Russel Foulk, reproductive endocrinology
	Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine (also has office in
	Reno, Nevada)
	414 N.1st St.
	Boise ID 83702
	208 342 5900
	1st recommendation:
	Very fat friendly. I weigh over 325#; I have PCOS and was very
	nervous about going to him because I had some bad experiences
	with fertility doctors concerning my weight. HE WAS WONDERFUL.
	He never mentioned my weight.  And when I brought it up, he told
	me that weight has no bearing on fertility, or there would never
	be a thin IF patient. The office is next door to ST. Luke's
	Regional Medical Center. He also has a clinic in Reno, NV. --
	Mary McKercher from Idaho
	Editor's note: Also see listing for Dr. Slater, below, at
	same center.
	2nd recommendation:
	Dr. Foulk is a wonderful caring man and we have been very happy
	with treatment and all of his staff.  I have seen him over the
	past four years for infertility and medical issues.  We went
	through IVF with him and had a baby and then I needed surgery
	and went to him to have it performed.  I highly recommend him to
	women of all sizes.  He is the first doctor I met in fifteen
	years of secondary infertility that did not tell me to lose
	weight and my problems would be over.  In the years I have been
	seeing him my weight has been between 190-245 pounds.  He has
	women of all sizes working in his Nevada office and I have seen
	many patients come and go in all shapes and sizes. I wasted the
	best years of my life feeling bad and blaming myself when all I
	really needed was the right doctor to treat me with dignity and
	respect. I gave birth to a healthy baby exactly one year to the
	date after meeting Dr. Foulk.  Prior to this I had been to many
	doctors and through numerous treatments without results between
	1980 and 2003. 

Wajeeh Nasser, MD 
	Capitol City Family Medicine 
	State St. 
	He has never made an issue of my weight. He always looks for
	other causes, not automatically attributing any health problem I
	might have to being obese. He's also open-minded and cares about
	his patients' input. He's a wonderful doctor, but his practice
	is growing, so it's getting a little harder to see him on short

Leslie Glenn Pool, M.D.
	100 E. Idaho St. Ste 302
	Boise, ID
	(208) 343-7501
	I saw Dr. Pool in 1996 for fertility issues.  I had many bad
	experiences with other Doctors concerning infertility and it
	always seemed to come back to my weight.  Dr. Pool and his staff
	were never negative about my weight, helped me to rebuild my
	self-esteem which had been damaged by the negativity and
	fat-phobic diatribe that I had been hearing from other Doctors.
	They were also successful in treating my infertility and I was
	able to conceive my son with Dr. Pools care. Debi R. ~ Nampa,

Steve Schneider, MD, Family Practice
        Primary Wellness Center
        801 N Stilson Road
        Boise, ID
        Steve is a great guy.  He doesn't mention my weight unless I
        bring it up. Then it's usually, "well, yeah that could be one of
        the causes, but there could be other factor as well."  He only
        practices 2 days a week, and it can take a little while to get
        into him. -- Margi H

Dr. Slater, OB/GYN
	Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine
	111 Main St, Suite 100
	Boise, Idaho
	(208) 342-5900
	I have visited several gyno's that wanted me to get downto and
	maintain my ideal weight for 2 years before trying to get
	pregnant (i weigh 265 at 5'5"). Dr Slater is an Re. She informed
	me that if my health was overall ok that it was fine for me to
	try and concieve and worked out a plan with me that would
	accomplish my husband's and my goal of conceiving. She did not
	bring up my size until I did and the entire staff was friendly
	and unbiased. They are in the yellow pages. Their website is
	also for Dr Foulk (See above for Dr. Foulk). -- RR, Boise, Idaho
	I have been seeing Dr. Slater on and off since 2004.  Both her
	and her staff have been wonderful and I have felt 100%
	comfortable with all of the procedures that I have had to
	undergo through their care. They are all extremely supportive
	and have never blamed my weight (currently 375#) nor addressed
	my weight in a negative way. I can not say enough good about
	them. Debi R. ~ Nampa, Idaho

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