ALBUQUERQUE Laura Myre, Family Practice UNM Family Health Westside 3751 Highway 528 Albuquerque, NM 87114 Phone (505)272-2900 / Fax (505)272-2909 I have really enjoyed working with Laura. She hears that I am concerned about possible health issues related to my fatness, but does not push me to diet (she does encourage a healthy lifestyle). She has allowed me to cry more than once without appearing anything besides compassionate and respectful. She hears what I have to say, trusts me when I tell her what I think is going on, and refers me to specialists as needed. (Of course, I am an RN, so she may be a tad biased, but I think she is as respectful of all her patients.) She has asked before bringing in a med student. She remembers what was going on, both physical and emotional, at my last visit. I feel safe with her. -- Kris ( Stand-Up MRI of New Mexico 7600 Jefferson North East 505-796-9200 Has an upright or stand-up MRI, which is completely open in front, allowing people with larger stomachs to use an MRI. Kyle Schoenberg Oak Street Clinic 200 Oak St Albuquerque, NM 87106 (505) 508-0197 Note that there are other providers at this office and I cannot speak to their fat friendliness or lack thereof). Kyle is fabulous - we discussed my weight immediately because I brought it up at my first appointment. He was weight neutral during my first appointment and also when going over my blood work during my second. He believes my PCOS exists and did not prescribe weight loss. He also suggested supplements to lower my triglycerides rather than prescribe weight loss. He told me that I was doing great and to "keep doing what you're doing". BP cuff fit me, armless chairs in the waiting room. Super friendly receptionist and nurse as well. Nurse stated to me "honey, you can't tell who has diabetes by looking at them". -- Denise, Anita Lee Sloan, MD, Endocrinologist 201 Cedar St SE, Ste 505, Albuquerque, NM, 87106 (505) 224-7880 Dr. Sloan works with people who have endocrine disorders, so she's used to people who aren't the "perfect" BMI. Not only that, she really embraces us! I've been to see her several times and have never had to undress or sit on an exam table. Indeed, after the first time I went, she hasn't even weighed me. She's concerned about me being healthy, not skinny. She hasn't brought up losing weight to me even once! She just cares about the indicators of health, and if they're all good she's happy. She has a relationship with a great yoga teacher in town who runs a class dedicated to getting people moving again. It starts out as chair yoga, with no standing or floor work. It's just about helping people who are sedentary get some movement and ability back. She didn't push this on me, but did let me know that it was an option. So far, it's been really great. Everyone works within their abilities and it's just an amazingly supportive space. It's great that Dr. Sloan has developed this resource in the community. Beth Tarrant, Midwife UNM Hospital Midwives Albuquerque, NM 505-272-2245 Beth is a very caring midwife. She did not immediately discuss my weight when we entered the office. She wanted to talk about my overall health and how it relates to my pregnancy. She did mention that women who are larger need to be careful not to gain too much weight during pregnancy, but she also pointed out that excessive gain for *anyone* during pregnancy is not good. Beth stated that I am healthy. She did not state that I am "surprisingly healthy, despite my weight." As I am gaining throughout my pregnancy, she is pleased with the weight gain. There is no discussion of, "don't forget, you are already fat, so you will have to lose this weight." She is pleased with the health of myself and my baby. [July 2007] Beth will soon be leaving for maternity leave but she will return to the practice later. I highly recommend her to anyone, but especially anyone who is nervous about seeing a professional during their pregnancy due to past "fat shaming." None of that will happen with Beth. --Michele B., New Mexico

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