Roger Sharf MD, Family Practice and Carrie Dyer PA-C
        Bellingham, WA
        Dr. Sharf and Carrie Dyer are a great FF team.  Not one time has
        my weight been called a reason for a medical problem.  Even when
        I went to discuss fertility and trying to conceive my weight was
        not mentioned as a scapegoat for my not yet conceiving or that
        it may pose any problems.  They both are direct when necessary,
        but not push.  When I was informed by Dr. Sharf that my
        cholesterol levels were a bit high... he did not preach weight
        loss... just sensibility and an effort to improve my current
        diet... he was great!

Megan Kelly, M.D.
	Highline Women's Clinic 22000 Marine View Dr S Ste 200
	Des Moines, WA 98198 (near South Seattle area)
	I haven't gone through a full pregnancy with her, but if I was
	still in Washington, she would be my first choice.  She was my
	ob/gyn for a few years, always had larger gowns, very nice
	nursing staff.  She would discuss my weight when I brought it up
	but she never discussed it when I told her I wanted to get
	pregnant, it was never a factor for her, and I am over 350
	pounds. I went through a miscarriage with her in 2003 and her
	staff was amazing, they called to check on me daily and made me
	feel very supported. -- Jill

Oliver Batson, Medical Oncologist 
	1717 13th St, Everett WA 98201
	Dr. Batson mostly sees cancer patients but I have seen him for
	anemia in 2012 and 2015. My weight happens not to be relevant to
	this condition so he has simply never mentioned it. He is
	friendly, very polite, and asks appropriate questions. His
	waiting room has appropriate chairs for people of various sizes.

Kevin Shaw, ND    
Alyssa Rieser, RD
	2804 Grand Avenue, Suite 300
	Everett WA United States 98201
	Comfortable waiting room, very understanding and warm office staff. 
	No confrontation when refusing vitals. His sole
	focus has been to get me feeling better, totally separate from
	my weight. When he does encourage exercises or nutrition, it has
	absolutely nothing to do with weight loss. He is extremely
	understanding of life circumstances and works with me to figure
	out what I can do on my own consistently instead of rattling off
	a list of things I can't do. Very soft spoken, never once feel
	like I'm being belittled or lectured.
	Incredibly understanding and compassionate dietician. She is not
	only registered on the HAES website, but makes it abundantly
	clear that she is living that philosophy and wants people to eat
	food to feel good, totally separate from weight. Knowledge and
	understanding of eating disorders and other barriers to changing
	eating habits. 

Kimberly Cincilla, Chiropractor
	524 W Meeker, Suite 4
	Kent, Washington 98032 
	Greater Seattle Area
	(253) 850-9973
	I went to Dr. Cincilla on the referral of one of my fat-friendly
	friends.  I had a pinched nerve (or something similar) in my
	lower back that has been giving me trouble for a few months, and
	has been bothering me intensely for the last 24 hours.  I was
	nervous about seeing a chiropractor that was going to try to
	blame it on my weight (I am around 300 lbs.)  Not ONCE did Dr.
	Cincilla comment on my weight.  She was all smiles, and
	patiently explained how joints get out of alignment and can put
	pressure on the nerve clusters.  She told me that I work too
	much (duh) and sitting in front of a computer so much (60+
	hours/wk) probably contributed to the issue.  She was truly a
	breath of fresh air.  I would wholeheartedly recommend her to
	anyone in the Greater Seattle Area needing a chiropractor. 
	-- Molly Bennett, Fat Bottom Boudoir (http://www.fatbottomboudoir.com) 

Thomas Greene, Family Practice
	Totem Lake Family Medicine
	12911 120th Ave NE Ste B-10
	Kirkland, WA 98034
	(425) 899-5200
	I have told Dr. Greene about my feelings of size acceptance and
	an emphasis on health at whatever size and he is in agreement!
	He believes that genetically some people are just going to be
	bigger. He said that we'll work to maintain my health and that
	he would work with me if I ever wanted to lose weight but only
	if I asked. I felt totally comfortable with both him and his
	staff.  -- Kathryn www.angelfire.com/wa2/katsplace

Rachel Dawson, M.D., family medicine
	Lakewood Multicare Clinic
	9332 Bridgeport Way SW
	Lakewood, WA 98499
	(Greater Tacoma Area)
	Dr. Dawson is an amazingly sensitive doctor. She does not
	admonish me about my weight. The harshest thing she has ever
	said to me was that sometimes if a woman of size loses some
	weight it can help make her periods more regular and that she
	would like to see me at a lower weight. She doesn't make any
	issues about how much I weigh and she treats me like I am valid.
	She doesn't push diets on me, she listens to what I say and is
	very conscious of what she says so as not to hurt my feelings.
	I've seen her off and  on since I was 12  and I just love her.
	They have large gowns and large blood pressure cuffs. -- CH

Gretchen Potschka, MD, Family Medicine
	PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center 
	1615 Delaware Street, Longview WA 
	She's been great with me and my kids, which is saying something
	as my oldest has multiple disabilities. 

Alka Atal-Barrio, M.D., Pediatrics
	Everett Clinic, Marysville Office
	Marysville, Washington
	Dr. Atal-Barrio treats all three of my children, two of whom are
	relatively large in size-- and the other has some minor mental
	health issues.  She deals sensitively with them and is
	completely unflappable.  She has mentioned when appropriate that
	additional weight gain might be nice to avoid, but treats my
	kids as individuals and always provides superb medical care.
	She is a small woman but very empathetic and is a mother

Kit Blue, Physical Therapy 
	Summit Physical Therapy 
	3719 88th St NE, Marysville, WA 98270
	(360) 659-9621 
	I have seen Kit several times since about 2000. He is always
	respectful, courteous, and has helped me recover from injury and
	surgery. I have not experienced any hint of weight shaming from
	him or any of the staff at Summit. In addition, they have a good
	reputation for quality with the local doctors.

Toshiko Magnus, M.D., Internal Medicine
	Everett Clinic, Marysville Office
	Marysville, Washington
	Dr. Magnus has been my doctor for several years and is
	wonderful.  Any time I have mentioned that something in the
	office is not size-friendly, she does something about it (like
	ordering larger exam gowns, a pet peeve of mine).  She is a
	*tiny* woman but has always been accepting of my size and makes
	me feel comfortable.  I have several health issues that are not
	helped by my weight, but she accepts that they existed before I
	became heavy and always deals with the real issue at hand.

Shao Ti Meredith, ARNP
	Family Medicine of Redmond
	8299 161st Avenue NE, Suite 101
	Redmond, Washington 98052
	Phone: 425.881.8813
	We have not discussed my weight.  She has not suggested that
	losing weight could "fix" any problems I've brought to her,
	including asthma and knee pain.  On my first visit the medical
	assistant asked if I wanted to be weighed; after I said no that
	initial time (because I could tell the scale wouldn't go high
	enough!) I haven't been asked again. Shao-Ti assumes I am
	healthy and will stay healthy.  She encourages me to exercise,
	drink water, and take a multivitamin, which I think is what she
	tells everyone. -Jen

Katie Stickney, Pastoral Counselor and Psychotherapist
	Redmond, WA and Seattle, WA (two offices)
	I provide individuals and couples counseling to adults on a
	sliding scale. One of my several specialties is in HAES and Fat
	Acceptance.  I do not automatically consider weight to be a
	pathology; instead I work with clients who have concerns about
	their body size and shape to find out what would be most useful.
	I also work with clients of all sizes who have no concerns about
	their body size.  My office is a place of safety for folks of
	all sizes and shapes, all cultures, all sexual orientations, and
	all faith traditions (including those who do not have a faith
	tradition).  Whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever you
	believe, you are welcome in my office.

Carl Basamania, MD, Orthopedic Surgery 
	Madison Center 
	904 7th Ave, 4th floor, Seattle WA 98104
	Dr B is simply a delightful human being. I needed a shoulder
	replacement in 2014 and self-referred to him because I knew he
	had operated on a woman who weighs in excess of 400lbs with good
	outcome. She was very happy with him and so was I. He discussed
	my weight and health conditions in terms of how they might
	impact surgery and recovery. All very factual and
	non-judgmental, and with great concern for improving my quality
	of life. He even designed the shoulder prosthesis used in my

Stephanie Corpening, midwife 
	Seattle, WA 
	Self referred
	I'm a woman of size and color (African American and ~270 pounds)
	and would welcome, welcome, welcome any woman of size who is
	considering a midwife or homebirth. 

Alan Failor, endocrinologist
        Diabetes Center
        University of Washington medical center
        Seattle Washington
        He had no problem with my size. The office has a stand on
        digital scale with a handrail and they just wrote my weight
        down. His exam room did not have a large pt gown but the
        connected hospital does. I went in with my list of meds and
        goals and he talked to me and listened. He spent over an hour
        with me. I have sleep apnea, gastric reflux, abdominal
        cellulitis, shortness of breath  and weigh over 400 pounds. I
        was expecting a battle and was quite surprised. I did go in says
        I wanted to feel better so I could swim, which is a form of
        exercise i can and like to do. I also brought up diet, I don't
        do that, and he was fine with it. No trying to convince me to
        have weight loss surgery like another doctor I know did. He
        heard my frustration with my high blood sugars and immediately
        switched me to a different med which has been very helpful.
        Explained my sliding scale use of insulin--I make it up--and he
        was fine with that too. I am an RN. He was quite calm and
        non-threatening even tho I was feisty. I told him at the end
        that I had expected a battle, and he was surprised as he deals
        with fat diabetics all the time, as it is the nature of the 
        disease. I recently was in the ER of the Univ of WA medical
        center for several nights and admitted to the hospital for 2
        days. They have large and extra large wheelchairs which will
        accommodate up to 600 pounds and large patient gowns. A special
        bed was ordered for me if I needed surgery. I had a private
        bathroom which was big enough for me and the shower had seats.
        The nurse were all nice. They were busy, but I felt well cared 
        for and safe. Also they had good cable tv. -- Deni* Gereighty RN
        Seattle WA 

Lindy Sue Griffin, DO (Doctor of Osteopathy), General Practice
	1664 Medical-Dental Building
	509 Olive Way
	Seattle, Washington  98101
	(A large woman herself) She doesn't discuss my weight unless I
	bring it up. She's only weighed me once in nine years (the first
	time). She actually listens to you and discusses with you
	anything you don't understand. A warm, friendly, caring woman.
	-- Martha
	Also reported: when a patient had trouble getting on the exam
	table, the doctor purchased one that raises and lowers, and
	"she also called the building management and told them to order
	two large-size wheelchairs for the building." She has a Nurse
	Practitioner who is also fat.  
	*** Dissenting View ***
	She seems to be one of those people who think it's okay to be
	fat as long as you don't actually have any problems. Without
	warning, she told me bluntly that I was diabetic and on the
	verge of death, and immediately started telling me about the
	demanding exercise regimen she EXPECTED me to do ("no
	excuses!"), and the diet she wanted me to start on -- she took
	the American Heart Association diet, and then marked more things
	off of it to make it even more restrictive! I was in shock,
	because I expected an ally; she terrified me, and I never
	returned. Thank goodness I had fat diabetic friends to tell me
	that her approach was unnecessary and outmoded. -- Marty

James McAnnaly, DDS 
	Seattle, WA
	=== This doctor is reported to have retired. ===
	My dentist has new chairs with arms which lower flush to the
	chair, allowing patients of nearly any size to be comfortable. I
	told him, "how can I send all my really large friends to you, if
	you don't have chairs which are comfortable for them?" He told
	me, "When you leave today, look in the next room.  I've started
	installing special chairs, which will hold my patients, of any
	size." Sure enough...  I am comfortable, and there are no arms
	to dig into my hips! He is the best, most caring dentist I've
	ever been to, and his staff is incredible.  
	I have been going to Dr. Mac for over 10 years.  In fact, I fly
	up from Los Angeles to have all of my dental work done by him.
	His staff is wonderful and he really is the most caring doctor i
	have ever had. Dr. McAnnaly is more concerned with his patient's
	comfort than the speed at which he can get you out of the
	office. I once was there for a long time, before he was even
	able to start, because the numbing shots were just not working.
	(I'm sure I was being sensitive, as it was a root canal i was
	totally nervous!) He never indicated that he was impatient or
	irritated.  Instead, he would keep coming in and checking, then
	go to another patient, until my mouth was ready. His assistant
	gave me a blanket and just sat and talked calmly to me to help
	me relax.  I have no idea how he does it, but I never feel his
	shots! His lobby chairs are a little tight, but i am never
	really waiting for more then a few minutes (if you wait more
	than 10 minutes, you get a Starbuck gift card) -- They usually
	have me in the back as soon as a walk in. I have NEVER felt
	uncomfortable, awkward or large in his chairs.  The flat arm
	chairs he uses are GENIUS, you can lift them up if you want
	them, otherwise they lay flush with the seat!  I think that
	makes the chairs a bit wider too! There really is no reason why
	he and i would discuss my weight issues. I know he is an intense
	athlete, but i have never felt he judges me. I highly recommend
	Dr. McAnally!

Albert Sheldon, psychiatrist
	Seattle, WA
	Dr. Sheldon is a very talented and caring therapist who I have
	been  seeing for almost two years now.  When I explained to him
	where I was on my fat acceptance journey, his comment boiled
	down to, "How wonderful for you to be seeking this place of
	acceptance of yourself."  He has never said one word about fat
	being unhealthy, but he does encourage me to exercise within the
	limits of my ability and to practice other healthy behaviors,
	without worrying about whether they result in weight loss. I
	never feel that he is judgmental about how much I am able to do
	- on the contrary, he mostly gets on my case for being too
	judgmental of myself!  I don't (currently) have an eating
	disorder, so I can't speak to how he would deal with someone in
	the active phase of one, but he has been absolutely
	compassionate and understanding when we discussed my food
	restriction habits in my teen years. His waiting room has
	armless chairs.  The chair I usually sit in during sessions has
	arms, but I think there is also an armless chair available.
	There is no doubt in my mind that he would find something
	appropriate immediately for any patient that had an issue with
	his chairs. One of his areas of interest is short-term intensive
	psychotherapy. Despite the fact that I have been seeing him for
	quite a while, I think he also would be very good for someone
	who is looking to resolve a particular issue in a reasonable
	amount of time.

Roberta Sherman, Family Practice, OB/GYN
	509 Olive Way, Seattle, WA  
	I *heartily* recommend Robbie Sherman. Example of her
	unflappableness: first time I saw her for a GYN visit....she
	calmly acknowledged the presence of gold in my nether region and
	asked, "How shall I proceed?".  To which I replied, as though
	the rings aren't even there...and she did.... Great, empathetic
	lady, about forty...and a HOOT of a sense of humor! -- name
	She supports you in your goals and supports health, wellness and
	fitness - not thinness. -- name withheld 

Michael Siem, PA-C, Orthopedic Surgery 
	Madison Center, 904 7th Ave 
	Seattle WA 98104 
	11011 Meridian Ave North, Suite 200, Seattle WA 98133
	Michael is a physician assistance in a large orthopedic
	practice. He's the guy you see first to determine if you need
	the surgeon, and for some post-op visits. We had a discussion
	about HAES during one visit and he was actually familiar with
	the concept! I feel that I have gotten the exact same quality of
	care from him as thinner patient would.

Katie Stickney, Pastoral Counselor and Psychotherapist 
	Redmond, WA and Seattle, WA (two offices) 
	See entry under Redmond.

Angela Waco MS, RD, LMHCA, registered dietitian and therapist
	Seattle, WA
	I provide nutritional counseling and mental health therapy using
	a Health At Every Size philosophy. I specialize in disordered
	eating and body acceptance in both my nutrition and therapy
	sessions. I teach clients using an intuitive eating model, which
	is a non-diet, weight neutral approach. I also co-facilitate
	HAES support groups in my private practice in Wallingford. My
	favorite part of my job is empowering clients and watching them
	advocate for their health! I take premera and regence insurance
	for nutrition and cash pay for therapy. 

University of Washington medical center
	Seattle, WA
	I was in the emergency room and admitted to the hospital for 2
	days for possible appendicitis. They have large and extra large
	wheelchairs that will accomadate up to 600 pounds and large
	patient gowns. A special bed was ordered for me in case I needed
	surgery. I had a private bathroom which was big enough for me
	and the shower had seats. The nurse were all nice. They were
	busy but I felt well cared and safe. -- Deni* Gereighty, RN

Jeffrey  E. Hartman, MD
	Address: 104 W 5th Ave, #140 W, Spokane, WA 99204
	Phone: (509) 747-2147
	Dr Hartman and his office assistant (Tom) run a two-man show.
	Don't be surprised if you call the office and the doctor picks
	up (it happens to me about half the time). Dr Hartman
	specializes in diabetes care, but I went in for thyroid
	problems, and at my first visit I was VERY impressed. The doctor
	came and got me from the waiting room. First he took me to his
	office and we sat and talked for 10 minutes or so. Then he took
	my blood pressure (after I was very comfortable with him), and
	only then did he weigh me. He commented that I didn't look my
	weight and generally made me feel that weight wasn't that big a
	deal. He treated my problems objectively, without assuming that
	my weight was the source of the problem, and took a very
	thorough history. He always uses the correct size blood pressure
	cuff, and helped me to understand how my body signalled my
	thyroid function even without a test. The doctor does not always
	remember the details of my history, which can be frustrating,
	but he is so good in every other way that I consider this to be
	trivial. If people wish to contact me, they may use this email.
	-- Alice Williams, alicelizabeth.w@gmail.com

Richard Schroeder, OB-Gyn, higher-risk pregnancy
	Multi Care Obstetrical Group Association (MOGA) 
	near Tacoma General Hospital
	Tacoma, WA  
	Dr. Schroeder and most of his office staff have not commented on
	my weight other than to tell me what it is, have never made me
	feel awkward as they scramble to look for "plus sized"
	equipment, as at least the room I use is set up to comfortably
	service me, and never issued any threats over diet or weight
	gain. Their offices include armless chairs, their weight limit
	must be over 300 lbs, because I am, and I feel very secure about
	my pregnancy.  He has a great sense of humor and is very caring.
	His office staff is also very welcoming to small children, and
	my three year old has never been removed from a visit. - M
	Lindblom, koifish at comcast.net

St. Joseph Women's Clinic
	1812 S. J. St. , Suite 120
	Tacoma,  WA  98405
	Phone: 253-207-4890
	Fax: 253-207-4871
	The clinic I go to is very fat friendly; they even helped me
	conceive. It is a group of all women midwives and Obs. They do
	their own ultrasounds and lab draws. My midwife is Natalie
	Frazier, but I say Ann Wheatley for conception. Overall they are
	all great providers that are compassionate and respectful and do
	not see the number on the scale as defining the individual or
	the pregnancy.

Jasmine Cejna, LMHC, LPC - Professional Counselor
	801 W. Fourth Plain Blvd., Vancouver, WA 98606 
	Vancouver Counseling & Wellness was created as a safe and
	supportive space for individuals wanting to improve their lives.
	I am dedicated to working from a compassionate and
	non-judgmental approach, and specialize in the treatment of
	eating disorders/disordered eating, addiction, co-occurring
	disorders, and relational issues. My personal and professional
	passion for promoting Health At Every Size contributes to the
	support I provide my clients, and the education I provide to the
	professional community.

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