Jack Mudaliar
        Allcare Medical Clinic
        Main North Road
        Adelaide, South Australia
        ph. 82692888
        "Dr Jack" as he is known, as a G.P. with specialist
        qualifications in paediatrics too.  He is a chubby chap himself.
        He is the most down-to-earth Doctor I have ever met, never fazed
        by anything. He has never mentioned my weight, and when i have
        mentioned it he addresses the question asked and makes no
        further comment.  He is tolerant and kind, and very aware that
        not everyone can afford expensive medications. He is a Fijian of
        Indian descent, and has worked in Fiji, New Zealand, London,
        Ireland and now Australia. He constantly keeps up to date on the
        latest medical techniques, and on occasions is flown overseas to
        give lectures to other G.P.'s. I have no hesitation in
        recommending him as a G.P. and paediatrician. -- Corrine Phillips


Sue Bary
	Specialize in Personal Training for the HAES Community
	Eatons Hill (Postcode: 4037), Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
	Mobile Number: +61 421 037 444
	The traditional, structured, sports oriented approach to
	movement does not work for many Mothers and has likely
	frightened many more away from being physically active.  That is
	why at enarji Health Coaching we specialise in providing a
	Health At Every Size approach and tailor a program that is
	designed to fit into EVERY Mothers lifestyle.  The emphasis on a
	Health At Every Size approach is finding movement that is fun
	and that fits ALL Mothers circumstances. This approach supports
	physical activity that is reasonable and sustainable.  A Mothers
	lifestyle can now be maintained without dieting or undesirable
	exercise and has been scientifically proven to work for Mothers
	At Every Size.


Dr Chiragakis (gynaecologist)
	Corrinna Chambers
	Corinna Street
	Phillip  ACT  2606
	Saw this doctor a few times regarding pain on intercourse. No
	mention of weight, and no suggestions of "lifestyle changes".
	As far as I could tell, he didn't regard my weight as a part of
	the problem. Doesn't bulk bill, but the nearest Medicare office
	is about 2 minutes walk away. -- Meg Thornton

Dr Petrovsky (endocrinologist)
	Canberra Hospital
	Yamba Drive  
	Garran  ACT  2605
	I see this doctor once every three months to monitor my thyroid
	levels.  Not once has he mentioned my weight, or even suggested
	"lifestyle changes". There is a compulsory weigh-in (along with
	a blood- pressure check) when you first come in to the clinic
	(I'm told that it's a monitoring aid - it's understandable in
	that context). Bulk bills, so he's poverty-friendly, too. -- Meg
	Thornton (

Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT
	Providing sexual and reproductive health services
	Level One, 28 University Avenue
	Canberra, ACT
	Phone: 02 6247 3077
	They are a feminist non-profit organisation providing
	disability-, queer-, fat-, and teen-friendly sexual and
	reproductive health services including STI testing, counselling,
	contraception, gynaecological exams, etc. The staff are all
	women, and very kind and non-judgemental. I go here for all my
	pap smears instead of my GP.


Kerry Beake - Nutritionist, Coach/Counsellor 
	Bsc (Human Biology, Biomedical, Genetics), Post Grad Dip
	(Counselling) and current Msc (Nutrition Dietetics) 
	HAES Health Services
	Perth/Mandurah, Western Australia        
	I am a long time supporter of HAES and actively participate in
	activism for FA and HAES and other intersectional issues. I work
	with people to improve relationships with their body, food and
	health and those with disordered eating patterns.         


Marnee Vanderbona (GP)
	Level 2, 832 Anzac Parade, Maroubra Junction NSW 2035,
	Australia (Sydney)
	Phone number - 02 9314-3400
	I have been seeing Dr Vandebona for a number of years as my
	general practitioner.   She has never once mentioned my weight,
	sought to blame any illness or condition on my weight or
	suggested dieting (big plus, since that is usually the first
	thing out of a doctor's mouth). Dr Vandebona takes a
	collaborative, patient-centred approach to her practice, and is
	always respectful and thorough.  In my experience, she diagnoses
	and treats patients based on measurable facts and tests rather
	than jumping to conclusions based on size or weight.  The
	practice is bulk-billing. There are multiple doctors at this
	practice, as well - not all of whom are fat friendly - so ask
	for Dr Vandebona specifically when making an appointment Dr
	Vandebona also has clinic days where she sees patients on a
	"first come, first served" basis. 


Alex Burk, M.D., General Practitioner
	Maffra, Victoria, Australia (rural Victoria)
	I have consulted Dr Burk as my GP for 4 years and my weight has
	never been an issue that has been raised by Dr Burk. Even when I
	have had high blood pressure, my weight still has not been an
	Listed Feb 08

Rafat Gurguis,  M.D., OB/GYN
	Sale, Victoria, Australia (rural Victoria)
	Dr Gurguis was my OB for my last pregnancy. While I was weighed
	each visit, my weight was never mentioned. A large BP cuff was
	available without me having to specially ask for it. My
	pregnancy was treated as a perfectly normal pregnancy (which is
	what it was!) and my weight wasn't an issue. It wasn't assumed
	that I would have Gestational Diabetes or high blood pressure (I
	had neither) and I was treated respectfully. 
	Listed Feb 08

Shelley Lask, personal training, group fitness 
	Body Positive Health & Fitness 
	St Kilda and surrounds (she comes to your home or nearby park)
	Melbourne Victoria
	0435 129 332 
	Personal trainer with a Health at Every Size approach. No
	weighing or measuring and no diets, just a focus on engaging in
	enjoyable movement to gain strength, fitness, body awareness and

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