Rajamilliga Sharma, MD, Gynecologist
	2290 Moores Mill Rd #200
	Auburn, AL 36830
	(334) 502-9888
	I LOVE Dr Sharma! She's kind and friendly and funny. She and the
	entire office made me feel at ease and taken care. She shows me
	absolute respect. The waiting room has couches so lots of space.
	I'm 370 pounds and the table was sturdy and comfortable. She's
	just a very calming and likable person.

Brian Wood, MD, General Practitioner
	Primary Medicine Associates 
	832 Stage Road
	Auburn, AL 36830
	(334) 821-2708
	I'm 370 pounds and he's never brought up my weight. He's treated
	me with nothing but respect and kindness. I told him about this
	list and how much I appreciate him being so respectful and he
	said "That's how ALL us doctors are supposed to be!" He's really
	great. Waiting room seats are wide enough for me and the tables
	are VERY sturdy.

Hugh Bailey, OB/GYN, high-risk pregnancy specialist
        Blackwell Tower
        Huntsville Hospital
        Huntsville, Alabama
        (256) 551-6542
	Dr. Hugh Bailey is one of the most gentle and sensitive doctors
	I have known.  I was recommended to Dr. Bailey by my family
	physician (also fat-friendly, or at least, non-judgemental)
	after I had miscarried and my former OB/GYN was not very kind
	about it.  Dr. Bailey and his staff not only were concerned, but
	treated me like a doll during the whole pregnancy and the three
	years that followed.  They remember your name, your family, your
	address, things like that.

Lauren Self, MD 
	Azalea City Physicians
	3715 Dauphin St #2A
	Mobile, AL 36608
	I am 5'2" and 260lbs. She has never once brought up my weight in
	any fashion. I have seen her for my regular yearly visits and
	for sick visits. She has never been anything less than lovely
	and respectful. I highly recommend her.

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