Roki Abakoui, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist
	Carbondale, IL  62901
	I am a fat woman who is an activist for size acceptance.  In my
	private practice, I work with many issues including relationship
	problems as well as body image concerns.  I use a Health at
	Every Size perspective with all my clients.  I present and train
	others from this perspective too.  Though I do not take health
	insurance (due to the privacy issues involved), I do offer a
	sliding fee scale for those who cannot afford the full fee.
	UPDATE Oct 07
	Roki Abakoui is no longer in Carbondale.  She is working at
	Northwestern University now, and I don't know if she is still
	seeing private clients as she did when she was working here in
	Carbondale.  Roki was an excellent source of support for me as I
	began to explore size acceptance and Health at Every Size
	principles, trying to incorporate them into my own life.  She
	was able to identify and articulate how multiple forms of
	oppression intersect, and she treated me as a whole human being.
	She also provided helpful reading recommendations on Health at
	Every Size.

Mildred S. Nelson, Ob/Gyn
Cathy Hinton, CNM
	Christie Clinic
	101 W. University Ave.
	Champaign, IL 61820
	(217) 366-1255
	Recommendation for Mildred S. Nelson: 
	In addition to being fat friendly, she seems to be the clinic's
	preferred doctor for difficult/multiple pregnancies.
	Recommendation for Cathy Hinton: 
	Very friendly and accepting, never made me feel uncomfortable
	about my size.

Alexian Brothers hospital 
	Elk Grove Village, Illinois 
	Anticipate your needs and do what it takes to make you
	comfortable, accommodate your size and give quality healthcare.
	-- Laura

Sara Atkinson, Holistic Practitioner,
	Certified Holistic Therapeutic Nutritionist
	Owner, Fit Forever Holistic Training
	434 W. Wellington Ave # 101
	Chicago, IL 60657
	I am a Holistic Consultant and Therapeutic Nutritionist,
	specializing in women's health issues.  I teach my clients how
	to CURE and PREVENT dis-ease by combining body, mind & spirit in
	everyday life.  Nutrition is the key to total-body wellness,
	giving the body the right foods, which come from nature, and
	staying away from pharmaceutical drugs which only treat
	symptoms, suppress the immune response and destroy the liver.
	My clients learn to become the doctor of their own body. 

Lisa Breisch, Clinical Psychotherapist M.A., L.C.P.C.
	I teach two classes on Body Image and the Larger Woman at the
	College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, IL.  I also provide individual
	therapy for men and women of size.  Additionally, I am a Chicago
	NAAFA officer.

Chicago Women's Health Center
	3435 North Sheffield Avenue, Suite 206A
	Chicago, IL 60657
	From their website: Chicago Women's Health Center is a
	collective of women that includes health workers, counselors,
	outreach health educators, and doctors who work together to
	provide health education and affordable, respectful, and
	accessible gynecological and mental health care to women in the
	Chicago area. Chicago Women's Health Center facilitates the
	empowerment of women by providing access to gynecological health
	care, alternative insemination, health education, and counseling
	services in a respectful environment where women pay what they
	can afford.

Stephanie Draus, ND, Naturopathic Practitioner
	Stellaria Natural Health
	Logan Square
	Chicago, IL
	(fax) 773-486-3924
	I am a Naturopathic Practitioner with a special interest in
	chronic inflammation, joint injury, nutrition, and teaching the
	joys of physical activity at any size or age.  I firmly believe
	that our society's obsession with weight "control" is fostering
	negative body images for almost all of us, and that those
	negative body images cause more damage than overeating or
	obesity does. I help my patients to love, nurture, and heal
	their bodies, as they are. My practice modalities include
	nutritional counseling, herbal medicine, and others. Stellaria
	Natural Health also offers acupuncture, Thai massage, and Yoga
	classes, all in a relaxed and intimate setting.

David Ehrmann, endocrinology/general medicine
	(he also runs clinical trials for PCOS treatments)
	University of Chicago Hospitals
	Dr. Ehrmann is a wonderful person!  I have had some problems
	with his clinic staff ("I don't want to be weighed!" "The doctor
	will just weigh you later." Never mentioned by the doc!) And I
	hate the Hospitals, they haven't a clue about human interaction,
	or keeping records confidential. However, Dr. Ehrmann was the
	first person to _ever_ put me at ease with my body.  

Sue Hungerford, OB/GYN
	Association For Women's Health Care
	30 North Michigan Avenue Suite 300
	(312) 726-3917
	Dr. Hungerford has been my gynecologist for 2 years and is very
	fat-friendly and happens to be fat herself. She doesn't bring up
	my weight, unless it has some impact on the dosage or type of
	birth control I am taking and then is only mentioning it in a
	very straight forward, informative context. She is very relaxed
	and helps make a very uncomfortable experience as painless and
	quick as possible. I also love to look at all the pictures in
	her office of the babies she has helped deliver. There is also a
	vast diversity in body size amongst the mother's photographed,
	as well. I plan on going to her if I were to ever become
	pregnant. --Summer

Leyna Inberg, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
	Chicago, IL
	I am a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who considers being body
	positive/fat friendly imperative to building a relationship with
	patients. A person's weight is so often tied to their most
	sensitive issues of value, acceptance, and control, all of which
	influence mental health and mental illness. I deeply understand
	that developing self-love, rather than shame, is the only thing
	that can create real change. I follow/have been helped by the
	body positive movement, in recovery myself. Note: Nurse
	Practitioners assess, diagnose, and treat illness. My role, as a
	psychiatric NP, is the same as a psychiatrist. I have been told
	I take more time with patients and provide more education that
	is usually the case with psychiatrists.

Elaine Leboff-Ries, Internal Medicine/GP
	Michigan Avenue Internists, LLC
	Affiliated with Northwestern Memorial Hospital
	200 S Michigan Avenue Suite 805 Chicago IL 60604
	Dr. Leboff has been my general physician for about 8 years, and
	has not once brought up my weight unless I bring it up. She also
	NEVER assumes my complaints about ailments have to do with my
	weight. I had an erratic heartbeat for a time and while most
	doctors would automatically assume it was related to my weight,
	she "dug in" and discovered other symptoms I had not associated
	with my heartbeat and ultimately helped me discover a heart
	issue that has NO relationship with weight. also stood up for me
	after sending me to one cardiologist who WAS a typical size-ist
	doctor and took one look at me, told me I needed to "move more
	and stop drinking sugary drinks (like the one I had in my
	hand... orange juice!)" and then left the room. Dr. Leboff was
	enraged when she heard his follow-up report, called me
	immediately and me find a very kind, thoughtful cardiologist who
	ultimately helped figure out the real issue. --Summer

Debbie McDermitt, LCSW, CYT
	Stellaria Natural Health Clinic
	2519 N. California Ave 2nd Floor 
	Chicago IL  60647
	(773) 486-3797 Office
	(847) 344-3928 Cell
	Web site:
	I am a therapist who has been working with children,
	adolescents, families, and individuals for the past 11 years. I
	have extensive experience working with children and families
	involved in adoptions, with ADD/ADHD, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder,
	and Major Depressive Disorder.  I believe in working with
	individuals (and family in the case of children) to identify
	their strengths and talents, address areas of difficulties, and
	make meaningful changes in lives.  I have had the opportunity to
	witness the devastating impact of our society's obsession with
	thinness on the psyche of today's young women, and growingly
	young men as well.  In addition to counseling services, I
	provide yoga classes in individual sessions or small group
	classes.  My yoga philosophy focuses on gaining the health
	benefits from a practice--body, mind, and spirit--which focuses
	on acceptance of where you are and moving in the direction of
	where you want to go.  I provide modifications for any pose and
	encourage the use of props to help everybody gain the benefits
	of a pose, not matter what the form looks like. 

Dr. Mutlu, pulmonologist
	Northwestern Memorial hospital
	Chicago, IL
	I got the most successful treatment for sleep apnea from Dr.
	Mutlu. He is a pulmonologist. He raised the issue of weight loss
	to me the first time I saw him, but was courteous and did not
	keep harping about it. -- Paul (PStreeter@Chicago.US.Mensa.Org)

Jose Oberholzer, MD, MHCM, FACS - Renal Transplant Surgeon
	Chicago, IL - University of Illinois 
	Hospital & Health Sciences System
	Several years ago, UIC transplant surgeons realized that obese
	patients are denied access to transplantation by the vast
	majority of transplant centers. They developed a new robotic
	technique that makes it possible to do a kidney transplant
	through a very small incision and avoid the risk of wound
	complications seen so often in obese patients. To date, they
	have performed over 100 of such transplants in very obese
	patients, with great outcomes. They are the ONLY program in the
	world to offer robotic kidney transplantation to obese patients.
	We can safely do a kidney transplant, in particular if the
	patient has a living donor.

Denise Bockwoldt, APN, Family Nurse Practitioner
	WellGroup Health Partners
	333 Dixie Highway
	Chicago Heights, IL 60411
	Offers compassionate, friendly, primary care for the overweight
	patient including pap smears, breast exams, and treatment of
	weight-related problems like edema, joint pain, skin problems.

Satnam Singh, family practice 
	Grayslake, Illinois 
	(847) 223-4440
	I have had the same doctor for years. She is very fat friendly,
	doesnt give weight loss lectures and doesnt relate all ilness to
	weight. The office has several armless chairs and not being
	weighed isnt a problem. I am an extremely large woman and feel
	very comfortable in her care. She has a great bedside manner and
	great office hours and can always be reached. 

Doctors listed in this town are no longer in practice.

Professionals listed in this town are no longer in practice.

Mary Ann Emanuele, Professor of Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism
	Loyola University Medical Center
	Maywood, IL
	(708) 216-6200
Mark Woods  
	Morrison, Illinois 
	Clinton, Iowa
	He has been my Dr. for 5 years now, I am 245 lbs at 5'2" and I
	have always had complete respect there. He also has a wonderful
	nurse practitioner, Becca West, in the Morrison office.

Jennifer Cook-DeRosa, CPD, Certified Postpartum Doula
	(309) 796-3000
	Special emphasis on pregnancy, birth, postpartum and lactation
	See full entry under Moline.
Anne Borkowski, Reproductive Endocrinologist
	North Shore Fertility
	4711 Golf Road, Suite 405
	Skokie, IL  60076
        She also has an office in Schaumburg: 847-517-7570
        She does all sorts of OB/GYN stuff. If you call the office, they
        say it's a fertility clinic, but they do all of it. -- Vicki
        Second recommendation:
        Anne Borkowski is MOST DEFINITELY fat friendly. I went to her
        for fertility treatments, and it was the first time I had ever
        been treated as a human being.  I was actually shocked at how
        much a non-issue my weight was, how she looked at all types of
        different issues, and how, overall, she looked at my total
        health, not just my weight.
	Third recommendation:
	I have been seeing Dr. Anne Borkowski for over a year. I found
	her here on this Fat Friendly Health Professionals website. She
	has been helpful, professional, friendly, upbeat and confident.
	I first started seeing Dr. Borkowski as a gynecologist. When I
	was recently ready to proceed with fertility, she was very
	positive, and never pushed me into anything I didn't want. She
	assisted in surgery that I had to have and it made the process
	more pleasant. I am a super size individual. Dr. Borkowski has
	always treated me with the utmost respect and has never made me
	feel bad about myself. I have never been weighed, and the staff
	goes out of their way to make sure I am comfortable. The chairs
	in the waiting room do not have arms, and I have seen quite a
	few plus size people in her office. She has never been
	judgmental, and if I ask her questions about my weight, she is
	always sincere and positive, and has assured me that we can
	overcome any obstacles relating to fertility. She is aggressive
	with treatment, but will only go as far as you want her to. I
	highly, highly recommend her!!! -- Lisa Z.(

Catherine Dillon, M.D., OBGYN
	9669 N. Kenton Suite 550, Skokie IL 60076
	The office is described as "Comprehensive Healthcare for Women."
	Never once was I made to feel ashamed about my weight.  She
	really cares about providing good medical care and listens to
	her patients. Weighing in is necessary, but not uncomfortable.

Judith Matz, LCSW
	5225 Old Orchard Rd., Suite 6
	Skokie, IL  60077
	I am a therapist who specializes in the treatment of compulsive
	eating and body image issues.  I use the Health At Every Size
	model, which means that issues related to physical and
	psychological well-being are not based on weight. I work with
	people of all sizes, both individually and in groups.  I am the
	co-author of two books that look at the hazards of  dieting and
	teach a non-diet approach to eating:  The Diet Survivor's
	Handbook: 60 Lessons in Eating, Acceptance and Self-Care
	( and Beyond a Shadow of  a Diet:
	The Therapist's Guide to Treating Compulsive Eating
	(>  I also see people for issues
	such as depression, relationship problems and self-esteem.  

Pauline Shipley, endocrinology
	No longer in practice.

Corinne  (Cory) Rydzewski Kalat, MS, LCPC, CADC, TAS, CHt
	Licensed Clinical  Professional Counselor
	Counseling ~ Psychotherapy ~ Hypnosis
	One  Westbrook Corporate Center
	Tower One ~~ Suite 300
	Westchester, IL  60154-5709
	22nd and Wolf Road, 3 miles east of Oak Brook Shopping Center
	Phone: 630 / 263-8888
	Want to discuss size issues with a professional counselor?
	Someone who is large herself with a healthy self-concept? I help
	clients with adult counseling services for size, self-esteem,
	life, family, emotional and other personal problems.  Direct
	billing to your health insurance can be done, and health
	spending/flex medical accounts, debit cards and credit cards may
	also be used. The size-friendly office is conveniently located
	and easy-to-reach. Ample free parking is available and the
	office is also accessible by public transportation.
	Informational brochures available. 

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