Carl Trusler
	Abilene Diagnostic Clinic 
	He is a good physician, promotes good health and well being.

Robert P. Kauffman, M.D., Associate Professor,
	Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Director,
	Reproductive Medicine and Infertility
	Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Amarillo Campus 
	1400 S. Coulter, Amarillo, Texas 79106
	Dr. Kauffman is friendly and approachable, and took the time to
	get to know me as a patient and as an individual before making
	judgments about my health needs.  He is an expert on Polycystic
	Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), one of the symptoms of which is
	increased body size.  His sensitivity to the needs of women with
	PCOS has, I think, made him more a more sensitive doctor for
	large women in general.

Nancy Binford - OBGYN
	1301 W 38th #109
	Austin, TX 78705
	Dr. Binford has been my OB for 7 months with my first pregnancy.
	I've had some health problems in the first 2 trimesters (kidney
	infection, growing fibroid, some bleeding, etc.) but she never
	attributed them to my weight. She stresses having a healthy diet
	and has guided me on how much weight it is best to gain, so she
	doesn't avoid the subject and acknowledges that being overweight
	is something on the chart but never places any blame or pressure
	on me. She had me take the Gestational Diabetes test at the same
	time as any patient and didn't question the results when they
	came back negative. She has two sizes of large blood pressure
	cuff. I'm 290 and can use the smaller one so the bigger one is
	probably very accommodating. Her waiting area has a bench with
	no arms and her rooms also have chars with no arms (good for
	plus-sized partners as well). She never pressures me to think
	about weight loss and really helps me focus on eating enough of
	the nutritious foods I need. She is also very
	breastfeeding-friendly and is not negative about my very large
	breasts or insinuating I won't be able to. Basically she just
	treats me like a normal patient, which is all I would ever want.
	-- Blair

John Day, MD (Family Medicine) 
	Central Family Practice 
	801 W. 34th St., Austin, Texas
	(512) 371-9260
	Central Family Practice employs several administrative staff who
	are large women who seem to be very comfortable with themselves.
	Dr. Day and his staff embrace both Western and Eastern medical
	practice and can integrate both approaches to the level you are
	comfortable with. They have a nurse practitioner on staff who
	specializes in female issues. There are open-armed chairs in the
	waiting room, they are sensitive about weigh-ins, and have a
	large blood pressure cuff.  I have felt very accepted and my
	weight has never been commented on except as I chose to mention
	it.  I can't say enough about the excellent and caring medical
	care I have received from Dr. John Day and his staff.

Bruce Page, MD, Family Practice
	Austin Diagnostic Clinic
	2400 Cedar Bend Dr. 3rd Floor
	Austin TX 78758
	Phone: 512.901.4026
	Dr. Page is my husband's GP and I've seen him a couple of times
	myself.  My husband is obese, but Dr. Page has never made a big
	deal about it.  He's a little overweight himself and jokes about
	it a bit. He's always been factual about test results, not
	blindly attributing abnormal results to my husband's weight.
	The Family Practice section of ADC has a mix of armed and armles
	chairs.  The examination rooms have at least two sizes of blood
	pressure cuffs, perhaps more.

Elizabeth Bonefas, MD, general surgery
	Breast Health Houseton
	6800 West Loop South, Suite 520 
	Bellaire, TX 77401
	Elizabeth Bonefas was my surgeon. She was very nice. Her office
	is not perfectly superfat friendly in that the exam tables are a
	touch high off the ground (and the office is staffed by all
	women, so I wouldn't really feel safe with one of them helping
	me get up there) but they were willing to put me into a room
	with a low procedure table when I refused. Their scale only goes
	to 350lbs, and they have no plus sized gowns. 

Monica Holladay, DC, Chiropractor 
Centerville, TX
	I am a BBW Chiropractor located 1/2 way between Dallas and
	Houston.  I have a number of large patients. 

William Curtis, M.D., Internal Medicine / Family Practice
	Northwest Medical Center, Plaza II
	Wildcat Drive    
	Corpus Christi, TX 
	He said that if a certain weight was all that was feasibly
	attainable for me (even if that weight was still considered by
	most to be very overweight), then that was OK with him!  I was
	floored, because I have never had a doctor tell me anything like
	that before.  Dr. Curtis' nurses have likewise made no adverse
	comments. Accepts military insurance and Tricare.

Terry Groff, M.D., OB/GYN 
	Ob/Gyn Associates
	Christus Spohn Medical Tower
	Saratoga Drive, Suite 200
	Corpus Christi, TX
	While he did suggest that weight loss was a good idea prior to
	pregnancy, he didn't insist on it, nor did he harp on the
	subject. He simply mentioned it a time or two and warned me of
	possible complications. When I said that I was willing to accept
	these risks, he said no problem, and has started me on fertility
	medications.  His nurses have never made any adverse comments,
	either. Accepts military insurance and Tricare.

Elizabeth Conley, LPC 
	(Eating Disorders, Addictions, Trauma and Grief Resolution, EMDR
	914 North Locust, Denton, TX 76201 
	Elizabeth deals with eating disorders, and she understands the
	pressures society puts on people for their weight. She is body
	positive and has always made me feel good about myself rather
	than bad. She recommended a book on intuitive eating to me as
	well as recommended a dietitian to help me with my relationship
	with food. I also noticed some fat positive books on her shelf
	such  as 'The Obesity Myth.'

Stacy Hammer, Registered Dietitian
        Denton, TX
	I do not weigh my clients, unless client driven, and do not use
	meal plans or societal rules to guide client to a 'Healthy At
	Every Size' approach. However, in case clients find it hard to
	relate to "thinner" people, it should be known that I am a "thin"
	dietitian by nature and have thin clients suffering from eating
	disorders that clients may be exposed to while in the office.
	Office and waiting area are accomodating to all sizes with fewer
	than 6 stairs to take to get to office. 

David Price, MD
	2210 San Jacinto Blvd., #3
	Denton, TX 76205,
	(940) 566-6747
	He treats allergy and asthma. I've been going to him for 3 years
	and he's been nothing but wonderful.  Very concerned, starts
	with a conservative treatment and goes from there, and has a
	great staff.  Also, in his treatment rooms, rather than tables,
	there are dentist type chairs with moveable arms.


Sharon E Greggs, OB/GYN
Julie Nelson (Nurse Practicioner) 
	Nine Medical Parkway Suite 303 Dallas, Tx 75234
	Both are large women whom treat their patients with respect.
	Both will treat infertility and any other issues you may have.
	The gowns are large and you can request to not be weighed. Dr.
	Greggs is friendly and professional and Julie (she prefers to be
	called by her first name) is very sweet and easy to talk to.
	Sharon Greggs in Dallas, TX is still fat and still wonderful.
	She is the first person I've found willing to help me with
	fertility issues and not demand weightloss be the first step!
	***DISSENTING VIEW*** (on Julie Nelson only)
	Julie Nelson had WLS and was very very rude to me when I
	explained to her that it was absolutely not an option for me.
	She said "I used to be just like you and pretended that I was
	healthy, but I wasn't and there is no way you can be either."

Cheryl Martin RN, LPC, Psychotherapist
	5646 Milton Suite 409
	Dallas, TX 75206
	Cheryl Martin is a registered nurse, licensed professional
	counselor and large woman providing individual, family, couples
	and group therapy. Cheryl's approach is a contemporary
	psychodynamic approach which is focused on the issues the client
	brings, supporting insight and healthy lifestyle patterns. The
	office is conveniently located steps from public transportation
	(bus or rail). 

Elizabeth Bonefas, MD, general surgeon
	See entry under Bellaire.

Neela Durrani, OB/GYN
	Houston, TX
	Completely accepting of women of size. I'm getting married in
	February, and my fiance and I both want children. I was
	concerned because of my size. She assured me that as long as I
	get some exercise, such as walking, and eat healthy, I should be
	fine. She said that I am at no greater risk than women who are
	thin. She said the only difference would be that instead of
	gaining weight during, I'd probably lose a little.

William M. Jones, Orthopedics
	UT Orthopaedics 
	UT Professional Building 
	6410 Fannin, Suite 950
	Houston, Texas 77030
	I have had knee pain for about a month (fell off my bicycle) but
	I was hesitant to see an ortho for fear they would shrug it off
	as weight related. This doctor was totally awesome. He asked me
	all about my pain and injury and never once mentioned weight or
	anything related to it. He mapped out my plan of treatment and
	also referred me to an office that would be able to make a brace
	large enough to fit me properly (I have very large thighs). 
	-- Ty Williams

Paul E. Shepard
        5870 Highway 6 North
        Suite 104A
        Houston, Texas 77084
	**1st Recommendation**
        When I walked in to his office, we became partners in my
        health. PARTNERS!  He is respectful, open, honest, and he
        cares.  He holds your hand, talks to you, explains everything
        you ask.  He wants you to be well, no matter what your size, and
        he covers everything with you so you will understand what is
        going on and why.  I just got home from 2 days in ICU with 3
        more days in Intermediate care under his concern over something
        he picked up in a normal checkup.  The same symptoms had been
        there through FIVE other doctors over a 9 month period and they
        didn't even act concerned. I am so grateful to have him as my
        physician and I pray that he never leaves the Houston area.  
        **2d Recommendation**
        A young, extremely competent doctor who treats the obese person 
        with dignity and respect.  He works with you to insure you
        health, offers suggestions, helps you make decisions, respects
        your wishes.  He listens, he explains, he treats you as a valued
        person of the community.

Tiffany Tarrant, MD, OB/GYN
Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center
	921 Gessner Rd
	Houston, TX 77024
	My OB/GYN has always been good to me. 
	I had bilateral breast biopsies at the medical center. I can
	honestly say the experience went great. I encountered no
	fat-bias, shaming, etc. The gurney was ample, the gown was
	ample, the staff was kind and caring. The OR nurse even had the
	ingenious idea to add arm rests laterally down the side of the
	operative table to give my hips more room/stability. I was
	really impressed with the care.

E. Russell Weidman, MD, endocrinologist 
	(713) 791-187
	I went to see Dr. Weidman about some hormonal imbalances picked
	up on by my gynecologist, who had frustrated and upset me by
	suggesting that my problem was weight-related and that the way
	to fix it would be to join a gym and Weight Watchers. Part of
	the problem turned out to be insulin resistance, which is a
	condition that, if my research is correct, is usually treated by
	telling the patient to lose weight. Dr. Weidman mentioned that
	this was the advice generally given to people with the
	condition, but, as he told me, "I don't know how to do that." He
	cited statistics that I was already aware of indicating that
	it's unrealistic to expect to lose weight and keep the weight
	off and said that, while improving my eating and exercise habits
	probably wouldn't hurt, asking me to try to lose weight wasn't
	going to solve anything. Needless to say, I was relieved to be
	treated for what I came in for rather than told that losing
	weight is the answer to all my health problems. Highly
	recommended for his thoroughness as well as his respect for his
	patients of all sizes. 

Simon N. Whitney, M.D., Family Practice
	Aug 2016: This doctor is reported to have retired.

G. William Woods, M.D.
John O. Bishop, M.D.
J. Bryan Williamson, M.D.
	Texas Orthopedic Hospital
	7401 South Main Street
	Houston, TX 77030
	Telephone: (713) 799-8600
	RECOMMENDATION #1: Dr. Woods and Dr. Bishop have operated on me
	and both of my (fat) parents over the last 10 years.  They have
	never mentioned weight or treated any of us in any way but
	professional.  Both Fodren and Tx Orthopedic Hospital have large
	gowns, tables, and armless chairs everywhere.  I also went to
	physical therapy there after surgery and the staff there were
	RECOMMENDATION #2: Dr. Williamson is a spinal reconstructive
	surgeon.  He has operated on me twice and followed me since 1999
	and has been extremely sensitive to my feelings about my weight.
	-- Jacobs

C.J. Schoenrock, Ph.D.
	Director, Horizons Family Center
	2605 35th
	Lubbock, TX  79413
	(806) 797-9058 (voice); (806) 797-6011 (fax)
	Dr. Schoenrock has a Ph.D. in human development & family studies
	an M.A. in sociology, and elementary and secondary teaching
	certification. She offers private counseling (sliding fee) and
	developmental therapy. 
	"I work primarily with families affected by chemical dependency
	[...] women and teens who repeatedly find themselves in
	unhealthy codependent relationships, and women of size...helping
	them move into self acceptance and healthy lifestyles. I also
	help families find information and resources when their child
	has been diagnosed with a developmental disability. [...] In all
	of my work, regardless of what the problems are, body image is
	always a key point that ends up having to be addressed [...] our
	society has such disordered views of bodies that NO BODY escapes
	the ravages of poor body image any more."

William R. Boone Jr., DO, Family Practice
        Mesquite Family Physicians
        820 East Bruton Road, Suite 100
        Mesquite, TX 75149
        (972) 329-1996
        Dr. Boone is a wonderful doctor who really cares about his 
        patients regardless of their size. He listens to his patients
        and has a wonderful sense of humor. He has been voted the best
        physician in Mesquite at least once. I've been a patient of his
        for over two years and he has never once mentioned my weight. 

Traci Satterfield, M.D., OB/GYN
        As of November 2005, Dr Satterfield has moved to Spokane, WA. I
	don't have current contact info for her. The person who
	recommended her said, "If it wasn't so expensive I would
	seriously fly up there for any care I needed."
	Dr. Satterfield has been very professional and courteous to me
	during my pregnancy. She has never put me down or made me feel
	less than human because of my weight. She is everything I would
	ever want in an OB/GYN. She cares and understands the needs of
	her patients. I would highly recommend her. 

Amit Bansal, OB/GYN
	4102 Woodlawn Ave
	Pasadena, TX 77504 
	(713) 944-0076

Cynthia Sessions, MD, Family Practice
        3801 West 15th Street
        Plano, TX
        She is very understanding of large size issues as she is a large
        woman herself.  Her office has large gowns which make visits
        more comfortable.

Cordelia A. Moscrip, M.D., Internal and Geriatric Medicine
	Medical Arts & Research Center
	8300 Floyd Curl Dr.
	San Antonio, TX 78229
	Dr. Moscrip is a fantastic doctor to deal with regardless of
	your body weight.  She stresses health first and body weight
	last, focusing on your lab result numbers, heart rate, and blood
	pressure above and beyond anything else.  She might encourage
	you to make lifestyle changes if she determines you to be
	prediabetic or have a problem with blood pressure (for example),
	but she won't hassle you any further if your condition is
	irrespective of body weight or is vastly improved through minor
	changes in diet and activity level, even if you're still
	considered "overweight" or "obese" as per the BMI.  If there is
	one local doctor who is best at stressing the Healthy at Every
	Size edict, Dr. Moscrip is it.

William Peche, OB/GYN
	Several offices in San Antonio; one in Stone Oak area and one in
	the downtown area.
	I went to him in May 2009.  He was more than willing to help me
	get on the right track to conceive. He told me in the politest
	way I've ever been talked to that I am "a beautiful girl who
	just needs to get a little healthier or there's gonna be some
	major health problems later on down the road."   
	Amber Ivy 

D'wayne Williams, General Practice 
	Sugar Land, Texas 
	Dr. Williams treats me as a whole person not just as a weight. I
	am usually greeted by a big hug from his nurse. I never knew
	what it was to really receive good, friendly health care until
	went to his offices. Now I am well taken care of and take care
	of all my health issues right away instead of procrastinating
	because I did not want to be humiliated 1 more time.  

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