Randall Robinson - Ophthalmology
	Dean A. McGee Eye Institute
	8121 National Ave., Suite 407
	Midwest City, OK 73110
	(405) 733-4545
	I get my annual diabetic eye exam from him and he is very
	courteous and professional.  Never a word about size. Some
	walking involved, but places to sit and rest within the
	building.  -- Lora White Holeman, MME

Amar Bhandary - Psychiatry and Pain Management
	Cooper Center #106
	7100 N. Classen Boulevard
	Oklahoma City, OK  73116
	Phone (405) 841- 3337
	Fax (405) 841-3338
	It is difficult to find a good psychiatrist...he's one of the
	select few. He's Indian, I believe, but very understandable. He
	offered to give me samples of a diet medication one time, but
	when I shared my feelings against it, it was never brought up
	again. He's shy, but cares about his patients. He's a
	psychopharmacologist, which is better than just a regular
	psychiatrist, especially for hard-to-treat patients. He's very
	good at taking time to explain things if you ask. The only down
	side is that he is hard to get hold of. He is very open to
	treating pain, and it is because of him that I can probably do
	the things I am able to do. -- Lora White Holeman, MME

John Bozalis, MD
	Oklahoma Allergy & Asthma Clinic
	Oklahoma City
	I brought up weight before he could and there was no problem and
	no mention of weight loss at all. Great at what he does!  Nurses
	couldn't be nicer! -- Lora White Holeman, MME

Vicki Buchanan, Physical Therapist
Regional Physical Therapy
        8121 National Ave.
        Suite 400
        Midwest City, OK 73110 (a suburb of Oklahoma City)
        (405) 732-3353
        Regional Physical Therapy offers Sports & Orthopedics; complete 
        spinal care; accept & file most insurances; extended hours;
        medicare certified.
        I heartily recommend Vicki Buchanan. She is quite comfortable
        working with super sizes, as well as the limitations of things
        like Fibromyalgia.  All of the staff were extremely friendly,
        respectful and helpful.  At well over 400 pounds, I had no
        problem with a gown that fit (can you believe it?!), and the
        tables and equipment supported my weight well. They were
        encouraging, aware of each patient as an individual, and engaged
        in two-way conversations about your concerns and treatment.  I
        can't say enough about them.  A fat person's dream-come-true for
        physical therapy, and/or beginning an exercise/mobility program.
        -- Mrs. Lora White Holeman, MME (LoraHoleman@aol.com)

Chris Codding, MD - rheumatology
	Oklahoma City
	(405) 631 4263
	Especially good with Fibromyalgia and finding out what more may
	be involved (e.g., I  have broken bones in my spine!)  When she
	gave me the full diagnosis, without any word from me, she said,
	"and don't let anyone tell you this is because of your weight,
	because I have a whole practice of thin people with the same
	thing." -- Lora White Holeman, MME

Comprehensive Breast Center of Oklahoma
	3525 NW 56th, Suite C100
	Oklahoma City, OK 73112
	(405) 945-0045
	Having my first mammogram ever, with an obvious lump, I was more
	than nervous.  But most everyone was extremely friendly.  I am
	hoping to get them to order larger gowns, but other than that, I
	recommend them. Little walking involved. -- Lora White Holeman,

Neena Philip, MD - Internal/Primary Care Medicine
	3423 NW 56th St., Suite 800
	Oklahoma City, OK  73110
	Phone (405) 946-9831
	Fax (405) 947-0408
	I am 400 pounds, and my weight has never been an issue.  They
	don't try to weigh me, she's never told me I need to lose
	weight, and when I went in for my check up and mentioned my
	concern that I was gaining weight even though I did eat, I knew
	that was the "real test" and she informed me that with as little
	as i was eating, my metabolism was slowing down, so when I DO
	eat, my body is in starvation mode and hoards and keeps
	everything it can...the same thing we've been saying for
	years!!!  She is Indian, I believe, but her accent is
	understandable most of the time.  I never feel rushed.  She is
	very short and about as big around as my pinky, but is very
	pleasant and young, so she is up on the latest in medicine.  She
	is also understanding with "good days/bad days" with
	Fibromyalgia.  She seems concerned if you have money issues with
	medications.  She's in a huge building, but there is free valet
	parking for the handicapped.  She is affiliated with Integrist
	Baptist.  -- Lora White Holeman, MME
	I saw Dr Philip in July of 07. I have to say she was the worst
	doctor I have ever been too. It was the total opposite
	experience that the original poster had. The chairs in the
	waiting room was small. They were tight for my 5'3 and 324 pd
	frame. When I met the doctor she seemed to be put off by me
	immediately. I explained I needed my annual exam and wanted to
	lose weight. She went on about how she didn't know who sent me
	to her but whatever I've heard was wrong. That she would not
	give me any diet pills and she doesn't support WLS. I was
	shocked. I didn't ask her any of that. She mentioned the word
	obese in every other sentence. I've never heard the word
	mentioned so much. This is a tiny woman. She told me if I wanted
	to lose weight, all I needed to do was make sure my meals were
	the size of my palm. I asked didn't she mean the size of my
	protein but she insisted my whole meal should be the size of a
	deck of cards. She checked my pressure and it was high. She said
	to lose weight and it would go down. I have osteoarthritis and
	wanted something for that. She told me to just take tylenol. She
	scheduled me for a follow up 5 weeks later. She told me that I
	better lose at least 5 pounds by then and wanted no excuses. I
	cried myself home and several days later. About a week later I
	received a test result letter along with several prescriptions.
	She didn't even have the decency to call me to let me know I was
	pre-diabetic and had a bladder infection. I started calling her
	office around 8am the next morning because I was shocked at
	these results. I called several times and no one returned my
	call until about 4:30 that afternoon. I didn't speak to her but
	to one of her assistants. I was so turned off by her bedside
	manner, I never went back for a follow-up. I found out more
	about my conditions online than with her. She is just horrible.

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