Beloit Clinic Physical Therapy Department
Joshua Shucha, ATC, PT - Physical Therapist
Shirley Bender, PTA
Kayce Brooks, PTA
	1905 Huebbe Parkway
	Beloit, WI  53511
	FAX: 608-364-1287
	I was referred to this Physical Therapy Group for rehab
	following knee surgery.  They have all been WONDERFUL.  They
	have wide seats in the waiting area that easily accommodate my
	50" hips. Their equipment is adjustable to accommodate bodies of
	all sizes and shapes. They have "paper shorts" (instead of
	gowns) that could accommodate a person with 60" hips. They are
	calm and nonjudgemental about supersized clients. Rather than
	assuming they know how a fat person experiences their body, they
	will sometimes ASK, non-judgementally, whether a particular
	movement or exercise is difficult to perform due to size. When I
	brought up weight, they were insistent that weight had nothing
	to do with my rehab. ("Everybody who can stand and walk has
	muscles strong enough to support their own body no matter what
	size they are.") I walked out of there after every session
	feeling GOOD about what my body CAN do rather than negative.

Rodrigo Mata III, MD, Primary Care
	Kenosha, Wisconsin
	I have had my primary care physician, Dr. Rodrigo Mata, for
	years. First, I think he has good medical knowledge.  He has
	done very well in managing my various chronic conditions, most
	of which are likely to be weight-related. I don't know if he
	meets all the formal criteria for "fat friendly" that are listed
	on the website.  For example, he does insist on weighing me.
	I do consider him "fat friendly" in that he always treats me
	with respect and sensitivity. He never scolds or chastizes me
	about my weight.  He is a general practitioner, with a
	subspecialty in bariatric medicine.  He understands the
	difficulties with losing weight - unlike the physicians who
	expect you to lose weight simply because they hand you some
	over-photocopied version of a diet plan.

Paul Wertch, GP (NOTE: Reported not to be seeing new patients)
Cal Bruce, GP
	Wildwood Family Clinic
	Madison, WI
	Dr. Wertch:
	He has been my GP for 20 years. He has never prescribed dieting
	as a primary cure for any presenting problem. He has
	occaisionally suggested that certain ailments might not be such
	a problem if I weighed a bit less but has never been insistant
	about it. He respects my feelings on dieting. He has seen me go
	through enough yo-yo dieting to know better than to try to put
	me on another diet. All he asks is that I try to make
	wiser/healthier but not necessarily thinner dietary choices.
	(ie. do I really NEED to drink 2 liters of Mountain Dew every
	day? Isn't there some other - less sugary - way I can satisfy my
	craving/need for liquids? -- yes there is) There are armless
	chairs in the waiting room... No one there has tried to weigh me
	since that last time I refused to get on the scale. He refuses
	to prescribe Redux and doesn't believe in surgery for weight
	Dr. Bruce: 
	Last year I tried to see Dr. Wertch and couldn't because he had
	too many patients. I ended up seeing Dr. Cal Bruce who was
	pretty nice. He didn't bother me about my weight, but I also
	didn't feel as if he were happy with it. The waiting room only
	has a SMALL (like two chairs) area that is comfortable for a
	supersized person, and it is near the children's play area.
	(Which means it's hard to get the seat sometimes.) The front
	desk people aren't very nice, either! 

Deborah Roussos, MS, RD, CD, Registered Dietitian
	Madison, WI
	As a dietitian, she advocates Health At Every Size and believes
	both dieting and WLS are hazardous to health.  She encourages
	weight stability at whatever level is healthful and reasonable
	for you (not based on bmi), incorporation of enjoyable movement
	(without the goal of weight loss), and optimum nutrition.  She
	discourages weighing and self-criticism.  Plus she is an overall
	wonderful medical professional- she gives great helpful notes
	and resources, helps you set and keep reasonable goals, and
	improves your self-image.  I highly recommend her if you want a
	general nutrition consultation (where she will absolutely not
	make assumptions about your eating habits or health based on
	your weight), if you need to modify your diet in response to
	illness, or if you suffer from an eating disorder.

Jasmine St. John  MS, LMFT, Individual & couples & alternative sexuality
	Madison, WI
 	jsj (at) jsjtherapy.com
	Specializing in alternative sexuality and  relationship
	configurations, the therapist works to promote a strong sense of
	self with each client. Each person has a sensuality and strength
	that is based on their individuality and not the social
	convention of size.  Therapy works to promote acceptance on all
	levels with an emphasis on sex-body-positive expression.

R. Halverson, OB/GYN 
	Woodland Clinic
	Manitowoc, WI 
	I am seeing the nicest ob/gyn for my 3rd pregnancy. He came
	right out and said that I shouldn't woory about my weight being
	a factor in my pg, he will watch everything and that is the only
	time he has mentioned my weight. His bedside manner is second to
	none and his staff is superb.-- Maureen Drewieske,

Terre Borkovec, MD, OB/GYN
	Milwaukee, WI
	Dr. Borkovec is wonderful.  She knows there is no quick fix for
	weight. She would tell me that she would like to see me weigh
	less before I got pregnant and since I've been pregnant, she has
	only told me once, "Well, I'd have liked to see you weigh less
	before you got pregnant, but we'll work with what we've got!"
	But that was it.  She has never made me feel bad for my weight.
	As I progress through my pregnancy, she does not comment on my
	weight gain (or loss as the case may be some weeks).  Her office
	has some armless chairs, but also "love-seats" as well.  They
	provide have a large blood-pressure cuff and I *think* they have
	larger gowns, but can't say for sure.  Because of my size, some
	OB's would not even attempt to listen for fetal heart-tones
	externally until past 15 weeks, but Dr. Borkovec started at 10
	weeks and has found them everytime. When I've had medical
	problems, weight has never been a factor with her to resolving
	the problems.  After multiple miscarriages, she just kept
	plugging away to find a reason, not just tell me I needed to
	lose weight.

Walter Fuhr, MD, family medicine
	Lakeshore Medical Clinic
	Milwaukee, Wi
	(414) 744-6589
	I am a 275 lb woman, and get anxious when seeing new doctors
	because of how I fear they will address my weight. Dr Fuhr
	didn't mention my weight, but just asked "are you active?" And
	"do you watch what you eat?" He never once made assumptions
	about me or my body, and when I said that I work out at least 5
	days a week and I do watch what I eat, he never broached the
	subject of my weight. EXCELLENT bedside manner. 

James Hare, MD, family practice
        Aurora Healthcare Clinic
        Silver Spring and Fond du Lac
        Milwaukee, WI
        Dr. James Hare was my doctor for 18 years and saw me fat, thin,
        fatter, thin, and fatter still (because we all know how well
        starvation diets work!).  He did not have exceptional knowledge
        about obesity, but he was kind and non-judgmental and willing to
        listen to my perspective on health issues and other size-related
        issues.  He didn't blame every health problem I had on my size,
        and recognized that after starvation dieting, the metabolism
        slows down to accomodate the "famine" and, 20 years ago, it was
        very rare to find that awareness in a physician. -- Karen
        Gleason (kgwriter@execpc.com)

Amanpreet Sethi, MD, Family Medicine
	Aurora Health Center
	1517 RiverCenter Dr., Milwaukee, WI 53212 (Aurora Downtown)       
	Description: I have been seeing Dr. Sethi for 9 months. During
	this time she has not brought up my weight or attributed any of
	my health issues to it. The staff do weigh me at each visit,
	along with blood pressure/pulse, but have not mentioned my
	weight at any point. Dr. Sethi is also a larger person, which
	helps me feel more comfortable bringing things up with her. She
	is LGB and trans-friendly. -- Grace Palmer (gracedpalmer@gmail.com)

James Turek, M.D., Obstetrics/Gynecology
	Monroe Clinic and Hospital
	515 22nd Avenue
	Monroe WI 53566
	Description -- I am overweight and not only recieved treatment
	but he never told me I had to lose weight. He went full force in
	to trying to help us get pregnant with no regards to my weight.
	Nyckee luckemonkey_6@yahoo.com

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