Aurora Health Centre 
	265 King Edward Street
	South Dunedin
	Ph (+64 3) 455 0006
	All-woman medical practice consisting of five doctors, practice
	nurse, physiotherapist, counsellor - male patients welcome.
	Wonderful, wonderful doctors who do not advise deliberate weight
	loss unless it is absolutely necessary, and who do not regard
	"health" as a number on a scale.  Believe it or not, they
	actually listen to their patients!  A real breath of fresh air.
	I can't recommend them highly enough. -- Miche 

Fiona Whitworth, MD 
Melanie Johns, MD 
	Chadwick Healthcare 
	120 Chadwick Road, Greerton, Tauranga 3112
	(07) 5790144 
	Knowledgeable about recent research refuting the value of diets
	and intentional weight loss. Anti-Weight Loss Surgery. Super
	friendly and actively open to improving their language, etc
	(e.g. "When you said that, I felt like you think all fat people
	are lazy" resulted in an apology and next time I visited, Mel
	told me how she looked into language use around fat shaming and
	shared her findings with all the doctors at the practice.) When
	I was worried about my weight (before discovering HAES), Fiona
	explained that weight and health are not always related and
	encouraged me to focus on my behaviours rather than my image,
	while also treading that fine line that meant I didn't feel like
	my concerns were being ignored.

Lorraine Smith, GP
	Port Nicholson Medical Centre
	Taranaki Street, Wellington
	Telephone (04) 384-4315
	In the 10 years or so I've been seeing her, she's never once
	criticised me for my weight, asked to weigh me or suggested I
	diet and in fact recently agreed with me that diets don't work
	(I was there because I have had some rapid and unexplained
	weight gain in the last 12 months). -- Rachel Priebee