Lisa Hardy, Nurse Practitioner
        Spring Road Family Practice 
        1929 Spring Road
        Carlisle, Pennsylvania (about 20 minutes from Harrisburg)
        She's wonderful!

Faith Daggs, M.D., OB/Gyn
	Center for Womens Health
	423 N 21st St Suite 200
	(717) 763-9880 
	Camp Hill, PA 17011

Pamela S. Hinden, LSW, Psychotherapy and Career Counseling
	See main entry under Philadelphia.

Elizabeth Sigmund, CRNP 
	East Petersburg Family Medicine 
	5665 Main Street
	East Petersburg, PA 17520
	(717) 569-7011
	She is superb, and has done wonders with my physical and mental
	health. She respects that I don't want to be weighed, and we
	have not once discussed my weight. She has changed my entire
	outlook on doctors. 

Mark P.Holencik (pronounced Holenchek) D.O., Orthopedic Surgeon
	Arlington Orthopedic Associates
	805 Sir Thomas Court
	Harrisburg, Pa
	Dr. Holencik is not only fat friendly, he is people friendly.
	I have had 5 major orthopedic surgical procedures between the
	fall of 1991 and December 1996, all of which he did, including
	back surgery. The first procedure was arthroscopic knee surgery
	for a torn cartilage and removal of bone fragments. He said
	that although losing weight does have some benefit for arthritic
	joints, I could deal with that afterward if I so chose, and if
	I didn't that was fine too, as long as I was willing to do
	some post-operative excercises to improve the mobility of my
	knee. I had a lumbar disc that needed to be removed. When he
	saw my MRI, he told me that my back problems were largely due
	to a congenital birth defect and that whether or not I was fat, I
	would have had the same problem. I have always been treated
	well by Dr.Holencik and all the office staff at Arlington
	Orthopedics. I have been seen by the physiatrist and a neurologist
	in the group, and they were very considerate; my weight was
	never a topic. The only drawback is that he is EXTREMLY busy.

Pamela S. Hinden, LSW, Psychotherapy and Career Counseling
	See main entry under Philadelphia.

Rodney E. Brenneman, MD
	Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster
	(717) 299-4871 
	170 North Pointe Blvd.
	Lancaster, PA 17601
	The group also has offices in Willow Street and Manheim, PA.
	He has not once mentioned my weight to me, even though it might
	have been a factor in how severe my break is. 

Russell Stankiewicz, OB/GYN
Fred Teichman, OB/GYN
        OB/GYN Associates of Lewisburg
        3 Hospital Dr, Suite 312,
        Lewisburg, PA 17837
        Due to frequent moves, I've used 3 different OB/GYN's during my
        pregnancies & for routine care.  Some of the care I received at
        other places was very biased- I felt uncomfortable about rude &
        hurtful comments made by doctors & their staffs. The contrast
        between them and Drs Stankiewicz & Teichman couldn't be more
        striking. Both doctors and ALL staff members have been nothing
        but supportive during my current pregnancy.  I used to dread
        going to the OB/GYN, but now I look forward to it because I've
        been treated with respect, courtesy & friendship during my
        entire pregnancy. I highly recommend their practice. As an
        overweight woman I am somewhat used to the bias you tend to
        encounter, but my visits to OB/GYN Associates of Lewisburg have
        been so wonderful that I feel I must let all overweight women in
        this area know about them. -- Tracy Seebold

MaryAnne Freeman-Brndjar, DO, PC
	4 W Main St Macungie, PA 18062         
	(610) 820-0575 
	Fantastic OB/GYN - delivered both of my kids C-section at over
	300lbs and has never once mentioned my weight. I love her. 

Kelly Bliss M.Ed., Psychotherapist/Self-care 
	Self-acceptance, Body Image Issues, Diet induced disassociation
	P.O. Pox 572 Lansdowne, PA (Just west of Philadelphia)
	I 'see' most of my clients by phone
	Toll Free 877-KellyBliss (877-535-5925)
	plus size fitness videos
	I promote self-care and self-acceptance.  I teach healthy living
	INDEPENDENT OF WEIGHT!  As a very active member of NAAFA, I
	practice size-accepting values.  For those who visit my office I
	have supersized seats, a ramp, restroom facilities designed for
	large and very large people, and fat positive art/literature.  I
	make my services available at a reasonable fee by phone and on
	the internet.  My therapeutic techniques are a blend of common
	sense, skilled listening, and empathy.  My motto: "Together we
	can work it out!"  My clients have taught me such hope as I see
	them improve their lives.  Hope is contagious. -- Submitted by
	Kelly Bliss in order to help more people
	Kelly Bliss also produces plus size fitness videos with a focus on 
	self-acceptance and self-care. Exercises can be done standing, sitting, or reclining. 

Frances Bonds-White, Ed.D., Licensed Psychologist
	1601 Walnut Street
	Suite 706, The Medical Arts Building
	Philadelphia, PA 19102
	Telephone:  215-735-4393, #1
	Insurance accepted:  Independence Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna,
	Cigna, United Health Care, United Behavioral Health
	I do not believe that weight should be the defining issue in a
	person's life.  The goal of therapy is to be able to achieve a
	sense of satisfaction with one's life based on self awareness
	and self understanding of feelings, thoughts, beliefs, etc.  My
	professional focus is on personal exploration.  If a client has
	a specific problem they wish to focus on, I teach problem
	solving techniques. If a potential client has questions, they
	can contact me by e-mail.

Mary Anne Clairmont, Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist 
	Plymouth Meeting, PA  19462
	610-941-9995 fax
	Home nutrition counseling in the Greater Philadelphia area.
	Health is not about weight. It is about a way of life which
	includes habits and practices that promote good health. I firmly
	believe in the "Non-Dieting" theory of eating. Changes in eating
	habits and physical activity are usually the keys to improving
	the health of my clients who are sent by physicians to me to
	"lose weight" or "go on a diet." If you have high lipids, we
	work to get the lipids down. If you have fatigue, we work to
	promote more energy. If you binge, we work to free you from
	binge behavior. I consistently remind physicians that the goals
	we are seeking for the client may NOT necessarily include weight
	loss. I am proactive on Body Image issues for women and men.

Pamela S. Hinden, LSW, Psychotherapy and Career Counseling
        Philadelphia, PA with offices in Germantown and Center City
        I am a fat, size positive psychotherapist and career counselor
        in private practice.  I am a licensed social worker with
        additional training in Gestalt and Feminist Therapy, providing
        psychotherapy for individuals, couples and groups, and career
        counseling for individuals and groups.  I also lead workshops
        for psychotherapists on using a size accepting, health at any
        size perspective in their work with fat clients.  A member of
        the original "FATSO - Fat Sisters Organizing," a fat activist
        group in Washington DC in the early 1980s, size acceptance is an
        issue I have always been passionate about.  My work with fat
        clients is geared to helping people develop stronger
        self-esteem, better coping skills for living in a fat-hating
        world,  and a clearer picture of the life they want to live and
        how to make that happen.  

Hope Honig, DO  
        Honig Family Practice
        1805 So. Broad Street
        Philadelphia, PA 19148
        She has always been fat friendly to me. I have gone to her for 
        many years, and my husband goes to her husband Dr. Peter Honig 
        (they are a husband and wife doctor team who share an office.)
        They are on a first name basis with patients, usually known as 
        Dr. Hope and Dr. Pete. I do not know if Dr Hope is fat friendly
        with everyone, but NOT ONCE did she ever mention my weight as a
        negative or positive thing. I was 290 lbs at my biggest, and yet
        she never said anything. Hope spends a lot of time with patients
        and is very chatty and friendly. I once asked her why she never
        addressed my size, and she said its because she knew that I
        researched things on the internet, and that if I really wanted
        to drop pounds, I'd figure out how. She also said she knew my
        dad always bugged me about my weight, and she did not want to
        add to that. She also knew my mom was a lifelong dieter, so she
        figured I'd already been hit over the head (so to speak) with
        weight issues. Neither Dr Pete nor Dr Hope are heavy people
        themselves. -- "Zaftig Goddess Anita"

Paul Lotke, orthopedic surgeon
	The University of Pennsylvania Health System
	Philadelphia, PA
	About 10 years ago, a 300 lb. acquaintance of mine finally found
	an orthopedic surgeon who would do her desperately needed hip
	and knee surgery. For the 10 previous years, she had suffered
	terrible pain because no other surgeon would operate on her
	until she lost weight. He had an excellent reputation.
	Apparently, he was the only highly regarded surgeon in the
	Philadelphia area, at that time, who would operate on people of
	size. This woman discussed weight and surgery very openly with
	Dr. Lotke and his associate. She detected no fat prejudice. He
	was a marvelous surgeon and he was also extremely kind to her.
	Recovery from her surgeries went very well. The return of
	mobility and the relief from pain were incredible. Knee surgery
	seems to be his specialty. He did knees and hips for my
	acquaintance over several years.

Karen Smith, MSS, LCSW
	Philadelphia, PA
	Karen has been my therapist for the better part of 8 years.  I
	sought her out explicitly because hers was a fat and queer
	positive practice.  No matter what I've brought to the table
	-- my fat activist work, struggles with graining weight despite
	fat positive politics, my queerness, involvement with kink or
	poly relationships, (and so forth) -- Karen has been fully
	supportive and has helped me to develop as a person. 

Roy Pazmino, OB/GYN
	Philipsburg, Pa. 
	He also has offices in Coalport and Tipton Pa. (Central Pa)
	When I started seeing him I was 296 lbs.  I sought treatment for
	infertility. He never once mentioned my weight as a problem.
	When I did get pregnant I was 283lbs. He suggested I gain no
	more than 25lbs. When I was actually losing weight he encouraged
	me to eat better and try to gain more.  He has been respectful
	of my weight, not making an issue of it, but answering my weight
	related questions honestly.

Century Medical, women's health services
	5500 Corporate Drive
	Suite 240
	Pittsburgh, PA 15237
	Four other locations. See
	I have had multiple experiences with two docs from this practice
	that I feel are fat friendly: 
	1) Dr. Dina DiCenzo 
	2)Dr. Marie Udrea
	Both of these female docs took care of me while I was pregnant
	with my son.  They were both caring and compassionate and
	treated me with respect and dignity.  I was never lectured about
	my weight. I have continued to go there for routine
	gynecological exams and care for the past five years.
	Conversely, I would steer clear of Dr. Rowland, who also works
	in this practice.  -- Selina K. Boyles

Sabina Doroski, Internist 
	Fatigati-Nalin Associates 
	Pittsburgh, PA
	343-1770 in Mt. Lebanon and 221-3377 in Pittsburgh.  
	She's been pretty helpful and doesn't nag. In general, the folks
	at Fatigati-Nalin don't focus on weight, but they will talk to
	you about what you eat if your blood tests indicate high
	cholesterol. -- Recommendation from

Shami Goyal, MD, Family Medicine/Primary Care             
	UPMC Mathilda Theiss Health Center       
	373 Burrows Street 
	Pittsburgh, PA 15213
	Dr Goyal's practice is a University of Pittsburgh Medical
	Center-run federally qualified health center which provides
	lower cost for uninsured, underinsured and lower income people
	(though the practice is open to all and accepts many insurance
	plans). As such, she's seeing a predominantly minority
	population with a lot of the chronic problems which go along
	with being medically underserved and living without financial
	resources. Consequently, her practice focus is on treating the
	concerns that arise from patient complaints and diagnostic
	findings. The practice nurses and techs are extremely kind,
	thoughtful and nonjudgmental. You are not forced to be weighed
	at every visit (they do ask at your intake appointment) and you
	don't have to see/hear your weight if you don't want to. Dr.
	Goyal focuses on having and using health information to improve
	and maintain wellbeing. She'll discuss and refer for weight loss
	when asked but does not suggest it or recommend it as a matter
	of course, even to very fat patients, instead asking how
	patients feel about how and what they eat, (since many are food
	insecure) and their exercise and fitness and providing
	information based on their answers. At no time has she or her
	staff made me feel that my body was inherently problematic
	flawed, diseased or doomed because of its size, which has
	occurred with every other provider I've had. Waiting room chairs
	have arms but are acceptable for me for a typical wait and I'm
	over 400 lbs. Exam rooms have many sizes of blood pressure cuffs
	and nurses simply choose as needed. Large size gowns are
	available and offered without comment. Staff nonjudgmentally
	provide assistance for patients to climb up onto exam tables.

Mary Korytkowski, Endocrinology [specializing in diabetes]
	UPMC Center for Diabetes & Endrocrinology, Falk building, 
	Pittsburgh, Pa 15213  
	[Removed - the person who submitted this listing reported that
	this doctor is no longer fat-friendly; e-mail me for details]

West Penn Family Practice
	Pittsburgh [Squirrel Hill], PA
	The doctors who founded the place have a fat-friendly attitude,
	and they encourage the residents who work there to at least be
	fat-tolerant, but not all of the staff doctors follow the rule.
	I nearly lost my leg due to staff doctor who used her bias
	against my size to repeatedly mis-diagnose me.  On the other
	hand, they have large size gowns and large b/p cuffs and lots of
	chairs without arms, and they won't bug you to get weighed once
	they put in your chart that you don't do scales.  Your Mileage
	May Vary. --

Lise E. Karpel, MS, RD, LDN, Registered Dietitian, Licensed Nutritionist
	West Chester, PA  19380  
	(within driving distance of Philadelphia and Lancaster)
	(484) 883-4589
	I am a masters' level registered dietitian with experience in
	weight management as well as management of hyperlipidemias and
	hypertension. My own personal experiences with weight gain,
	weight loss as well as recovery from binge-eating
	disorder/bulimia helps me empathize with my clients' experience.
	I applaud the great courage it takes to address food issues. All
	clients, of whatever size, are welcome to come see me. Larger
	people can achieve better health with good nutrition, regardless
	of their weight. Clients of size deserve respect, efficient
	service and high quality of care. I am available for private
	one-on-one consult in my home, a client's home or my office. I
	can also provide email and phone support for reasonable fees.

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