Charles Frank, General Surgeon
	Marion Surgical Associates
	1708 Locust Ave
	Fairmont, WV
	Dr. Frank did my gallbladder removal.  He never mentioned my
	weight, even though I'm sure it was a contributing factor to my
	developing gallstones.  More importantly, he didn't act like I
	was doomed to horrible surgical complications due to my weight.
	In fact, since I am young, he assured me that the surgery would
	go swiftly and easily and that I would probably not have any
	complications at all (which, thankfully, was the way it worked

David Fishkin, Gastroenterologist
        2010 Oates Dr # 103
        Martinsburg, WV 25401
        (304) 263-8200
        I went to him with stomach pains.  He did a colonoscopy & found 
        the problem & fixed it.  He never mentioned my size.  He was
        very professional.  I had no problems with the colonoscopy.
        They have a very large blood pressure cuff (I think it was a leg
        cuff, not sure). The chairs in the waiting area have arms & they
        were a little tight. I am 350+.  His staff was nice also.  
        -- Tammy Houser 

Harold Gruber 
        Foot and Ankle Center
        107 Tavern Rd
        Martinsburg, WV 25401  
        (another office in Winchester, VA)
        (304) 267-4282
	Dr. Gruber is a very nice man.  He didn't mention my weight at
	all.  He treated me just like any one else.  He ran tests &
	x-rays & found out what was wrong & treated me.  My feet are all
	better now.  The chairs in the office have no arms & the
	examination chair is wide & has a lift up arm & the x-ray area
	is large & open.  I had no problems & I am 350+.  -- Tammy

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