Scott Sills, Reproductive Endocrinology 
Mark Perloe, Reproductive Endocrinology
	See main entry under Atlanta.

Emory Clinic 
	William Grist, Ear Nose and Throat
	John Hunter, General Surgery
	Jonathan Masor, Internal Medicine
	Jeffrey Pine, Pulmonologist
	Atlanta GA 30322
	(404) 778-5000 
	I've found the specialists at the Emory Clinic to be
	fat-friendly for the most part. John Hunter did my umbilical
	hernia repair. When I asked him if he had operated on fat people
	before, he said that when he was in training, he assisted with a
	lot of weight loss surgeries, but hastened to add that he and
	Emory Hospital don't do them now. The specialists take a history
	rather than automatically prescribing a diet. I will usually be
	asked about what I think I weigh (I've never actually been
	weighed), and if my weight has changed much in recent years.
	I've had them tell me that X problem might be due to or
	contributed to by being fat, but none has ever suggested weight
	loss as a treatment. They don't always have armless chairs in
	evidence, but I've always had someone who was able to fetch one.
	For those who have trouble walking, one can request
	transportation to bring an extra-wide wheelchair and wheel you
	to where you need to go. -- Claire
	Also at Emory Clinic:
	John Rock, Reproductive Endocrinologist
        Size friendly infertility specialist and editor of a definitive
	book on gynecology. -- Eva Whitley (

Feminist Women's Health Center
Atlanta, GA
	We're a prochoice women's health organization providing a range
	of reproductive health services (gyn, abortion, insemination &
	LOTS of community outreach with education & lobbying). We've
	fought sizism not only by offering positive healthcare but in
	proactive community education. I was shocked to learn that most
	other clinics offering abortion care or fertility services have
	a weight limit!... there are Feminist Women's Health Centers in
	Washington, Oregon & California as well who are VERY size
	friendly. --  
	They say they are size friendly however they will not work with
	you on fertility issues until you are a certain BMI. Quote from
	an email they sent to a prospective client: "The BMI we set as
	the target for clients to be at or under before inseminations
	begin is 38."

Angela Hudson, OB/GYN, infertility
	Atlanta, GA
	She is an ob/gyn who specializes in infertility. She dose not
	make an issue of weight and will do fertility test and prescribe
	fertility medication for women who are over weight.

Amanda L. Ridenhour, Registered and Licensed Dietitian
	4360 Georgetown Square II, Suite 812
	Atlanta, GA 30338
	Dietitian/medical nutrition therapist with experience working
	with people of every size. Believes in the Healthy at Every Size
	Approach to eating, fitness, and wellness. Seeks to assist
	client in reaching health goals to improve quality of life
	related to nutrition and movement. Will not judge you because of
	your weight. Compassionate, understanding health professional,
	who comes from a family of large size. Helps you break diet
	mentality for good. Focus during therapy: tuning into intuitive,
	supportive, behaviors. Contact Amanda Ridenhour, RD, LD, at I
	look forward to meeting you very soon as we journey together
	towards health for a lifetime.

Scott Sills, Reproductive Endocrinology 
Mark Perloe, Reproductive Endocrinology
        5445 Meridian Mark Rd, Suite 270
        Atlanta, GA 30342 
        also Alpharetta, GA office 
        404 843 2229
        Dr Sills specializes in PCOS.  Most women with PolyCystic
        Ovarian Syndrome are fat.  He never made me feel uncomfortable
        about my weight or acted like it was a problem.  He told me that
        with PCO its almost impossible to lose weight.  He is an
        absolutely wonderful doctor for those of us undergoing

Anita Smith, MD - Family and General Medicine
	Paces 285 Office Park
	2255 Cumberland Parkway
	Building 1400
	Atlanta, GA 30339
	She's in the Vinings/Smyrna area of Atlanta.
	Website including bio of Dr. Smith at
	Dr. Smith and her staff are extremely friendly and professional.
	After years of harassment and shaming about my weight, I was so
	relieved to meet Dr. Smith and her kind staff that after leaving
	my first appointment, I cried in my car. She was upfront about
	any questions or problems I might have about my weight, never
	with any stigma attached. The only time she recommended anything
	weight related is when I asked directly, and she and her staff
	always honored my requests and questions immediately.

Rob Lamberts, MD
	Dr Lamberts, who calls himself "Dr. Rob," has a blog at and was the subject of a couple of New
	York Times blog articles on the subject of whether doctors
	should "lecture" patients about their weight. It sounds to me
	like Dr. Rob might believe that being fat is inherently
	unhealthy but it's clear he does not believe in scolding or 
	shaming patients about weight. 
	The New York Times blog articles are here. Warning, many of the
	comments are fat-hating.
	"Should Doctors Lecture Patients About Their Weight?" by Tara Parker-Pope 
	A Doctor Talks about Scales, Weight Problems and Patients by Tara Parker-Pope

Beverley A. Townsend
	Family Wellcare Center
	2050 Warm Springs Road
	Columbus, GA 31904
	This office was equipped with a scale that went to 450 pounds.
	The nurse took my blood pressure with a large cuff. The doctor
	immediately made me feel at ease. She was thorough, patient, and
	never once made a comment about my weight. She noticed the
	smallish bumps/pimples/boils/(you know what I mean) on my chest
	and gave me a prescripton for them. She said it was a localized
	yeast infection that tends to LOVE fat. Then she said "can you
	blame them...fat's good eatin'!" -- Bookwyrme

Kenneth Barngrover, MD, Pain Specialist
	Southeast Regional Pain Center 
	5669 Whitesville Road
	Columbus, GA
	(706) 571-7246
	Dr Barngrover is kind and compassionate and actually HEARS what
	you have to say. Is always willing to work with you and listen
	to your opinions about your medications. I have recommended Dr
	Barngrover to MANY people and they have all loved him. The
	waiting room chairs are wide and comfortable (I'm 370 pounds).
	Also, the office employees, nurses, assistants, are SO friendly
	and helpful.

Timothy Cowthorn, OB/GYN
	3240 Avalon Boulevard
	Conyers, Ga 30013
	The chairs in the office were very roomy. The staff were
	extremely helpful and pleasant. The gowns were quite roomy and
	could accomadate a 600 lb pregnant lady. There was a very full
	figured pregnant gal in the waiting room. Made me feel good
	about the practice and as if I truly belonged there. The doctor
	I saw today was male and so nice, He was very supportive of my
	wanting to have children! My weight didn't come up at all. The
	office also has the very large cuffs for blood pressure and the
	patient exams rooms are very spacious and have large beds. They
	also have two nurse midwives and a female gynocologist. 

Catherine Huggins 
	1805 Parke Plaza Circle SW 
	Stone Mountain, GA
	(770) 469-7000
	Dr. Huggins is fat herself, and is a very nice, warm doctor. The
	only problem is that she practices with another doctor, named
	Martha Crenshaw. Dr. Crenshaw is NOT fat-friendly. I have gone
	to her with bronchitis, and been told if I lost weight, I
	wouldn't have that problem. I used to say if I went in with an
	arrow sticking in my eye, and complained I couldn't see, Dr.
	Crenshaw would tell me if I lost weight I would be able to see
	just fine. So if you can get in to see Dr. Huggins, you're fine.
	If the only appointment they offer you is with Crenshaw, give
	her a miss.

J. Vincent ("Jack") Lyons, Jr., OB/GYN
	1311 Milstead Ave.
	Conyers, GA  30207
	(770) 483-2368
	I went to Dr. Lyons 2 years ago with my demand for a
	hysterectomy. He listened to me, reviewed my history, thought
	for a second or two, and said, "You know, you're right. You do
	need that thing taken out. When do you want to do it?" I asked
	him up front if my weight had anything to do with my problem
	(constant bleeding, painful cramps) and he said not really,
	skinny women get fibroids and invasive endometria too. He also
	reassured me that the anesthesia shouldn't have any more risks
	associated with it than for average weighted people. AND he did
	a bikini cut incision and sewed me up with those inverted
	subdermal sutures, even tho I have a fat flap that completely
	hides the incision! I thought that displayed sensitivity to my
	feminine side. And he looks (and acts) like Jim Carrey--funny,
	silly, wonderful man.... 

Michael Manning and Mohamed "Sam" Kassam, General practitioners
	Rockdale Family Practice
	2020 Honey Creek Parkway
	Conyers, GA  30208
	(770) 929-0813
	I have been going to them since we moved to Conyers in 1990. Dr.
	Manning is a kind, generous man. Dr. Sam is sweet and kind, too.
	Both treat you like an adult, and may feel you out in a very
	general way on your attitude toward your weight on your first
	visit. Once you make it clear you are not there to be treated
	for weight, but for something else, that's the end of it, and
	you don't hear weight again, as long as you are otherwise
	healthy. You feel like a partner in your healthcare, not a
	patient or a side of beef. Wonderful people. They even have fat
	nurses and office help! You do get weighed, but no big deal is
	made of it.

	Dissenting view: 
	After using Dr Manning as my primary health care giver for
	appropriately 10 years now, I am changing my health care
	professional. While Dr. Manning has always been very
	professional, when asked directly about his opinion of care of
	fat patients, his response to me was that I "probably would not
	appreciate his opinion." Upon pressing for an answer, Dr.
	Manning stated that he felt "fat people are fat because they are
	lazy". He then continued with "if people who are fat would start
	to exercise, they would not be fat." -- Katherine Banks 

Gregory S. Smith
	905 Flat Shoals Rd.
	Conyers,GA 30094
	I have been going to this physician for almost one year.
	Sometimes all you need is someone to listen. During one visit,
	he stayed in the room non-stop for over a hour, just listening
	and laughing with me. (not at me). This doc gets two fat thumbs

Mary Stephens, Internal Medicine
	1301 Wellbrook Circle NE
	Conyers, GA  30207
	(770) 922-3023
	I see Dr. Stephens for migraines. She gets them too, so she is
	sympathetic. She felt me out on the initial visit re weight
	loss, but after I went thru my litany of attempts, she said,
	"Well, you must be one of those people who are meant to carry
	extra weight. Don't worry about it." I about fell out of my
	chair. They weigh, too, but again, no big deal is made.

Dr. Miles Sharpe, Family Practice
	Meridian Medical Group
	3055 Breckenridge Blvd Ste 300
	Duluth, GA 30096-7562
	(770) 931-5130 
	From our first visit, my girlfriend and I have felt comfortable
	with Dr. Sharpe. We were weighed on our initial visits, but have
	been there three times since and never weighed again. The only
	mention of weight occurred when I was asking the Nurse
	Practitioner about sleep apnea, and even then it was mentioned
	only as a possible cause. I was not told that losing weight
	would be an acceptable treatment. Dr. Sharpe himself has never
	mentioned weight to either of us, even when my girlfriend was
	asking about her respiratory problems (asthma and allergies).
	She takes myriad medicines for this, and he really sat down and
	listened to her about what she was taking, how it was affecting
	her, and what other problems she was having. I have never before
	had a doctor who was so interested in how the patient was
	actually feeling instead of cramming a solution down his/her
	throat. -- Carrie Padian,

Kathryn R Clayton, MD, OB-GYN 
	Fayette County
	1265 Highway 54 W Ste 500
	Fayetteville, GA 30214
	I saw Dr. Clayton for the first time today for an annual exam.
	She made no mention of my weight (260 +) during the appointment,
	including during my new patient consultation. She was friendly,
	personable, and efficient. I had no difficulties with the
	equipment or facility (e.g., size of gown, blood pressure cuff).
	Also, several of the women on the staff, including the nurse,
	were large.

Mohammed Y. Abubaker, MD
	Marietta Rheumatology
	114 Cherry Street, Suite E
	Marietta, GA 30060
	Ofc: 770-590-8328
	Dr. Abubaker is an Emory-educated board certified
	rheumatologist, so his credentials are very good, and he always
	seems familiar with the latest research and therapies.  He is
	from Pakistan; those concerned about dealing with non-native
	speakers of English need not worry as there will be no
	communication problems.  Dr. Abubaker is unhurried, a good
	listener, and compassionate, and he's always willing to discuss
	anything new I've read about arthritis/arthritis therapies.
	Although my obesity has an effect on my arthritic knees, he has
	never scolded me about my weight, talked down to me, or treated
	me disapprovingly. He makes me feel as if he really likes me and
	cares about my well-being.  He is delighted when a therapy is
	effective and I am more comfortable and mobile.  His staff is
	pleasant too.  When I don't want to be weighed, they don't push
	the point nor do they act as if I'm a pariah when they record my
	weight, which is 300+. -- Lindsie

Philip Battista, family practice 
        Johnson's Ferry Road
        Marietta-Roswell, Georgia
        I have found him to be fat-friendly.  He is unhurried and has a 
        gentle examination manner.  He answers questions fully without
        using incomprehensible jargon or talking down.  If weight is a
        factor in a medical condition, he explains the mechanics of how,
        but otherwise, he doesn't raise the issue of weight.   In short,
        he treats fat patients as intelligent adults, not bad children
        to be scolded or shamed into losing weight.  Additionally, his
        staff is pleasant, and if I don't want to be weighed, they
        respect that. -- Lindsie

Hersh Chopra, M.D., opthalmology
	Georgia Eye Specialists
	653 Cherokee Street
	Marietta, GA  30060
	I have glaucoma and must see a specialist on a regular basis
	(sometimes every few weeks). I've been through the gamut with
	eye doctors just like all other kinds of physicians - chairs
	that I can't squeeze into, field-of-vision testers that require
	me to stand and crouch (for up to 20 minutes!); having to perch
	on the edge of a chair precariously while having a tonometer
	(which rests against the eyeball to check interocular pressure)
	applied to my eye. At many of these offices the employees have
	expressed either embarrassment (AT me, not for me) or annoyance
	because I didn't fit their machines.  Just going to have my
	glaucoma monitored was an emotionally draining experience that I
	dreaded. My regular opthamologist is a BBW and when I explained
	why I could not continue to see the specialist she had
	recommended, she sent me to Dr. Hersh Chopra at Georgia Eye
	Specialists.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE! About half the ladies are BBWs.
	They are extremely attentive to my COMFORT as well as my eye
	health. On examination chairs, an arm can be raised out of the
	way. The tonometer is on a swinging arm with hand-grips. The
	chair seats are also wider. Their field-of-vision tester is an
	open machine - no more crouching down and placing my head in a
	hot plastic box while hoping my trembling legs aren't affecting
	the results. The waiting room is equipped with upholstered
	free-standing chairs as well as couches. Everyone is very open
	and friendly and Dr. Chopra also takes the time to answer
	questions and will go into as much detail as you wish.  He took
	almost a half-hour on my first visit to go over the fundamentals
	that the other specialists had never deigned to discuss with me.

Mironda Williams, OB/GYN
	Peachtree City Obstetrics and Gynecology
	Main office:
	210 Clover Reach
	Peachtree City, Georgia 30269
	Phone: 770-487-9604 
	Fax: 770-631-0540
	Satellite office:
	33 Upper Riverdale Rd, SW
	Suite 127
 	Riverdale, Georgia 30274
	Phone: 770-996-0400
	Fax: 770-996-4555
	Peachtree City OB/GYN is a fabulous resource for Atlanta women.
	A typical visit: Enter a large, comfortable waiting room. Be
	greeted by name by the receptionist - a larger woman herself.
	Take your choice of seat: a high, firm couch, large armless
	chairs or regular chairs with arms. Get taken to a private area
	for weigh-in, with absolutely no comment other than "So how have
	you been?" In the examination room, a large, sturdy and armless
	chair await you. The receptionist returns with a large BP cuff
	(and you didn't even have to ask!). She brings in a large sized
	gown and sheet to change into. Ample time is given to change.
	You sit on an extra-wide exam table, which is bolted to the
	floor. The doctor comes in, asks how you've been, if you have
	any specific concerns. Does the exam gently and thoroughly.
	Mentions weight only when you bring it up - and then only to
	explain how it could relate to some of the issues you want to
	discuss. She leaves, again giving ample time to change. You know
	that she has familiarized herself with your specific history,
	because you saw her looking at your chart. When the doctor comes
	back into the room, she has written suggestions/possible
	testing/etc. so that you don't forget anything. She invites you
	to take notes. She goes over the list with you, making no
	mention of weight except to explain its relationship with
	specific health issues. She obviously understands and is
	accepting of larger women because she recognizes that your
	weight may be caused by hormonal imbalances, PCOS or other
	physiological factors. You may need to have blood drawn. The
	receptionist does this too, with large tourniquets, another
	comfortable chair and lots of conversation about the weather,
	your family, her family, holiday shopping. Never about weight.
	If you have to return for more tests, you are taken in promtly,
	and they never weigh you just for the heck of it. You leave,
	feeling so glad that despite your general loathing of all things
	doctor, you have created a partnership with a non-judgemental
	physician who works with you to establish a healthcare plan with
	you and your needs in mind. -- Emily

Mironda Williams, OB/GYN
	See entry under Peachtree City

Patrick Blohm, MD, endocrinology/fertility
	Georgia Center for Reproductive Medicine 
	(St Joseph's Candler medical offices)
	5354 Reynolds St. Suite 510
	Savannah, Ga. 31405-6012
	(912) 352-8588
	Dr Blohm is an endocrinologist/fertility specialist. Not only
	him but his office staff and nurses are way cool. He asked me
	why I came to him during the initial interview and all I said
	was that my husband and I wanted a baby. He didn't question me
	about my size, etc.  He asked if I had PCOS (Polycystic ovarian
	syndrome) and never has weighed me, never asked my weight and to
	be honest it has never been an issue and never come up. He is
	compassionate and straight forward. If he has problems or
	concerns about anything, he will address them directly with you.
	He is a little blunt, as in doesn't beat around the bush and
	complete honesty.

Wayne Hodges, MD, Family Practice
	100 Blue Fin Dr, Ste #7 Islands Professional Center
	Savannah , GA  31410
	Phone: (912) 897-6832
	While Dr. Hodges does offer a weight management program, he did
	not push it on me or even mention it or my weight until I
	specifically asked, several months after I first started seeing
	him.  He and his staff are extremely professional while also
	being friendly.  There is no reluctance whatsoever to touch or
	otherwise deal with the larger patient, they'll accommodate
	requests like "can I sit in the chair instead of on the table"
	whenever possible, and they *listen*.  My mom suffered from a
	torn tendon in her knee for *decades*, constantly being
	dismissed by one doctor after another saying that her knee hurt
	because of her weight.  Dr. Hodges tested her just as he would
	have a thin patient and her knee was fixed as soon as she could
	be scheduled for surgery.

Angela Gurguis, M.D., General Practitioner
	Statesboro, Georgia
	Dr. Gurguis has never once badgered my mother or myself about
	loosing weight (we're both overweight). She is sensitive to the
	fact that I am a recovering anorexic, and has given me the
	option of not being weighed when I come in to see her. Her
	fat-friendly attitude really shone after I had a particularly
	humiliating and excruciating experience with a health department
	in Georgia. After being put on a birth control pill that was
	too-high of a dosage, my blood pressure spiked. Instead of
	putting me on a lower dosage, the staff at the health dept. took
	me off of the pill, refused to give me another prescription, and
	told me that I needed to lose weight, or I would surely die
	young. After hearing this, I went home, and refused to eat for
	two days. My fiance, being rightfully concerned, coerced me into
	eating, then convinced me to go see Dr. Gurguis. Dr. Gurguis not
	only put me back on a pill with the correct dosage (and what do
	you know, my blood pressure was fine), she told me that what the
	staff at the health department did was wrong, even
	discriminatory, and advised me to speak to whomever was in
	charge. Not once did she say she agreed that I should lose some
	weight, or that I need to go on a diet.

Dr. Drew and Kayler Howard, OBGYN
Howard Center for Women's Health
	(229) 391-3500
	1948 Old Ocilla Rd
	Tifton, GA
	I have been looking for an obgyn to help us get pregnant for a
	while. The wait was short. The nurse was sooo nice to us and
	encouraging. Then we met with the dr.  She did an exam and an
	ultrasound and said that she doesnt think I'm ovulating so she
	wanted to put me on provera to induce a period and then 50mg of
	Clomid. She told us we were going to get pregnant and she was
	going to do everything she could to help us.  When I left the
	office I almost cried!  It was so wonderful to be treated like a

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