Michele Hofstetter, LMT, NCTMB, LPN, Nurse Massage Therapist
	15 Darien Court
	New Castle, DE  19720
	Licensed, nationally certified, and fully insured. In addition
	to general relaxation/wellness massage, I regularly work with
	clients who have medical concerns/issues -- injuries, surgeries,
	and illnesses (diabetes, cancer, etc.). I am able to provide
	chair massage services to clients up to 310lbs. and table
	massage services for those weighing up to 500lbs. (at my studio)
	or 325lbs. (on-site, where I use a lighter weight table). As a
	larger woman myself I understand that massage -- with its
	concentration on the body -- can be very either very
	intimidating or very healing (physically, emotionally, and
	spiritually) for big folks. My services incorporate body
	acceptance, nurturing touch, and techniques that help the client
	achieve their best state of overall health. 

David J Maleh, MD
	410 Foulk Rd Suite 100
	Wilmington, DE 19803
	(not too far from Philly, and right off I-95)
	(302) 762-2820
	Dr Maleh is just the most kind and caring man. He cares about
	your HEALTH not your weight! My husband weighs over 350lbs, and
	went to Dr Maley for a referral for a sleep study. He listened
	to my hubby carefully and referred him to a wonderful place. I
	went in with complaints of reflux. Now I had read that many
	doctors just say lose weight and you'll feel fine. Dr. Maleh is
	not one of those. He carefully examined me, knowing that I have
	a great fear of Dr's, always asking permission to touch my belly
	and making sure I was okay. I did not have to get undressed,
	just lift my shirt up to expose my belly. His whole staff is
	nice and kind and sweet!!! So glad to have found a wonderful Dr!
	He is an example of what all Dr's should be like!!!

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