Susan Fekety, RN, MSN, CNM
        True North, 202 US Route One 
        Falmouth, Maine 04105
        (207) 781-4488
        Wonderful women's health practitioner that really cares for me!
        She treats every woman she sees like a goddess. A patient may
        "pass" on being weighed if there is no medical reason to do
        so. She has soft, cloth gowns that fit and makes sure that a big
        woman gets a big gown without having to ask for it!  (at 6'1"
        and 325 lbs, I can wrap the big gowns around me almost twice!) I
        never have to remind her nurse to use the large blood pressure
        cuff. She makes a point of having only comfortable, large chairs 
        without arms in her office. She has the lab tech draw blood in
        the comfort of the exam room. She helps me to look at ways for
        me to be a healthy woman of size. -- Evelyn, Yarmouth, Maine

Dawn Richardson OB/GYN
	Gardiner Family Practice
	Gardiner, Maine
	I was 230lbs when I started my pregnancy and she has not
	mentioned a word about my weight, as all my vitals were perfect.
	ALSO...due to previous pergnancies that ended tragically
	she has been an angel about making sure I received all the tests
	I requested to help me keep my mind at ease. She is upfront when
	answering the list of questions I bring in to every appointment
	and never makes me feel that any question is ridiculous.

Diane Nugent, primary care
	Kennebunk, ME
	I recommend her not just for fat people, but for anyone. She is
	kind and friendly, treats the patient like a person, capable of
	respecting boundaries but also sticking up for the health care
	the patient needs. She is also aware that health care costs
	money and seeks to help her patients navigate the system. I've
	been seeing her for 10 years and have recommended her to several
	Listed Feb 08

Joyce M. Stein, DO, OBGYN
	Inland Women's Health Care
	180 Kennedy Memorial Drive
	Suite 204
	Waterville, ME 04901
	This practice also includes William K. Bradfield, MD, FACOG &
	Susan Lufkin-Curtis, RN, MSN, NP-C. This entire practice is size
	friendly. They have actually dismissed doctors who are not.
	Dr. Stein has always been open to working with me as a patient.
	This is my 2nd pregnancy and she delivered my first. During my
	first L & D she followed my birth plan as closely as they could,
	including limited drugs. She did not think that my size would be
	or was an issue with a natural delivery. Also, after 6 hours of
	pushing and no progress (later was found that it was b/c of
	tailbone I broke not healing properly so baby could not descend)
	she gave me a cut so that I could have VBAC if desired. At first
	I was going to do that, but then realized that I would have the
	same problem so decided to have a cesarean again. Dr. Stein
	offered the option of waiting until I go into natural labor
	before coming in for the surgery instead of having it scheduled.
	I did not have GD or any other real concerns with either
	pregnancy because of my weight and they did not make me feel
	like I would. I may look and feel hugely pregnant but Dr. Stein
	has never made me feel like she was looking past me, she sees me
	as a person first, patient second. -- Jessica E., Patient for 5 years

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