinance applies to health care

San Francisco ordinances prohibit discrimination in public accommodation based on weight, among other categories. The City's Compliance Guidelines To Prohibit Weight and Height Discrimination specifically say:

"Medical providers must not deny treatment based on a person's weight or height. Further, medical providers must not make weight loss or weight gain related intervention a condition for treatment. People are often discouraged from seeking medical care because providers lecture them about weight loss rather than treating the condition they came in for. Medical providers may feel obligated to provide weight loss or gain information based on a belief that the information is medically necessary. At the same time, patients have the right to express disinterest in receiving that information and have the right to refuse treatment. The Commission urges medical providers to honor that choice."

Here's the link to the Guidelines (PDF file). "Compliance Guidelines To Prohibit Weight and Height Discrimination"

If you have experienced denial of equal treatment or effective denial of care and want to file a complaint, you may call the City department that enforces the City's anti-discrimination ordinances --- San Francisco Human Rights Commission at (415) 252-2500.


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