Jacqueline Mahan
	Beam Professional Building
	1675 Beam Ave., Ste 210
	Maplewood, MN  55109
	I was scared that now that the pregnancy [complicated by
	gestational diabetes] was over, she might suggest dieting. She
	hadn't mentioned it in the whole pre-natal experience. She
	hadn't even suggested that my weight might cause problems with
	the baby. But still, my usual experience with the medical
	profession is to at some point be berated for my weight.
	Instead, I was asked if I "wanted" to weigh and was told that
	there really wasn't any reason to weigh unless I was curious. As
	we talked, I decided to bring up the dreaded subject myself. I
	said, "I suppose I should find a decent diet now and try to get
	to a lower weight." She said, "Oh I wouldn't do that. You are in
	good shape and have been maintaining your weight. Just keep that
	up. I'd worry about the yoyo effect. Don't diet, ok?"

Rebecca Polston, Homebirth Midwife
	Roots Midwifery
	I believe that healthy empowered birth happens at any size and I
	am honored to support women in their homebirth choice.

M. Joan Hasper, Licensed Psychologist, certification in chemical dependency
	5009 Excelsior Blvd #134
	St Louis Park, MN 55416
	Self-referred. Sensitive to women's issues and body image.
	Empowers women and men to feel good about themselves no matter
	what size they are.

Sarah Kennedy, Certified Life Coach
	St. Paul, MN 55110
	Office phone: 651-426-0382
	Cell phone: 651-335-4811
	Web: www.getalifecoach.net
	I specialize in life coaching of individuals who want to create
	a healthy lifestyle that fits who they are. My clients learn how
	to stop judging and start nurturing themselves, find fun and
	adventure in being more active, align with their own values to
	create thier definition of success, not other's expectations,
	honor, not shame, their unmet needs, redesign their relationship
	with thier body to include honesty and respect, get off the diet
	"hamster wheel". Complimentary 30 minute coaching available. I
	also do some complimentary workshops and presentations on a
	variety of health topics.

Lee Wilcox Spears, Inner Wilderness (Life Coaching), Coach
        Crocus Hill Health Center
        653 Grand Avenue
        St. Paul, MN  55105
        Founder and moderator of an online support group for women 
        struggling with self-esteem issues related to weight.
        Facilitates six-week guided support groups called "Beneath the
        Surface" - creating a safe and positive environment in which
        people can explore the deeper issues affecting their body image
        and self-esteem ... and start forging a new relationship with
        their bodies. A note from Lee:  "I struggled for years to accept
        my imperfect, non-Hollywood body; I gorged, I starved, and I
        exercised myself nearly into oblivion.  All of that suffering
        taught me that we get the life we allow ourselves to have. As a 
        wellness professional, I'm dedicated to shining some light into
        long-forgotten corners and letting real beauty out into the
        world.  It's time to hold your head up, get out there and live."

Deborah Swendroski, M.D., general practitioner/family doctor
	MacAlester Groveland Health East Clinic
	45 North Snelling Avenue
	St. Paul, MN 55104
	i switched to seeing dr. swendroski when my previous gp switched
	clinics. i was worried, but decided that i was going to go in
	and tell her what my health issues are (arthritis, etcetera) and
	that i was happy with my weight as it is and that i didn't want
	to discuss losing weight or changing my weight at all. she paid
	close attention, nodded, said that seemed fine, and in several
	years has never mentioned my weight to me. as a note, some of
	the nurses in the clinic are not particularly fat friendly -- no
	one there has ever told me to lose weight, but some of them have
	congratulated me when i have lost some weight. (yes! i have an
	ulcer and had a hard time eating for a while! go me!) they do
	have large size blood pressure cuffs. i don't know about large
	size gowns-- most of my ailments have allowed me to keep my
	pants on! -- betsy l, saint paul minnesota, lundsten at gmail
	dot com

Charlene N. Ulstad-Warkentien (Dr. Ulstad), Family Medicine/Geriatrics
	Rice Street HealthEast Clinic
	1006 Rice St.
	St. Paul, MN 55117 USA
	She was the first doctor to NOT bother to inform me that I was
	overweight. My weight has only been mentioned occasionally and
	only then as a side note with the acknowlegement that it was a
	catch 22 situation (in reference to my asthma) or because the
	weight would require higher doses of medicines. She has even
	said to me directly that I am healthier than she is even though
	she is quite average sized. It doesn't bother her when my
	husband is in the exam room or vice-versa. 2 week wait for
	appointments; however, calls are returned promptly. She trusts
	my opinion about my own treatments. The clinic is fat friendly;
	large BP cuffs, large gowns and drapes. The exam tables/rooms
	are small. I'm rarely weighed--last time being when I needed a
	prescription for antibiotics, when much to the amusement of the
	medical assistant I realized that I should put down my backpack
	and take off my heavy winter jacket which reduced my weight by
	20 lbs. There are some doctors at the clinic that are NOT
	fat-friendly. I would suggest that if Dr. Ulstad is unable to
	take more patients to ask her or her nurse for a referral. 
	-- Coni (conij@pconline.com)

Erika Urban, Traditional Midwife
	St. Peter, MN
	I feel no need to lecture women on weight gain during pregnancy
	nor do I risk out based on weight. If a woman declines being
	weighed, that is absolutely fine with me.

Michelle Swiglo, MD 
	3550 LaBore Road, Suite 7
	Vadnais Heights, MN 55110
	Appointment: 651-766-0520
	I have been seeing Dr. Swiglo for about 5 years. She has been my
	primary physician through 3 pregnancies/deliveries. We have
	spoken about my weight only when I have brought it up - and she
	flatly told me that (despite the fact that my BMI is 40) I am
	one of her healthiest patients - and that the only reason I have
	to lose weight is vanity. She has been supportive of a healthy
	lifestyle - but also understands that caring for 6 children and
	an elderly parent counts as exercise. I have NEVER felt anything
	but comfortable in her care - and she has always spent an
	appropriate amount of time and care with me. I would recommend
	her highly! - Dawn W.

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