Denise Helin, M.D., OB/GYN
	Park Clinic    
	Livingston, MT
	Dr. Helin treated me for hyperplasia of the Uterus. The only
	mention that was made of fat was in telling me that fat makes
	estrogen and this is probably why I'm estrogen dominant.
	Hysterectomy surgery was discussed and Dr. Helin did not mention
	my weight as a concern. I brought it up myself, and she seemed
	to believe that surgery would not be any more of a risk for me
	then anyone else. I am not able to have the laproscopic kind,
	because of adhesions from another surgery, so mine would have to
	be open surgery.
	Marie Mar, Livingston, MT. "I weigh 300 pounds and have
	Diabetes, Bone and back strain (degenerative disk disease and
	herniated knee), Genalized anxiety disorder, IBS, and acid
	reflux problems). All problems that are experienced by the

Dennis Noteboom, M.D., General Practitioner
	Park Clinic       
	Livingston, MT
	Dr. Noteboom has been my doctor for many years and has never
	made my weight an issue in any matter. I am diabetic as well as
	estrogen dominant. Dr. Noteboom has only mentioned my weight
	once. I had lost about 30 pounds due to loss of appetite during
	menopause and increased anxiety. At this time, he mentioned if I
	could get my weight down to 200 pounds it would probably solve
	most of my health problems. My health problems: diabetes,
	estrogen dominance, and beginning to show strain on back and
	knees. I'm 60 years old. -- Marie Mar, Livingston, MT

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