Co. Donegal

Scotlyn Sabean, Licensed Acupuncturist, MAFPA
	Healing Haven Acupuncture Clinic
	Stragar, Killybegs, Co Donegal
	+353 74 9731608
	I am not a doctor, but I am working on spreading HAES ideas
	among the doctors I am friendly with and work with in the
	context of my own small acupuncture practice, where I endeavour
	mightily to provide a HAES haven for my own patients.   In a
	typical month, for example, I may treat several people suffering
	moderate to severe pain and variously limited mobility who are
	"waiting" before being allowed to get onto a proper waiting list
	for knee or hip replacement surgery, pending their loss of a few
	stone weight.  To me this is essentially the same as outright
	denial of treatment.  Even should they get onto the proper
	waiting list, which depends utterly on the orthopaedic
	consultant's satisfaction with their weightloss compliance, they
	will still face lengthy waits for treatment.  In the context of
	providing respite (if temporary) from their pain with
	acupuncture, I also try to assist such patients to locate the
	information resources they need to persuade their orthopaedic
	consultants that weight loss is neither helpful nor indicated in
	order for them to receive the treatment they need.  Even more
	importantly, I try to help them to believe and internalise that
	information for themselves, so that they may be less vulnerable
	to the next professional they meet who thinks weight loss advice
	is an adequate substitute for actual diagnosis and treatment.
	My initial interest in HAES was motivated by personal
	experiences within my own family, but having discovered some of
	the science involved, it is a wonder that it is not already
	universally accepted.

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