COLUMBIA Daniel Love Several offices in the greater Columbia area GREENVILLE Eric J. Faile Riverside Family Practice 3907 S. Hwy. 14, Greenville, SC 29615. (864) 627-8878. He has been my family Dr. for a number of years, and he has never been anything but polite, respectful and professional. In general he is a very kind man who really does care about his patients. He has gone out of his way to help me in times past, meeting me at the office for an asthma treatment on a Saturday when I needed it, calling me after 5:00PM, because I cannot take calls at work. He ALWAYS calls with lab work results. Even his nursing staff speak highly of him, and say he is genuinely nice, where others may pretend to be. He does not lecture about weight. He might mention that losing a little weight could help with an issue, such as my arthritic knees, but he then follows it up with asking if that is something I want to try to do. Their examining tables can be raised to provide back support when needed. I have never had an issue with the furniture there. I weigh about 300 pounds. The down side: Some days it can be almost impossible to get a phone call through to this office. Most all the doctors at the practice are very nice and respectful except one [name provided on request]. When Dr. Faile [heard about what this doctor had done] he apologized profusely and even stated, "He should never have done that or treated you that way!" Doctors do not often say anything negative about each other, but he was that appalled by his colleague's behavior. IRMO Johnny Y. Smith Lexington Family Practice (Formerly Carolina Primary Care) 7037 St. Andrews Road Irmo, South Carolina 29212 (803)732-0963 I like Dr. Smith very well. He has never just assumed that any medical problem I've had is caused by being fat. He always tries to find the root cause of whatever problem I've had. The waiting room has a long, sturdy pew style bench and there are armless chairs available in some of the exam rooms. I have seen all the doctors in this particular office and a couple of the ones that cover after hours and have never had a problem with any of them about my weight except for one [name available on request]. The office staff are very nice and will schedule you with your doctor of choice if possible. This practice has several offices in the greater Columbia area and they have weekend office hours available for their patients. Large and thigh B/P cuffs are available. UPDATE: This office has reverted back to being Lexington Family Practice. They had gone into partnership with another group and the HMO's were trying to dictate to them about the amount of time they were taking seeing patients, so they bought themselves back. WEST COLUMBIA Alan Hicks Lexington Family Practice 3314 Platt Springs Road West Columbia, SC 29170 (803) 791-3494 The waiting room has a very long and sturdy wooden bench. The chairs in the exam rooms have arms. I sit on his little rolly stool. And he doesn't have a problem with that. He told me that he is working on buying new chairs for all of the exam rooms....without arms. This man is absolutely wonderful. He treated me with respect and dignity and would laugh with me and talk with me.

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